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There was lots of mocking

05 Feb

and the tossing of barely-veiled psychopathology. But you know what? Breitbart, Levin, and Trump were right. YOU mocked them, but you were WRONG! You need to admit it, to come clean. You. Were. Wrong. Now own it and let’s move on. It’s time to change.

We need your prodigious talents. Come, join us. Bring those talents to bear in the cause for good.

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Yeah, women and Blacks

20 Jan

need to wise up! Voting Democrat is NOT in their best interests!

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Now we see the REAL

19 May

intent of ‘net neutrality.

Folks, I told you this was a sham intended to allow Lefties to get rid of those who criticize them! I told you, I told you, I TOLD YOU! Holy crap, I told you. Sheesh! Some of you were just not wise enough to see things as they really were, and too cocksure of yourself to learn from anyone else. For the love of humanity, I told you. <shakes head sadly>

‘Net neutrality is a steaming pile of crap. It is just despotism. Let’s face that fact.

Maybe you will listen now. I sure hope so. Start your change process by publicly admitting that you were totally WRONG! Let’s see actual change. Go, and sin no more…

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A picture says

08 Aug

a thousand words.


It is shocking to me that the horribly biased MSM (I know I shouldn’t be shocked) doesn’t show how feeble Hillary actually is. She is a head injured, feeble old grandma who has seizures. She is clearly not fit to be the POTUS.

Look, I know disability. This is classic for a progressive condition. She is used to there being no problem with simple stairs. And her handlers never even thought there could be an issue. But then when she gets into it, it becomes suddenly clear that there is a problem. Hey, I have been there. Some time I will tell you about the time I climbed up a ladder to replace the battery in a 4-foot diameter cast-iron wall clock. Let’s just say it was a mistake.

And then look at her shoes. They are pretty flat for a reason. That alone is certainly not dispositive. Then the photo shows she is leaning far forward, which is to help her maintain balance. Without support she would have fallen. Her balance is shot. In fact, she has to hold on to TWO people (one on each side) to manage at all! And look where their hands are–they are far up on the upper arm to provide maximum stability. She is NOT just holding a hand as she walks up, people on each side are holding her upper arms while she grabs their arms and their forearm touch in order to make sure she doesn’t fall! Both helpers are watching her carefully to make sure she doesn’t fall. They are concerned. It even catches the attention of the guy second from the bottom on the right. This is NOT a minor issue, and that single photo tells me a TON.

And then there is a link that shows her having a seizure. And it is VERY clear to me that this is indeed a seizure. You are NOT being told the whole story.

It is also clear that this is a rapidly progressing disability. Two months ago when this event was planned it would simply not have been a problem. But suddenly is is a serious issue. That means that things are going downhill rapidly.

All this together shows HUGE physical problems. I mean, she fell down and got a serious head injury a little bit ago! Bill said it was many months after the injury before she could function again. That tells me, a cognitive professional, a TON. Huma is her closest associate and she was captured saying that Hillary is “often confused.” Yeah, she is often post-ictal.

See, “often confused” is a very interesting choice of words, from a clinical perspective. Huma is not talking about a general “stupid”  or “un-learned.” It would be wrong to say that I don’t “often” not know how to speak Serbo-Croatian. No, I never know how to speak Serbo-Croatian. Huma is talking about an intermittent condition, which is much more in line with seizures and brain injury than with a general lack of knowledge.

You can dye your hair, but it doesn’t change your brain functioning. Sorry, she is gorked.

The woman is just not fit to be President. She also is not suitable (psychologically) to be President, though that is a different issue altogether. But she certainly is not fit. This office is too important to be left to a head injured old invalid with seizures.

If there was ever a reason to vote for Trump, this is it!


I think I have found my

08 Sep

new favorite reply:

“The facts are not up for discussion. I am right and you are wrong.”


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