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Hey, the

25 Apr

science is settled!


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Destruction of faith

27 Oct

simply does not imply a turn to rationalism. Quite the opposite.

I mean honestly! You believe that raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour won’t put millions out of work? What utter foolishness! And you need to understand that if lower earners get a raise, higher earners will also demand one. It’s only fair.

So in real terms, nothing will have changed. Except you have priced the least capable out of a job. Good job, you freakin’ moron!

Uh, why not set MW to $100 an hour? Because it is stupid and doesn’t work… It’s the same reason I can’t lift myself by tugging at my britches. If you hear someone pushing a MW wage you know they are an idiot and know nothing about the way the world works.

But back to the ranch, here. When people stop believing in God, they very often start believing in some pretty moronic things. They don’t become more rational, they become idiots.

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As P.T. Barnum said…

14 Sep


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