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The future.

19 Oct

Change and decay in all around I see                                                                                                                        Oh, thou who changest not, abide with me

It seems that the law of entropy applies to civilizations. Whatever the country is, it will probably be gone or fundamentally changed in 100 years. Certainly in 500.

We are impressed by very old cities in Europe. Some of the oldest are 500 years old! Yet the Assyrian Empire in ancient history lasted more than 3,000 years. Europe is still in it’s young childhood, by comparison. America is barely in its infancy.

The truth is, change is the constant. The United States will someday be gone, as will Europe. There are indeed some figures who through their incompetence or outright malice (cough, Obama, cough) speed up the decline, but there is a strong tendency toward entropy in any case. There is a move toward Leftism as part of that entropy.

That’s why God is described as unchanging and eternal. One can’t have faith in something that changes because it may not be the same tomorrow as it is today. And one has faith (hope) in a “Kingdom of God” that comes after death or on the earth when Christ comes again.

So what can we do? We can fight the good fight and make sure the decline doesn’t happen on our watch. All we can do is make the best of the time we are given. THAT is the crux of conversion. It is not just “white knuckling” it. Nor is is just going through the motions while finding it all absurd. Faith is not to have a perfect knowledge—it is to have a belief and hope in things that are, in fact, true, but which are not seen.

So we are not just fighting evil. We are fighting entropy and thus mortality itself. Well, fight the good fight.


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25 Sep

this is a HUGE deal.

I am not Catholic and never have been. I don’t buy their doctrines. At all. Even so, I have studied that religion for decades. And this is a really big deal. Francis was a terrible choice. He won the vote, but he has been terrible for the sect. I guess ALL popes are essentially political figures, but this one has been particularly keen to push a Lefty (and non-canonical) set of doctrines. I think a lot of Catholics have had just about enough.

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I would like pretty

09 May

much anything that would damage the Iranian mullahs.

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I think it IS important

26 Oct

to recognize that many Communist Sympathizers had, in fact, good intentions. THAT is the point. In a sort of moral Jiu-Jitsu their good intentions were turned to evil.

And so it is today. Many Leftists don’t want Communism, they just want an approximation of it (or as P.J. O’Rourke famously said, they don’t  want to actually live in Hell, but you gotta admit it is warm there during the winter!).

In short, Leftism takes good, moral impulses and turns them to evil. To delve briefly into religion, just as God has the power to turn bad things into good, Satan has the power to turn good things into bad ones. And THAT is exactly what is happening with Leftism. People don’t really want to live there, but perhaps a vacation home there would be nice in a lot of ways…

Understand the Leftism is ultimately immoral. But it fools people of good will because it sounds “good” and even moral in the short run. Like the Ring of Power, you might take it with the intention to do good, but it would turn you into a murderous despot. YOU are not up to it. The Ring has one master, and it ain’t you. Leftism has one master, and it ain’t you…

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As Jim Bennet (as reported on Instapundit) noted,

12 Oct

there is a MAJOR similarity between the Calvinists of yesteryear and the Leftists of today.

The Calvinists believed in the depravity of man, except for themselves, who were a very small contingent of the “elect.” They were just better/smarter/more moral than others.

Leftists believe in the depravity of Western Culture, except for themselves, who are the new form of “the elect.” They consider themselves to be just better/smarter/more moral than others.

I think we fail to see the very strong Calvinist rigidities in today’s Left. The impulse is exactly the same.

To translate a French proverb, the more things change the more they stay the same…

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