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Huh. I guess

02 Aug

those checks for folks who privately buy guns are not so popular after all! Don’t pay attention to words, pay attention to behavior. THAT will tell the story.

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28 Jul


Look, racism is real. But the issue is that if a criminal knows of a population that is vulnerable, they will go after it.

If you think that racism is real, there is little more important than Black people (especially women) owning and being proficient with a gun.

It’s like disabled people–they are the #1 target of violent crime per capita. Why? Because they cannot fight back–they are easy pickings. It’s not hard to rob a guy in a wheelchair. And Black women (especially) need to not be easy pickings, either. Many Black women I know fully realize that they and their loved ones are likely targets. They realize that it is really unwise for their “type” of people to be unable to defend themselves. They know very well that it’s a dog-eat-dog world and they are wearing Milk Bone underwear…

So they take action.

A hundred years ago a Winchester on the mantle was pretty much the only thing that made many Black families in the South safe from ravages of the Ku Klux Klan. Black people need to go back to their roots. They need to go back to the gun.

So Black women, arm up! Get proficient. Get a firearm. You owe it to your loved ones.


Yeah, these

21 Jul

two things are absolutely NOT unrelated. They are highly correlated.

Oh, and Democrats delenda est.

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This truly is the bottom line:

10 Jul

Those arguments pushing for restriction of campus concealed carry are NOT based on logic, reason, or evidence. ANYONE arguing for concealed carry is virtually always more logical and rational than the gun-controller nuts. Own it, anti-gun nuts!

See, it’s not even a close call. It is simply easily seen facts. Easily seen by one side, anyway. The gun controller nuts are just too beholden to their tired old ideology to be flexible in looking at the facts. They are just too rigid and narcissistic to see that they are (and have been for some time) WRONG.

One can’t even give them the benefit of the doubt in this case–it is simply delusion. It is not an issue where reasonable people can disagree, because there are no data supporting their position; THERE IS NO REASON TO THE GUN-CONTROLLER-NUT POSITION! They believe nonsense. It is like someone who argues that at night 100 fairies come out and dance on their lawn, led by Santa Clause and Unicorns. What should you “compromise” and agree that 50 fairies come out and dance on their lawn? There is no conceptual “meet in the middle” ground, here. They are just wrong. Holy crap!

And this is a MAJOR issue with the gun control freaks: There just IS no actual data to support their pathetic and irrational assertions. Yet they hold those beliefs with delusional and/or even religious intensity. Religious, like with Global Warming. Those of us who are empirically-oriented and data-driven just shake our heads sadly.

Gun-controller nuts have to face one incontrovertible fact: THERE IS NOT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THEIR POSITION! They bring a can of Silly String to a gunfight… (to paraphrase).

Go soak your head, gun-controller nuts. This argument is for big boys and girls, not for intellectual panty-waists who can’t reason their way out of a paper bag. You don’t even have “big-boy pants” to put on, so get out of here–things are way over your head. Just be a good little boy or girl and go color in your “Safe Spaces.” Leave this to the intellectual grown-ups…

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Aaaaand we see what the Left reflexively

30 Jun

does here. This is NOT mere stupidity. It is malice aforethought.

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It’s high time

20 Jun

DC enacted common sense gun laws!

I mean, when will the nuttiness and stupidity stop? DC is dumb, plain and simple. GUN CONTROL DOESN’T WORK! DUH! I mean, c’mon–don’t be a fricken’ moron!

I can tolerate it when someone disagrees when there is even a shred of evidence to support their position. But there’s not even that in this case. The data are clear, as is the logic. How can a person be so dumb? Well, they are not low IQ. They are just irrationally holding to the Lefty talisman of gun control. It is not stupidity, it is irrationality

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The hypocrisy

05 Jun

is disgusting.

There is no such thing as a “silencer.” One can only suppress the noise of a firearm to where it won’t damage your hearing. These things are virtually never used in crimes. There is just no reason that they would be so restricted.

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Funny how

25 May

experience changes you.

I think it immoral to leave your spouse and children unprotected. It is cold and cruel. It is an abdication of responsibility.

Don’t be cruel–try to protect yourself and the ones you love. This is NOT just about you.

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Yet another

12 May

heartwarming story.

ALWAYS remember, Leftists don’t want people to be able to defend themselves. Just whose side are they on, anyway?

I find this Lefty behavior morally despicable. They are either stupid or evil. Or a bit of both. Is there another logical possibility? Maybe they are just culturally hide-bound and can’t manage modernity. But that is bordering hard on stupidity, really. I mean, the data are QUITE clear. The logic and data are unassailable. So on what grounds can they oppose?

C’mon man! Defend yourself! Just why do you believe what you do?

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A heartwarming story!

05 May

I just love happy endings!

So how many people are alive today because of this concealed carry permit holder? They went home and watched a game show on TV because someone cared enough to carry.

Be a force for good. Care enough to carry… If not for you, for the people around you.


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