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Funny how

25 May

experience changes you.

I think it immoral to leave your spouse and children unprotected. It is cold and cruel. It is an abdication of responsibility.

Don’t be cruel–try to protect yourself and the ones you love. This is NOT just about you.


Yet another

12 May

heartwarming story.

ALWAYS remember, Leftists don’t want people to be able to defend themselves. Just whose side are they on, anyway?

I find this Lefty behavior morally despicable. They are either stupid or evil. Or a bit of both. Is there another logical possibility? Maybe they are just culturally hide-bound and can’t manage modernity. But that is bordering hard on stupidity, really. I mean, the data are QUITE clear. The logic and data are unassailable. So on what grounds can they oppose?

C’mon man! Defend yourself! Just why do you believe what you do?

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A heartwarming story!

05 May

I just love happy endings!

So how many people are alive today because of this concealed carry permit holder? They went home and watched a game show on TV because someone cared enough to carry.

Be a force for good. Care enough to carry… If not for you, for the people around you.


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It really is

28 Apr

a heartwarming story.

She and her parents will sit and watch a game show on TV this afternoon. Why? Because a gun was available and she knew how to use it.

Let that be a lesson to you. Know how to protect yourself and the ones you love.

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Yeah, now that the

03 Apr

panic has subsided, gun sales are back down. Look, Obama was bent on taking away your guns and Hillary was cut from the same cloth–and it appeared that she would win. Tons of people considered getting an AR-15.

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29 Mar

Don’t be a frickin’ dinosaur. This is the wave of the future. 13 state have already gone this direction, and many more will. I would expect only the backward CA, IL and NY to eventually be the only caught-in-a-timewarp holdouts.

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What a

28 Mar

heartwarming story! Tale as old as time: Little boy grows up to be the man that defends the family! Awww! <sniff> They grow up so fast!

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I read a great

13 Mar

article, but I won’t link it here because the guy interviewed has a massive foul mouth. But it was about how the Leftists are getting into guns. They interviewed the said foul-mouthed person who is a gun store owner and a hard Leftist (funny how those two things so often go together).

But the Left is facing an existential conflict. If a significant proportion of their voting base becomes pro-2nd Amendment or even just tolerant, they are well and truly hosed. To make matters worse, it is “counter-culture” to be both a shooter and a Leftist.

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06 Feb

when you lose the best gun salesman in history and his protege you are bound to see a drop in gun sales. People are just not as panicked about their ability to buy a gun. The threat was indeed very real, but for the moment it is gone. We still need to be vigilant, but the immediate threat is gone.

The truth is that Obama paved the way and Hillary was quite open about taking your 2nd ammendment rights. And a recent academic study found 740,000 defensive gun uses per year. 740 thousand! Think about that for a moment. Even if it is half that, the number is still mind-blowing. But it is not half that.

Trump a threat to gun rights? Not so much. He looks like he will at least stop curtailing them. And states are getting more pro-gun all the time–I think eight states just joined Vermont in passing “Constitutional Carry” rules–you can carry concealed without a permit in these states (including my own). Nationwide reciprocty is gaining steam, and then what do you do with people whose states do not require a permit? Does this looke like national Constitutional Carry?

In my state there is an “enhanced” carry permit. Will I need that to carry in, say, California if there is reciprocity? And if so, what stops those who want to carry in CA from just getting an “enhanced” permit from my state (which would allow them to carry concealed in CA) now? I’m sure there are many states who would be happy to take your $30 bucks for a permit to carry in their state. Then CA has to honor it.

And then there’s the Equal Protection issue of when Joe Schmoe from Kentucky can legally carry in your state because he is visiting from Kentucky and has a Kentucky permit but your own citizens can’t because they live in CA. What the heck? And what if they were in the military and got a permit when they were at Camp Lejeune in NC and then were transferred to Camp Pendleton in CA?

So when it looked as though Hillary would win, the prudent thing was to buy as many guns and as much ammo as you could. But Trump is not a threat to gun rights, so there’s now no mad dash to get a gun while you can. Hence, gun sales decrease.

But here’s the “money” issue: At least some of these recent purchasers (and there are a TON of them) are first-time gun owners. So gun ownership has expanded in terms of the “footprint.” And many of those who were not first-time gun owners have historically been “casual” gun owners. But maybe not any longer. Now there are many new owners as well, and the number of gun owners per thousand has increased greatly.

And some of theses people from both groups will become avid gun hobbyists.  And the overwhelming majority of all those new owners and “activated” previous owners will be, in the long term, quite sympathetic to gun rights issues, if not actual activists. All these people will be primed to defend the 2nd Amendment.  And they will be less likely to have a knee-jerk accptance of Leftism–and to be sympthetic to Democrats in general.

So Obama’s anti-gun behaviors and Hillary’s anti-gun rhetoric have actually increased both gun ownership and 2nd Amendment boosterism, as well as latent support for gun ownership and use and a tendency toward Republicanism and against Democrats. Things have been (dare I say it?) fundamentally transformed.

And so perhaps for the first time I can say without bitter irony, “Thanks, Obama! Thanks Hillary!” Funny that when you “kick” something right and true in an effort to knock it down, you end up “kicking” it up the stairs.


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This is

27 Jan

very interesting. There are some very basic things that I didn’t know. There really has not been advertising.

But the trend is unmistakable. Concealed carry is becoming popular, and Constitutional carry is becoming increasingly more common. It is no longer inconceivable that there will be a national constitutional carry arrangement. Weird restrictive schemes like in CA just can’t survive for very long.

Here is the danger for Leftists: That Consitutional carry will not lead to a bloodbath. Don’t kid yourself, the gun controller nuts are rooting for carnage. Because if there is no carnage, then what? Will people start asking what else the Left was wrong about?

Now, we need to understand that there will always be isolated accidents. Even now many, many times more toddlers are killed by 5-gallon buckets than by guns. So there is indeed risk in life. That won’t change.

But it’s quite clear which way the wind is blowing–and it’s blowing toward rationality and science. From Constitutional carry to suppressors, we know where we are headed. And right now the wind is blowing toward freedom and good sense. It is only good sense to have suppressors (to preserve hearing). and Constitutional carry. That is a scary thing for the gun controller whack-jobs.

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