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You know all those

27 Nov

stories about how guns sales are dropping, They are a bunch of crap.

And that’s a very good thing. The science is quite clear: The more guns an area has the less violent crime there is. An armed society is a polite and safe society. The stupid gun controller nuts haven’t figured that out yet but wiser folks know it and have for some time.

Don’t be a science denier!

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More cartoons I liked.

19 Nov

Powerline put out some decent cartoons/photos.

But if y0u don’t understand how gun control actually works, maybe this photo will help you grasp reality.

With 3-D printing and tabletop CNC mills and general American ingenuity, I think we can kiss the 1970s goodbye. What, you think gun registration and increased background checks would make a lick of difference? Let’s get with the modern era, freakin’ dinosaurs! The more you tighten your grip, the more people will spurt between your fingers (to coin a phrase).

Look, it’s over. There is NO WAY to even enforce gun control, and it makes no sense, anyway. Let’s be logical and rational, folks! Don’t be a bloomin’ fool. We need to try something else, because old-school measures are simply not working. Are you Are you really that stupid? Sheesh! <shakes head>


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Thank heaven

17 Nov

for good guys with guns!

I’m just glad that there are some places where the gun control nutters don’t hold sway. Why people even listen to these wackos flap their gums is totally beyond me.

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True, but it’s

17 Nov

not just Libertarians who will be better armed. Only great fools will not be armed. I have known people who live in very restrictive gun control states (often in the Eastern US) who simply ignore gun laws. They “smuggle” a personal handgun into their state. They say they would rather be judged by 12 than carried by six. Yep.

That’s why a “Madison Fund” is such a brilliant idea. I really hope someone implements it soon. It is a worthy cause, and a much better place to put resources than more cheesy TV ads.

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Sure, Biden is incoherent.

16 Nov

It is Biden, after all. Yeah, of course he is incoherent. DUH!

But there is another issue, here. That is that there really IS no rational argument for gun control. He sounds like a total morn not only because he is one, but because the argument itself is totally moronic!

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I can’t

14 Nov

post the link because of the stupid paywall. I won’t do it.

But this blurb gives you a good idea. The truth is that mass shootings take place in gun-free zones. They DON’T take place at gun shows. Why?

Think about it: Where would you most likely get bullets fired back? It is elementary. You don’t do an armed robbery of a gun range! You don’t go to the NRA convention and do an armed robbery.

Where do you go if you want to kill people? Schools. Think about that. Schools. Our kids.

Yes, consider that for a moment. Then ask why on earth you would want to endanger kids. How is that not ultimately malicious? Yes, it may be borne of good (though ridiculously misguided) intent, but it is ultimately malicious.

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It is indeed magical thinking.

10 Nov

There is no reason to think that increased gun control will work. It is lunacy.

What would gun control that satisfies the Left look like? Would it be door-to-door? Would cops take guns from gang-bangers? Would the gang-bangers willingly give them up? This week we had a prostitute steal the gun of an FBI Supervisor. So even a gun used by an FBI honcho was stolen! Would gun control laws fix that?

Do we think that somehow these things won’t happen with even more gun control? Talk about magical thinking!

No, I don’t think we are talking about external consequences to make things better. We are talking about internal desires. We are talking about conversion. And Lefties has ruled such thoughts as somehow out of bounds. Yeah, they don’t want to talk about conversion.

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07 Nov

destroys the Lefty anti-gun narrative. I mean, TOTALLY destroys it. Leaves in a crumpled heap in the fetal position muttering the word, “Mama.”

As Twitchy has been reporting, the lefty narrative machine following the evil murderous rampage in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday has been working overtime to demonize the “gun lobby,” specifically the NRA and many Republicans. After killing and wounding many inside the church, the shooter was confronted by two armed citizens. One of the men has a background that that might give the #Gunsense alarmists a moment of pause.

Soooo, the guy who intervened and stopped the Texas massacre was a former NRA gun instructor. THAT is a brutal butt-whooping. Talk about being taken out back behind the shed and shown how the west was won!

They better put some ointment on that butt-whipping!

Ho-leee crap!

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Gee, what a surprise!

16 Oct

If you are stupid, that is.

It’s no shocker at all. At all.

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16 Oct

that imposing gun control in the US virtually impossible. It would require an invasive “Gestapo” state the likes of which on can hardly imagine. Logically, it could be no other way.

But if we fantasize instead of a world without guns. But it won’t be a nice world. It will make life nasty, brutish, and short. THAT is never talked about by these soft-headed political hacks. No, to take an intellectual and logical approach that is based in actual data is to reject the gun control schemes of the spittle-lipped Left.

So is this about power or about safety? Because if it’s about safety, we can do this without the Gestapo.

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