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Look, granny

09 Sep

just needed a little extra help.

That said, if I were Donald Trump I would make sure she was not “wired” during the debate…

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OK, but

28 Jul

how about reparations?

If I were a Bernie supporter, I would be mightily torqued. He got unfairly hosed, plain and simple. And people are angry about it. Really angry. Democrats are a party in crisis. We hear the cries of “Donkey down!”

The truth is that the damage has been done and it is irreversible. But Hillary Clinton won’t even pretend that she thinks she caused damage. That would be the kiss of death for her.

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I gotta admit that it makes me laugh bitterly.

14 Apr

So Trump is utterly clueless on how delegates are assigned. Gee, that shows how he gets “the best people,” all right. The best people, my butt! He can’t even arrange for his own kids to register to vote for him in the NY primary. You know, his “best people” are the kind of people who assault women reporters–that’s his idea of competent. But that is just who he is!

Then, when he finds out that a MUCH smarter and better organized candidate has eaten his lunch while the was distracted looking at all the cute little squirrels, he throws a freakin’ tantrum and threatens violence. What a butt! He is a danged toad. Oh yeah, he is totally immoral, as well. He has shown that in spades. What a turd!

The truly sad thing is that there are many people of otherwise good sense who have been snookered by him. WAKE UP! IT’S A CON!

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28 Feb

new slogan:


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Look, I’m being

13 Oct

told that there IS no voter fraud. Because that would be far worse than regular fraud and their fine morals would prevent it.

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