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Well, to my

11 Dec

unprofessional eye, the handwriting of the “note” is the same as what is above it.

Yet we KNOW FOR A FACT that the bottom is a forgery. So what does that say about the upper writing? Uh, MAYBE THE WHOLE THING IS A FORGERY! Well, that would certainly fit well with the “D.A.” annotation on it–that alone tells me that this is almost for sure fake. I mean, even if you were a DA, would you put that on a yearbook signature? But it would fit with a naive teen trying frantically to impress her friends.

It just seems odd to me. Odd, odd, ODD! Odd and rather unbelievable. Is it all a lie?

I’m not saying that I know for sure that the whole thing is or is not a forgery (almost no-one can say that), I’m saying that there is something not at all right, here. It looks like a total forgery. I think that it is entirely likely that the whole thing is indeed a forgery–part of it for sure is.

Nelson and her attorney have been dishonest–that is totally indisputable. That is certain. This, even though she and her attorney repeatedly gave the bald-faced lie that NONE of it was a forgery. But does the dishonesty go far beyond just putting a self-serving “note” on an inscription? How on earth do you know that they are telling the truth now but they were lying then? I mean, come on! REALLY?

So yes, when cornered like a rabid rat she admits to partial forgery. Hmmm…

In any case, I think it is frankly immoral to aid and abet Doug Jones. And these red flags make it even more so.

My prediction: Moore +10.

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Yes, Bill Nye

11 Nov

is a total fraud.

But it is an issue of epistemology. Just how does one KNOW things?

Frauds like Bill Nye rather naively think that “science” will give them truth. Nonsense. Science is a method of getting Truth, and it is very good for some things, but not so good for others. Wisdom gives you the ability to discern truth from error and when to apply certain methods and when not to. Seek for wisdom.



20 Oct

after they have “cried wolf” so many times, it is hard to believe them. I think General Kelly is far, far more believable. This is just one more frantic effort to “get” Trump. I’m sick of it, and I really hope voters in general are sick of it. This is just ridiculous! If Wilson could feel shame (which is doubtful) she should be ashamed of herself.

But this is the kind of low-life that she obviously is. I think I’m gonna puke…

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You know about that DNC “hack”

11 Aug

that was the Russians trying to help Trump? Yeah that Russian story is a fake. It’s false. It’s a total fabrication.

Here’s a quote:

There was no hack of the Democratic National Committee’s system on July 5 last year—not by the Russians, not by anyone else. Hard science now demonstrates it was a leak—a download executed locally with a memory key or a similarly portable data-storage device.

So, we need to get rid of Mueller and his mindless attack dogs, right? There is just no “there” there!

It was always a stupid story, and was far too self-serving to actually be true. This is a great opportunity to fire Mueller.

Uh, just watch. The mindless MSM Myrmidons won’t even mention this…

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Are you

04 Jul

even mildly surprised? Then you, my friend, are a freakin’ rube. Yeah, of course there is a buttload of fraud. DUH! It’s an Obama shenanigan, isn’t it?

And do you think this would have been uncovered if Hillary has won in 2016? If you do, you are a blithering idiot. Go talk with that weird guy in the mirror in your bathroom that keeps making faces at you. Sheesh! How dumb can you be?

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When you need to

01 May

hide your actual views, you know that there is a huge problem. It is fraud and deception, and of course it’s not really about South Dakota. It is the national that they are worried about.

Just say what you truly think and let people decide. THAT is what you do if you really have the moral high ground. The fact that they are lying and hiding speaks volumes. They have to lie and hide in order to keep a modicum of power. But instead of confronting those issues, the Democrats choose hiding and obfuscation.

See, they win because they lie and deceive. I get the desire to win, but I don’t like the deception.

That fraud means that a) they are not confident in their positions and b) that most “normal” people would see those positions as immoral.

REALLY? Stand up for what you actually believe! Be proud of who you are!

But they can’t. Not and win. People will rightfully reject them. Leftism is built on a foundation of violence toward political opponents, murder (abortion), rejection of the work ethic, and sexual libertine-ism. Those themes are not really going to fly well in South Dakota. Or in the country as a whole. Therefore, the McGovern dinner is closed to the press.

In addition, they don’t want people to make a choice. They are adamantly opposed to moral agency. It is anathma to them. That is why they hide their true intentions. When you don’t know the gig, you can’t exercise moral agency. So Democrats need to let as few people as possible know what the gig is.

The fact that they have to hide tells you what the real deal is. The truth doesn’t need to cloak itself in the garb of secrecy.

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So, any

17 Apr

guesses as to how long the Trump/Russia MSM fraud will go on? This is just stupid. And no mention of the obvious Hillary financial collusion with Russia.

I mean, the usual Lefty media suck-up beta males have gone on ad naseum about how Russia “hacked” the election for Trump, but that is a damned lie. Let’s call it what it is. It’s just a bunch of crap, and the MSM are snivelling idiots and partisan hacks. No wonder no thinking person cares one whit about what they say! They are just not at all reliable. Nothing they say can taken at face value. They lie. What a steaming pile of hoo-hah! Get that weak stuff out of here! It’s just a lame effort to lie and de-legitimize Trump. Lamey, lamey, lame-O. They are merely mindless amanuenses for Hillary. They are NOT a primary or reliable source.

No thinking non-hack person who has even a passing acquaintance with the facts would buy such obvious and grotesque nonsense. It’s a testament to stupidity and hackishness that it is still going. It’s a lot like bad crotch rot–it’s painful, serves no purpose, and it won’t go away.

Here’s the truth: Hillary wrote emails to Podesta that showed she is a total moral dirtbag (though that obvious fact was already well known by anyone who had two brain cells to rub together for warmth) and someone hacked into these emails to Podesta and brought them to light. No elections were “hacked”–that is a complete and total lie. She was merely exposed. DUH! I mean, you gotta be totally stupid or totally ignorant to join in this foolishness. Or you could be a dishonest hack… These folks are just whining losers. Just shut up, you fools!

I’m really sick of this crap-eating nonsense. C’mon, man! Grow up–there is no crying in politics! It’s time to put on your big boy pants and quit your whining you freakin’ wimps!

Puh-leeze, get this weak crap outta here!

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Look, granny

09 Sep

just needed a little extra help.

That said, if I were Donald Trump I would make sure she was not “wired” during the debate…

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OK, but

28 Jul

how about reparations?

If I were a Bernie supporter, I would be mightily torqued. He got unfairly hosed, plain and simple. And people are angry about it. Really angry. Democrats are a party in crisis. We hear the cries of “Donkey down!”

The truth is that the damage has been done and it is irreversible. But Hillary Clinton won’t even pretend that she thinks she caused damage. That would be the kiss of death for her.

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I gotta admit that it makes me laugh bitterly.

14 Apr

So Trump is utterly clueless on how delegates are assigned. Gee, that shows how he gets “the best people,” all right. The best people, my butt! He can’t even arrange for his own kids to register to vote for him in the NY primary. You know, his “best people” are the kind of people who assault women reporters–that’s his idea of competent. But that is just who he is!

Then, when he finds out that a MUCH smarter and better organized candidate has eaten his lunch while the was distracted looking at all the cute little squirrels, he throws a freakin’ tantrum and threatens violence. What a butt! He is a danged toad. Oh yeah, he is totally immoral, as well. He has shown that in spades. What a turd!

The truly sad thing is that there are many people of otherwise good sense who have been snookered by him. WAKE UP! IT’S A CON!

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