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My wife worked as a checker

01 Aug

in a grocery store in college. She is still scarred from it.

I hear my wife talk about how she would like (for example) to get a certain medical test, but she can’t afford it. But the “welfare queen” down the street has any medical procedure “on the house,” so to speak. My wife’s kids’ college tuition is very high at least partially because others get to go free. I am a disabled veteran and my kids got (and get) NOTHING in terms of college for that. I could go on and on about people trying to buy cigarettes and booze with food stamps. But clearly, my wife is a sucker. If you just stop working and have almost no income the government will have the money forcibly taken from others and given to YOU. Yeah, “force” in that sentence was no accident. That’s what Leftism is based on.

No one I have ever met objects to helping out the needy in principle. I have never even heard someone argue that! No one I have ever run across won’t help or resent helping the sick and afflicted. Notwithstanding the Leftist caricature of Republicans as Scrooge McDuck, that simply doesn’t happen. But when I see “poor” people buying T-Bone steaks and using iPhones when because of taxes I myself can’t afford it, I get torqued.

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We are seeing

11 Jul

some of this now.

You would not have seen this kind of push-back in the past. And that is very likely a result of Donald Trump. Yes, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

But people are angry, and Trump channels that anger. Flynn has learned well. And this is the kind of crap that really infuriates normal people.

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When talking about the Joker,

06 Jan

Alfred the Butler said, “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

That is exactly the sentiment behind the Trump phenomenon. And I understand the feeling. But don’t kid yourself, Trump IS the Joker. He has no guiding principles but merely wants to watch the world burn. There is no “skin in the game.” There are no deeply-held or undergirding beliefs. There is only appetite. There is only empty invective and psychopathological boasts.

There is “a pox on both your houses” stance for some voters. While I understand (and share) the anger and frustration, I think that approach is intellectually bankrupt and morally wrong. It it cheering for a total breakdown in the hope that what rises from the ashes will be better.

It is a defeatist, “give up” approach. It also buys in to a REALLY mindless moral equivalency, which is ultimately a license for problem behavior. You have heard it before: “Everyone does it.” “ALL politicians are deceitful.” “He (or she) is only doing what ‘they’ all do.”

You end up with a Nixonian kind of, “He’s a total horse’s butt, but he is OUR horse’s butt.” And that is a real problem. Yeah, moral opprobrium twisted into whiny self-justification. I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

So rise up! No longer hew to empty fantasies of revenge. Do something productive. No longer be swayed by  thoseHuey Long style demagogues! That is exactly what Hillary wants. It is her only hope. And THAT is why Trump got in it in the first place. And he is still ultimately a Hillary shill, though he may be now unaware that he is being rooked.

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If the Left

02 Nov

and the Mainstream Media (though I repeat myself) are not going to play by the Marquis de Queensbury rules, why should the Right? They should just get a Trump who will swing his cudgel willy-nilly at Lefty antagonists and to heck with niceties! Just go nuclear. Get a barbarian.

As I often heard when working with Marines, if you find yourself in a fair fight, you have not planned well.

I think THIS is the major reason for Trump’s success. They are sick of the mamby-pamby Republican establishment that keeps getting rolled or who betrays them and they want someone who will swing a cudgel and make the Democrats fearful. There is perhaps no better example than the RNC agreeing to and enforcing the last debate. It’s not only policy (Heaven knows Trump is by no means conservative) but it’s also anger and a feeling that you have been sold down the river. This is about revenge and anger at betrayal. THAT is what is happening. They want a barbarian, and Trump is more than happy to be whatever he thinks will serve him best–that’s who he is (and he can swing a cudgel).

See, THIS is the value that Trump has brought to the table, as imperfect a vessel as he is. Yes, he is a buffoon. Yes, he is totally unreliable. Yes, he is far from conservative. Yes, yes, yes. But he has shown how to push back and other candidates are starting to learn. Gingrich started it and now Trump has made it stylish. He has made it OK for the other candidates–see how others went “The Full Gingrich” on the moderators last “debate.” Now I agree with almost everyone else that the moderators were a sick joke, but my point is that the candidates either ignored them (Cruz) and/or crucified them. In fact, I would be very surprised if we don’t see some major changes even now.