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Is Snowden a Russian spy?

03 Jul

Yes, of course. Now he revealed a lot of scaly stuff that was going on with the NSA, but I don’t know that there has ever been much of a question about whether he is a treasonous wretch. Now there is none.


Not as smart

02 Jun

as Henry Kissenger. Not even close.


It is quite clear to me

07 Dec

that GWB is head and shoulders more intelligent than Barack Obama.

Yes, GWB had occasional verbal sequencing issues.  He was not always eloquent. And GWB carefully cultivated a folksy “aw shucks” kind of persona. But you show your ignorance of the matter by assuming THAT is an indication of intelligence. It is not. Those of us who have long worked with IQ know that is not very important and in fact misleading. GWB cultivated it precisely because it was misleading.

If I were to guess, Obama is at about one standard deviation above the mean in terms of IQ. That is more than enough to be a good president. But GWB was more like two standard deviations above the mean (Bill Clinton was more like three). Let’s look at Bush’s background just for a moment. Bush was a fighter pilot. He graduated from Yale. He got an MBA. He ran a large business. He ran a baseball team. He was a very successful and popular governor of Texas. This guy was NOT dumb. Don’t be a victim of Lefty media and believe that.

Obama was only an affirmative action stallion and a night-class teaching adjunct faculty member! If not for his race he would be a nobody. Yes, he has been more glib than GWB. But there is no evidence that he is more intelligent or even as intelligent as GWB. In fact, what evidence there is shows just the opposite. The truth of the matter is that being glib does not indicate intelligence. That is one reason why Obama is so eager to show that he is more glib and therefore smarter than your average bear. And some of you have foolishly bought into it. You just don’t know what you don’t know! Say it after me: “GWB is much smarter than Obama.”

Yes, there is some intelligence involved in Obama’s schtick. But it is the intelligence of the fraudster. And it’s not huge in any case.

So for those of you who foolishly put so much stock in IQ and think that verbal fluency or eloquence (with a Teleprompter) is a marker of IQ, know the you are WRONG and have been for a while. You got snookered. Yeah, Obama is significantly lower in IQ than Bush.

I mean, name one true mistake Bush made. Not a policy that you just disagreed with, but a true mistake. There are not many, compared to Obama. There’s a reason for that…