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Yeah, Cruz just HAMMERED

26 Jan

the Dems. Brutal.

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24 Jan

a horse-whipping.

Schumer is a complete moron.

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Yes, Trump is a

04 Jan

demolition man. And this is a good thing. These things needed to be demolished.

Trump was not my first choice in the Republican Primaries. Nor my second. But I was wrong–he has done a fantastic job as President so far, and I really doubt that any of the others could have done nearly so well. Here’s to seeing more demolition in 2018! There is a lot to tear down…



29 Dec

But I’m not tired of this winning.

See, THIS is what competence looks like. We have not seen it for a long time, and we seem to have forgotten.

Or as Gen. George Patton once said, “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

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One thing Trump has done very well at

19 Nov

is reducing the regulatory burden faced by businesses of all kinds.

Maybe you don’t love Donald Trump. That’s OK, he doesn’t need to be your buddy. He doesn’t need to be someone you want to have a beer with. He doesn’t need to be the kind of guy you want to be snowed in with at a mountain cabin. He doesn’t need to be your Priest or your Pastor.

What I want is for him to nurture economic growth. What I want is for him to stand up to world bullies and to strengthen the US military. On these things he does very well. Exceptionally well, actually. By any measure, he has done well at this.

And we should all thank our lucky stars for that! A vote for Hillary was a vote for despotism mingled with bureaucracy. It was a vote for despair. A vote for Trump was a vote for competency and normalcy.



28 Oct

Yes we do.

And I’m telling you, Mueller is dirty. He really can’t do this. He is not a trustworthy or reliable actor in what he is already in!

Mueller is dirty.

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It’s been a pleasant surprise.

02 Sep

Trump has been remarkably competent when dealing with the Texas storm. Remarkably. Sure-footed and perspicatious.

Of course, the openly partisan MSM are unsurprisingly silent on this, but it is obviously true.

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And I think

29 Oct

that this is an absolutely HUGE issue.

Take just a moment to think about it–the investigation is starting up again because of documents found on his phone. His. The same phone he was using to sext underage girls. I’m sure it was secure…

This is crazy. Hillary’s criminal secretiveness not only led her to store classified documents on her own unsecure server, but made classified document available on Anthony Wiener’s phone! Anthony Wiener!

She is just not reliable, and she has terrible judgment. Why on earth would anyone want her to be President?

For the first time a McMullin presidency is only extremely far-fetched rather than purely an opium dream. Here’s the scenario: Trump and Hillary both fall short of the 270 electoral votes needed to win, so the election goes to the House of Representatives. They vote by state, and choose the President. So the winner has to get 51% of most state’s House members. And they can choose anyone.

Likely? Not even remotely. I very strongly doubt that anything of the sort will happen–Hillary will win. But this is indeed a weird year. The Trumpkins would have a hemorrhage, but the rules are the rules–the fact that the Trumpkins are ignorant of the rules and don’t like them (when they don’t favor them) does not mean that there are none or that they are not binding.

Hey Trumpkins, welcome to the party, pal! But again, this will certainly not happen.

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05 Sep

EVERYONE loses cell phones! I mean, she only lost 11 of them! Sure, I’ve never lost one (nor have my wife or 4 kids, or any of my 4 siblings–as far as I know or have ever heard). And sometimes these phones just have Top Secret national security stuff on them even though it should not be there in the first place. That kind of stuff just happens–it is part of life and we all have been there. It’s not as if that is a MAJOR national security breach! I mean, I’m sure that has happened to YOU, like it has to all of us. And this in no way shows that Hillary is cognitively impaired even though she had people following her around to make sure all went well, right? Right? Bueler? Byooooler?

Look, if someone calls you a horse, ignore it. If a second person calls you a horse, ignore it. If a third person calls you a horse, go buy hay. And what if 11 people call you a horse? That is not a simple event, that is a pattern. So why is the pattern there?

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It was indeed

01 Sep

a gamble, and it paid off.

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