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Oh my!

09 Jul

Wicked funny.

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If you haven’t

08 Jul

been following the “Sean SpicIER” tweets these last few weeks , you are seriously missing out. I’ve rarely seen anything so funny. I’ve only posted the latest string of these parody tweets today–there are many more. These folks think it’s Sean Spicer they are talking to, but it’s actually Sean SpicIER. Hilarity ensues. And this has been going on for weeks.  It’s been just utterly and completely hilarious for weeks.

Reading comprehension is your friend…

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03 Jul

The problem is that almost all Lefties don’t know what the crap they’re talking about and are terminally ignorant. That makes their situation more pitiable, but it sure doesn’t make it any more rational.

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Why is

30 Jun

this guy so funny? I mean, it seems unfair–I would like to be funny, too.

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The fridge decoration

11 Jun

I want:

(thanks, Powerline)

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15 May

worth watching.

Folks, Leftism is immoral. It leads to suffering.

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Pretty dang

14 May


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A total classic:

16 Apr

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It truly

13 Mar

is awesome.

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13 Feb

is dang funny! REALLY dang funny.

Sorry for some bad language in the comments. Some people are quite linguistically limited…

I think the “counter-culture” is now getting to be subversively Conservative. I have been tweakingly that way for years, now. Touting “Global Warming” and being a garden-variety Leftist is certainly not subversive. Not in THAT community.

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