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A total classic:

16 Apr

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It truly

13 Mar

is awesome.

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13 Feb

is dang funny! REALLY dang funny.

Sorry for some bad language in the comments. Some people are quite linguistically limited…

I think the “counter-culture” is now getting to be subversively Conservative. I have been tweakingly that way for years, now. Touting “Global Warming” and being a garden-variety Leftist is certainly not subversive. Not in THAT community.

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I will never

06 Feb

look at rabbits the same way.

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Oh, that

02 Feb

is dang funny!

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Some cartoons I liked:

29 Jan



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I saw this

27 Jan

years ago. It it still wicked funny.

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Another great

09 Jan

Ramirez cartoon. This guy is astounding!

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A tremendously clever tweak!

21 Nov

The Baristas at Starbucks write the name of the customer on the cup. Now many customers are saying their name is “Trump” so the Barista has to write it on the cup and some employee has to shout it out to say it is ready.

Clever! And so dang funny.

Well, Starbucks is notoriously Lefty and discriminatory, so this is just precious!


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It truly

18 Nov

is awesome!

I admit, I never wanted to say, “hallelujah” like I did after Trump beat Hillary!

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