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28 Dec

is what I want.

As a person with MS who can’t walk, I can tell you that this would be AWESOME!


Pretty interesting stuff for MS.

13 Oct

This is a great thing. It may well be (and is almost for sure the case) that clemastine is not the final word. But the fact that this is regenerative is a HUGE deal, and it means that clues for even more effective drugs may become evident. Also, we are also about to start the Phase III trials, which is a big deal.

Phase I  is to establish safety. Since clemastine fumarate is already over-the-counter (Tavist), we already know it is safe. Phase II is to demonstrate efficacy in a small group for a certain population. That is what has been most recently demonstrated. In other words, it is safe and it worked with a small group.

Phase III is the same as Phase II, only with a large group. That is where we are now starting with clemastine. So we’ve already shown safety and efficacy (with a small group)–we’ve done Phase I and Phase II.

All that said, the improvement, while statistically significant, is not huge. This is NOT a cure. Still, it is the first time we have seen even a little regeneration.

I bought some clemastine today…



06 Apr

it’s not very appetizing. Still, if it truly works, almost everyone would be willing to do it. Fecal transplants have been implicated in various neurological problems, as well. Few people with MS would not be willing to swallow capsules of fecal material if it got rid of the disease. Very few.

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I have MS,

22 Jan

so this really hits home.


I certainly hope

18 May

that there is progress.

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