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05 Dec

this is what you get when you let your country be run by a crazy boy dictator. At some point people have to rise up and make changes. And trust me, Jong-Un will kill many in the effort to keep power.

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Yeah, it’s all

19 Oct

pretty strange. Though they have found the security guard, now.

Still, it makes very little sense to me. Why take the risk and bring all these guns up to the room? It just makes no sense at all! Two or even three identical ARs and two dozen boxes of ammo would be far, far better if my goal was to get as many shots off as possible.

It really makes no sense at all. And this is a guy doing complicated windage calculations? For each rifle? Huh?

Maybe there’s a good explanation. I haven’t heard it.

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I keep telling you,

29 Aug

the Left is violent.

Please, don’t be confused. This is who the left IS. It is totally in line with their political philosophy.


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WA times find that 66% of people are

28 Aug

fearful of voicing Conservative opinions. 66%.

Think about that just for a moment. Then think about why I don’t use my real name on his blog. The truth is, I can’t afford financially to “come out of the closet.” It is far too risky. Maybe in America 20 years ago you could speak your mind without fear of reprisal. But today is not that day.

So we get “quiet” Trump voters–those who vote for Trump but who, for safety’s sake, pretend (when they are identifiable) that they are on the Left. No wonder polling was so abysmally wrong last election! I mean, are you going to voice an opinion that is potentially catastrophic to you and your loved ones to a complete stranger? Yeah, I don’t THINK so! They called your phone number–they know where you live…

Be safe. Understand that the core of Leftist philosophy is violence. We are seeing loads of it. And don’t kid yourself, this is NOT just a group of rambunctious kids. THIS is the Left, and you can identify them by both their actions and by the black ISIS-style masks. Disgusting!

It is totally safe to voice Left-leaning opinions in virtually any setting–the Right is not naturally violent. The same is NOT true for the Left. Leftist will “ding” you as much as they can get way with. It is in their genetics. It is congenital. Let me give you just one example:

A guy I used to know at one large workplace was a really hardcore Leftist. Really hardcore. He had a bunch of decorations in his office that showed his position and/or outright mocked the Right. As far as I knew, he was NEVER admonished by the higher-ups. He certainly didn’t ever take those things down in his office and he took every opportunity to tell others about his beliefs.

But there was also one guy who was quite active in Conservative causes. He would very occasionally talk politics with like-minded employees there, but it was discreet. He was found out and counseled about keeping private opinions away from the office and was ultimately (but subtly) forced out. Oh, and there were no mocking photos or cartoons in his office and he was fairly circumspect about politics. But he eventually found a position where his beliefs were not held against him, so he left.

It is often just not safe to be on the Right. Be safe.


I’m telling you,

16 Aug

the Left is violent. It’s who they ARE. It’s part and parcel with their underlying political philosophy.

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I’m telling you!

17 Jun

Well, you know the rest,,.

This is who the Left IS. And notice well that NONE of the Congressional Democrats have gone on record against these acts or told the groups that they need to act better. No, they have at least tacitly endorsed the violence. It is quite consonant with, foundational of, their political philosophy. Quite.

THAT should inform you in voting next time! And I hope you do the moral thing. Demonstrate where you stand.

Take a stand against violence, don’t vote Democrat.

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Let me say it again:

15 Jun

Be very careful, Lefties!

You don’t want to provoke the Right. You really won’t like the Right when it’s angry. You can only poke this tiger so much before you feel the claws…

Did I mention this? Folks, Lefty whining is leading to violence. It is happening. It is no longer just theoretical. I mean, look here.

I can tell you that the closet is a very real thing for conservative college students. Even professors spend much of their time there, and are afraid to teach anything that some savage snowflake doesn’t like. I can tell you first-hand that campus is an extremely hostile place for any professor who has even mildly conservative views. One has to hide those views in order to survive.

I once failed a student for blatant cheating. He went to my Dean to complain and said I was <gasp> a Conservative. And this was in a stats course, with virtually no social content. Luckily, that was 15+ years ago and my Dean defended me, so I kept my job. If that happened now I almost certainly would just be fired. To this day I have no idea how the student knew I was Conservative. He certainly didn’t get it from my lectures in the stats class!

But here’s the deal: College professors almost always have no marketable skills outside of the academy. And the pay is relatively high while the work is often not very hard. There just are no other similar alternatives. Professors with tenure are often the worst of the worst–they have little economic reason to even try (though some do and are very skilled at it). So being fired is a SERIOUS problem: They lose their house, their car, their standing in the community, the possibility of being hired elsewhere, and maybe their health or the health of their loved ones. The stakes are high, indeed. In the broad scheme of things, it is just way better to not melt the little snowflakes. Welcome to the pleasure dome!

PLEASE, don’t do it, Lefties. Stop it now. Stop now, before this spins out of control. It will soon get to a place where you can no longer control it. Publicly condemn the violence. Now is the time for all of us to show who we are and what we stand for. I’m begging you, Lefties. Don’t go down this dark path. Pull up!

Others are starting to notice all this anger, and they give a warning against it. Yes, WARNING! WARNING!

And of course, all Leftism eventually turns on its own. Ask Robespierre or Marat. The violence spirals. We also saw this in the USSR as Communist leaders dissented, were killed, and then were air-brushed out of photos. So just because you feed the beast live Conservatives doesn’t mean that it won’t eventually come after YOU.

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Think about it,

08 Jun

more retaliation from the Right.

Folks, it’s starting to happen. I’m warning you! Just stop. Stop now. Don’t poke that tiger! Disagreement and argument are fine, but once you assault people “on the Right,” you may well  in for a world of hurt.

This is a relatively new thing, which itself is a MAJOR cause for concern. Don’t delude yourself–you’re not lucky, punk.

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17 May

don’t cross the DNC. It’s not good for your health. It really is unreal.

Maybe it’s not that great of a job, anyway. But that’s who the Democrats are.

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Why does the Left

05 Mar

think that stifling free speech with violence is OK?

It’s almost as if violence is intrinsically bound up with the philosophy of Leftism itself! Oh yeah, it is

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