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17 May

don’t cross the DNC. It’s not good for your health. It really is unreal.

Maybe it’s not that great of a job, anyway. But that’s who the Democrats are.

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Why does the Left

05 Mar

think that stifling free speech with violence is OK?

It’s almost as if violence is intrinsically bound up with the philosophy of Leftism itself! Oh yeah, it is

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So Lefties want

03 Feb

MORE of this? Really? I mean, whose side are they on, anyway?

And that is the real question.

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This kind of crap

24 Jan

just drives me nuts!

Yes, I know very well that the Left responds with violence in sort of a self-justifying way whenever they are opposed in any way, but it is stunning to me that the women at the “women’s march” saw/knew what he did and helped him get away! They are accomplices to a crime, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves! <sheesh!> I just wish they could be prosecuted.

THIS is the heart of Leftism. So are you a Leftist and condone (or even engage in) such violence? Or will YOU turn another direction?

I know where I stand. Where do you?

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23 Jan

the Left is violent. This violence is in the very fabric of their political philosophy. One simply cannot conceptually divorce Leftism from violence. Violence is at the core of Leftism.

And THAT is why we are seeing violence on the Left. We need to understand that ALL Leftism is at heart dependent on violence. It is NOT just a by-product. It is the very essence of Leftism.

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More from

23 Jan

the “tolerant” Left.

As I have often said, violence and murder are part and parcel of the very core of Leftism. There simply is no Leftism without violence.

People of good morals reject this kind of crap.

I am NOT immoral. Therefore I am a Conservative. Understand well that this is a moral issue.

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I agree

16 Jan

that this is totally nasty.

I’m just sick of the eliminationist rhetoric coming from the Left. It is flat-out immoral. I just will not sully myself in associating with them in any way. It’s outrageous, and Democrats of good moral fiber (and there are some still left) should object. Strenuously. Their party has been taken over by barbarians, and they had better take it back soon!

The chasm is widening. You soon will be no longer able to straddle the divide and have to choose a side. Choose wisely…

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17 Oct

Democrat tolerance. I mean, this was done by some tolerant and loving Democrat…

Did I mention that violence is at the heart of all Leftism? It NOT a by-product, it is the core.

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You think of yourself as a Democrat?

17 Oct

Well, this is what your type is doing.

And understand well that this is the inevitable end point of all Leftism. It always end in a Gulag. That’s because violence is part and parcel of Leftism itself–violence is intrinsic to that political philosophy and it won’t survive and can’t even exist without it. You get to pick either moral agency and choice or automaton status and force. You can either act or be acted upon. You are either the wielder of a hammer or just a nail. Now choose this day who you will serve. As for me and my house…

This is what Hillary stands for. That’s why it’s not just wrong but immoral┬áto not vote against her or to otherwise make it easier for her to exert her tyranny. She hopes to turn your moral disapproval of Trump into something far worse–a Hillary Presidency. She wants you to strain at a gnat so she can force a camel down your throat. She wants to “flip” you.

Yes, the data clearly show that Leftism doesn’t work. But I’m saying that it is immoral, too. We need to make this moral argument very clear.

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Now we see the violence

21 Aug

inherent in the system!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the Monty Python quote.

But it is true. This is Leftism. It is ugly. It is violent. It is coercive. It is immoral. And we need to understand that this is no accident–it is part and parcel of Leftism itself. The truth is that violence is indeed inherent in the Lefty political system. It is NOT a “bug,” it is a defining characteristic.

And as Conservatives we need to make the moral case! Leftism is immoral, and we need to relentlessly drive that point home. It relies on force and coercion, and it is the enemy of moral agency. On the other hand, Conservatism is all about moral agency and free choice. So one has to decide what side one is on. This has always been the crux of the conflict, and it still is today.

This attack on Trump’s motorcade lets slip the mask on the violence inherent in the Lefty system. It is not argument. It is not reason. It is brute force.


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