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Yeah, I saw

05 Sep

this coming a mile away. The truth is, the EU cannot manage a French exit. The EU will cease to exist if the French leave. The EU bureaucrats are reeling now from the British exit and they won’t survive a French departure. But others will certainly follow–Britain has had good consequences and it has shown that leaving is far from suicide. In other words, other countries are in play now.

And Marine LePen has been on the march, much as Trump has been in the US. Even if she is stopped, she has taught a lesson to others who want elected office. And she has given hope and encouragement to those who want out of the EU. And regular people are ready to hear the message.

The issue is that the dam may be breaking. Maybe, if Britain is the only defection, the bleeding can be staunched and the EU will survive in its current form. We shall see.

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I think the “Brexit” shows

27 Jun

very clearly that “the elites” in Society just don’t get it.

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I think the “Brexit” is only

25 Jun

the thin edge of the wedge, that it is a harbinger of things to come. Now that Britain has voted to leave, what will France do? If TWO of the countries of Britain, France, and Germany leave, the EU is dead as a doornail. One of those three is already gone. A second is making rumblings about going. A third is very publicly dissatisfied.

Germany has long seethed under the chains of the EU and its people are sick and tired of being the EU’s go-to ATM. Greece and Italy are hunky-dory with that (of course), but Germany sure isn’t. Funny how the people who are being robbed put up a fuss while those doing the robbing are A-OK with it! There is a lot that could happen and already people like Marine LePen in France are beating the drum. And in only a few hours…

I think it is very unclear that the EU will survive at all. The first thing you will probably see is a return to national currencies. But any more than now and the avalanche may well be unstoppable.

Britain leaving may be indicative of cracks in the dam, and  a sure indicator of a rapidly coming flood. And when it breaks, it will be uncontrollable. But we have to ask whether “Brexit” marks inevitability. I think it probably does, though we might well get an even more Leftist and coercive (though I repeat myself) regime as a replacement. I hope not. I really hope not. We don’t need blood shed over this–but it could well happen.

Greece is mad, but I think that they are just mad at the prospect that there will be no more cakes and ale:

In Greece, there was concern that the referendum result would intensify anti-European sentiment. “In the short term, Brexit may help Greece, because our allies will want to solidify and show solidarity,” [yeah, you think that, if it gives you pleasure –ed] a senior minister told the Guardian. “But in the long term, it will not. The prospect of Grexit will increase.”

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