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The U.S. needs to

12 Jul

learn a lesson from Japan.

The U.S. birthrate has fallen dramatically. Yes, the birthrate falls predictably under Socialism, but still, this is a new and worrying thing.

The truth is that when parents choose to have four or five kids, the economy and the very national identity is safe. But once the birthrate drops to around replacement level (two or even lower) there is very predictable demographic catastrophe on the horizon. And then it simply can’t be prevented.

It is now too late for Japan. Our grandkids will rarely see a real, live Japanese native. Just like YOU have never met a real, live Spaniard. And for the same reason. The only Spaniard you have had contact with is Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride (and now he is old and decrepit). The same thing will (now) inevitably happen with Japan. Japanese people will be a myth from bygone ages, as are Spaniards now.