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Leftist regimes

22 May

have always focused on the children. The NAZIs did it, the USSR was famous for taking kids from parents, etc.

But why? Why such focus on the children?

Here is the reason: Leftism depends on narcissism and traditional families don’t reliably¬†inculcate that, so the gummint takes the kids away. One child only is ideal for that. See, there is a need to cultivate the desire for someone to match every want and meet every need. Gov’t is happy to fill that role–though of course they will need to control everyone and take from those who have.

Leftism in many ways is defined by narcissism and depends on such personality pathology in order to survive. So they take kids in order to “groom” that.

Parenting and political philosophy are closely linked.

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26 Aug

don’t do it! It is just not healthy for the parents, nor is it ideal for kids.

Generally, it is a way for one parent or another to avoid the partner. Bad idea. Really bad idea. Remember, the relationship with your spouse is by far the most important one you have. Kids will grow up and leave–them staying is referred to a “failure to launch.”

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