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13 Sep

is going down. Maybe just age-related decline. That is certainly the most likely thing, by far. I mean, we obviously saw that in spades with Hillary (though at times it very much looked as though there were other pathological processes involved with Hillary). I mean, Pelosi is no spring chicken, and she was never very bright in the first place–she just had a “splinter skill” in getting San Fransisco people to vote for her. But she was never a bright bulb.

But then that leads us to another question: Just who is leading the Democrat party? The old guard is holding on by their pointy fingernails, but who will replace them? McCain is a good Democrat, but he is pretty stinking long in the tooth, too. I mean, he has recently had a brain tumor–I’m not sure how much longer he will be around.

Pelosi, Hillary, Sanders, Schumer… Uh, who?

Quick, off the top of your head name 3 up-and-coming Democrats. I’m pretty dang involved in this area, and I can name Cory Booker and Kamala Harris. But who else? John Hickenlooper? Now we are getting pretty far into the weeds! And after him? No one. Joe Biden may take another swing, but he is pretty much an ancient relic as it is–and he is a total clown. We will certainly know more as the Democrat primaries heat up, but as of now the pickin’s look mighty slim!


Nancy has

03 Jul

always been dumber than a box of rocks. She has “splinter skills” that have helped her get elected and stay elected, but splinter skills are not the same as global intelligence.

But now there is something different. She is getting quite old and is glitching out on far too regular a basis. And as with most head injuries, there is agnosognosia, which is the condition where she doesn’t perceive just how gorked she really is. It certainly is partially a reflexive denial of weakness, but a good part of it is rolled up in the brain damage (in this case age-related) itself. As Hillary so clearly showed us, the machinery eventually breaks down. It’s just that most of us are not in the public spotlight when that happens.

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Pretty much

09 Sep

any honest person recognizes that this is a problem.

Now before the crap-eating apologists get all hoity-toity about not making diagnoses without examining the patient, let me just say, DUH! Let me also say that no diagnosis is made! They are not saying, “She has TB.” They are not putting it into her medical record. They are simplyvsaying that she has uncontrolled coughing and that could represent several things or even “I think it is most likely a symptom of ____”. They very clearly are not making a formal diagnosis–this is just more stupidity meant to fool the rubes while shielding Hillary. Unfortunately, those who do not actually diagnose are easily fooled on this.

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