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It is quite clear:

31 Mar

If you use investigative journalism techniques against a Lefty organization, you will be made to suffer.

Use them against a putative Conservative organization, and you are a “freedom fighter” who is lauded to the high heavens.

It all depends on who your target is…

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For those

28 Nov

of you who mistakenly think that abortion is “no big deal,” read this.

A quote: In a Medical Science Monitor study (the entire study can be downloaded for free here), 64 percent of post-abortive American mothers said they “felt pressured by others” to have the abortion. Additionally, 77.9 percent struggled with post-abortion guilt, and 59.5 percent felt “a part of me died.”

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07 Feb

There are indeed s0me concerns here.


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I could not

23 Sep

agree more. Evil and ghoulish, that’s what it is. Make Obama veto it, then beat Democrats about the head and shoulders with it. It is almost unbelievably immoral! It is truly Satanic. How easy would it be to make the case against it? How can a non-psychopath support it? I would not think that regular people could tolerate it at all and it only survives through euphemism and outright deceit. No, I believe that most people are intrinsically good and would never accept such gross immorality if it were described in plain and truthful terms.

I strongly suspect that the vast majority of people would find this kind of behavior morally unacceptable in the extreme. Ghoulish, to say the least.

And this is what Democrats stand for? I sadly shake my head! It is unreal. Unbelievable!

Look, I have MS. Yet I would much rather suffer and die than cause the death of babies so I could have their stem cells. I am a fallible human being, but I am NOT a vampire! I do not seek the death of innocent others in order to prolong my own life. That is just evil. I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

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Yes, there were massive PP protest around the country, but

24 Aug

if you rely on the MSM for information, you missed it. They are shills, and simply Democrat operatives who give out “news” if it fits their pre-conceived notions. Let’s face it–they are just shills and are not at all reliable. It’s just propaganda all the way down. There ARE no facts, only opinions. Welcome to the Pleasure Dome.

And THIS  is what the partisan media hath wrought. There is no real knowledge.

But don’t worry. You can bet that the next time there is a Republican President they will suddenly again become critics rather than cheerleaders.

But then, why would I believe them?

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Look, I’ve long been a Jindal fan

24 Aug

and have been bitterly disappointed that he is not a whole lot further up the food chain. He is a guy I would happily vote for (if Trump were the nominee I probably just wouldn’t vote at all). I started talking about Jindal years ago. I think a Jindal/Fiorina ticket would be unstoppable.

But whatever your views are, this is absolute genius.

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Just morally repugnant!

21 Aug

Honestly, I don’t know how anyone who is NOT  an immoral monster could go along with this. 50 shades of Che.

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And so

18 Aug

it begins

This has the real potential to be a HUGE issue.

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First is farce,

18 Aug

but now it is tragedy. Actually, it has ALWAYS been a moral tragedy. No different now!

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Is this the harbinger of a sea change?

05 Aug

I didn’t watch the video for obvious reasons. But you’ve got to admit that this is pretty disgusting. The depravity of these people is just astounding. But that is not really news for anyone who has been paying attention at all.

The basic issue is that there is yet another video out. And it shows just what ghouls Planned Parenthood people are. Tools and ghouls, and perhaps not in that order.

Don’t support such immorality by voting Democrat! It used to be that all Democrats were not immoral. I myself voted for a Democrat when I was younger. But that ship has long sailed and I can’t stand bestride that ocean anymore. To vote for them is to partake of their sins–to be an accessory, and I won’t do that. The gap is now just too big to cover. So choose now what side you are on. As for me, I will not stain my lips with the dregs of that cup again. There is no human way to get rid of that stain.

At some point you have to take a stand. Personally, I stand for morality. I hope you choose the same.

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