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Yes, it’s funny.

11 Sep

And sure, she is ridiculous. But look at the eyes. They are NOT tracking together!

THAT is a sure sign of neurological damage. YOU try to have your eyes track differently. Go ahead, just try. Uh you can’t! Yet that is exactly¬†what you are seeing with your own eyes, here. Those are the facts! And she almost for sure has significant double vision, which is what Bill said was going on!

And there is no publicly known recent injury. The only known one was a very long time ago. So that means that the damage is old and permanent. If it has not resolved in six months, it just won’t. Hillary is permanently gorked. Plain and simple. YOU are a witness to that.

So all I can say for 2020 is, “Run Hillary, run!” Hopefully she won’t be dead by then…



14 Jul

it’s age-related cognitive decline.

The truth is that at some point the machinery runs down. THAT is what we are seeing. Her giggling is a sign of brain dysfunction. It is very likely to be a brain issue. It’s called PBA, or pseudo-bulbar affect. PBA is common in brain injuries, and especially in things like Multiple Sclerosis (which is essentially a brain injury).

But with Pelsosi what we are seeing is a result of age-related decline. She gets confused and thinks President Trump is President Bush. And this is not just a random mistake–she has done this same mistake something like five times in public over the last six months or so. She is fading.

Now, she likely still has the power to hammer up-and-coming young Democrats. She is keeping them out of the fray.


I think there is no question

05 Sep

that Hillary is gorked. The evidence is just overwhelming. Yeah. She should have been prosecuted. Comey ought to be embarrassed!

And yet she will run…

But wise people would never vote for her!

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