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Just a

13 Apr

nasty woman. We are indeed lucky to be free of her. I’ve heard stories for almost 20 years about what a horrible, vile shrew she is. And from people who had daily contact with her. Nasty, horrible woman.

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Comey is

07 Sep

full of crap. He can spin all he wants, but he is full of crap. No one with more than room-temperature IQ doesn’t know that he is a hack and has put his weasely self-interests above the demand for justice. He just doesn’t like being called on it. But he is obviously guilty. He read the law in a patently false way in order to not charge Hillary. DUH!

So, Comey, you are a spineless hack at best. YOU got cowed and decided to save your own butt in the short term rather than pursue justice. YOU are a weasel. So now don’t start putting on hoity-toity airs that you are somehow NOTĀ corrupt when it is plain as day that you are. You were rolled–OWN IT!

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