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Just how much

24 Jan

is the Mueller crapola costing us? It’s a secret. You doltish unwashed hoi-polloi just need to shut up and keep paying! It’s none of your business what this dog-and-pony show costs. Just crank out your wallet, peon!

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11 Dec

it IS brutal!

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Hey, half of you are

11 Sep

knuckle-dragging idiots! Sheesh, I can’t believe I have to suck up to you unwashed masses!  In the immortal words of Bilbo Baggins, “I don’t know half of you as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you as well as you deserve.”

–Love,  Hillary Clinton

Well, we now know what she really thinks of us! I mean, we had strongly suspected it before (and we all would admit it if we were honest), but now it is quite out in the open. Her attitude is, “Just shut up and vote for me, peasants!” She will him and haw in a frantic effort to make this better, but she has let slip the mask. Most weren’t really fooled before (even if they carried her water), but now there is just no denying it. And the fact is that the MSM and hard-core Hillary drones agree with her.

This was a HUGE screw-up. She was stupid and inadvertently told the truth. She is not used to telling the truth, so she didn’t see this coming.  It was like cursing in a foreign language for her. If the MSM did their jobs, we would hear this bruited about for the next month. And if Trump had said it, they would (<cough> 47 percent<cough>). Alas, they are just Hillary shills… Must. Protect. The Queen!

Voting for Trump is like kissing your sister with a peck on the cheek–maybe necessary but not at all that arousing–it kind of, er, lacks in excitement. But voting for Hillary is like a homicidal rape in a dark alley at 3am.

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