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17 Oct

interesting. Very interesting, indeed.

quote: The rate of heart disease goes down with a high cholesterol diet which suggests any link between fat, cholesterol and heart disease can now be refuted.

Gee, carbs and not fat raise your risk of heart disease. Who’d have guessed?

There are some of us who have known this for a while. I sure wish I had known it in my 20s and 30s! It’s a dirty shame, and I was materially damaged in several ways. If I had known the truth, It very possibly would have made a big difference in my military career. Alas, I screwed up. I bought the standard explanation.

I was doing high-carb, low fat and lots of exercise and of course it didn’t help at all. If I had known the truth, things would likely have been very different.

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Hillary AGAIN needing

20 Sep

help on the steps and wearing yet another¬†“tent” top. I wonder what she is covering with that top? Maybe a colostomy bag?


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