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Passing Right-To-Work legislation

10 Mar

makes Scott Walker a hero. Unions are a violent blight on the butt of humanity. They are SO last century!

But this is very good for a Scott Walker campaign.

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Why have unions fallen

27 Feb

out of favor? Why so drastic a change?

Part of the answer is the legacy of violence inherent in the unions. My father talks about how, as a young poultry worker, a crowd of workers he was in was physically threatened with violence by union thugs (and this was by no means an isolated event). This really turned him off forever, and it is multi-generational–his kids hated unions, too.

No, the day of the union Orcs is rapidly drawing to a close.

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Wanna know why

28 Aug

the fight in WI has been so big? Here’s why.

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To answer the question,

21 Mar

one can always hope.

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The auto unions

26 Feb

are dead. Dead as Detroit. Dead men walking, but the writing is on the wall. And it says, “Thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting.” There may be a few skirmishes here and there, and the Unions will probably win one once in a while. Still, the ultimate outcome of the war has already been decided. It’s OVAH!

If you’re a Union Boss, retire NOW! If you are a rising star, avoid them like the plague. There’s just nothing good down that road…

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Things may be

16 Feb

a’changing.  Let’s hope that the workers of the world continue to unite against the unions.

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Next time you are

15 Feb

tempted to think that unions are out to protect “the little guy,” just reflect on this.

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Defunding the unions.

16 Sep

When people have a choice, they abandon the unions. It goes to prove that the Unions pretend to help workers, but (in the words of the article) they really just sponge off them. The unions are on their way out, and will soon join the ranks of the wagon wheel and the telegraph. That will be a great day. It’s pretty clear that the unions deserve to die. And they eventually will.


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They are just

16 Sep

parasites. I know what to do with blood-sucking parasites.


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Ever wonder why the public

13 Sep

unions freaked on a cosmic scale when Scott Walker suggested that people have a choice in the matter? This is why.

The unions don’t stand for freedom, and that is abundantly clear once people get free from those remoras.

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