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The whole thing

17 Jul

is pretty convoluted, and one has to make a real effort to understand it. But the executive summary is in the title. In a nutshell, Schumer admitted that the Obamacare payments were indeed illegal and totally extra-constitutional. That is really the bottom line–the Obamacare payments (without which it would be gone) are not legal.

That is what Conservatives have been saying for years, and now even Chuck Schumer has confirmed it.

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I think it

07 Nov

is a very good question. It is NOT merely “crazy talk.” I really hate the idea, but I have to face it.

I have had people pooh-pooh my concerns about this. But Hillary and her minions and supporters have reduced the rule of law to rubble.  People of strong moral fiber are suddenly not complying with the law, many for the first time. They see that it is unfair and feel no compunction to obey. I worry that such behavior is the thin edge of the wedge. Obama has done real damage to U.S. society. The natural  result of the current Hillary issue for many people is to feel that if the law doesn’t apply to Hillary, it does not apply to them. They are demanding equal protection under the law.

The law only functions because most of us voluntarily obey it–that is why taxes are paid and society itself functions. There is simply no way to enforce the laws for everyone. A mass refusal to obey would render the law null and void. That is why a Hillary victory is such a huge threat to the country.

This country is based on the idea of equality before the law. The founders specifically decried nobility, where some people were above the law. But now we are faced with a kind of nobility, where Hillary cannot be jailed.