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France was once

25 Nov

a great country. but its days are now numbered. Probably. And it won’t be hard to count that high–a child could do it. I hope it’s not too late to change, but that horizon is rapidly approaching if it is not already here.

Basically, France said to the militant Islam crowd, “Eat me last!” Well, when you lie down with pigs, don’t be shocked if you get some mud on you…

This is the kind of crap that will lead to President Marine Le Pen. Just like it has led to President Trump, here. And maybe Marine Le Pen can halt the decline–I sure hope so. Electing her is a frantic last-ditch effort to save the ship of state. But I just don’t see how France can survive for long if it keeps on this same track.

See, the hidebound traditionalists tell themselves that everything will stay the same, that the world of our parents and grand-parents is also OUR world. Well, that is just not true. “Conservatism” is not so much preserving the world structure as we have always known it. It is preserving the principles.

We need to understand that real Conservatism is, in fact, change. Liberals are “conservative” in the sense of holding to an old-school Stalinist Communism and Leftism. It is a throwback to 40 years ago. It is the Right that wants to throw all that dirty bathwater out–and there simply is no baby in it. Even some on the Right are not adequately flexible in this respect. We call such people, “moderates.” The issue is the principles!

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