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OK, there

07 Jun

are several complaints that the items on this billboard are not true. So which ones are not true? I am totally against putting untrue things on a billboard. But which things are untrue? It is disgusting to promulgate lies about someone. Because I just want to say that I am against lies. And these charges are pretty specific, so it should be no great task to expose the lies. And I fully understand the “culture issues” and “anachronism” arguments. Those are sometimes quite persuasive. There are just things in the past that cannot logically be judged in light of modern sensibilities.

So which ones are untrue? If I say that I am against female genital mutilation and childĀ marriages does that make me a bigot?

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12 Jan

who gives a rat’s patoot about what these morons say?

There is just no reason to believe them at all. It is only a hidebound and mindless adherence to mere convention that leads people to give a crap about what they say. They lie, so I will make my own interpretations as best I can. The MSM is just not reliable. They have pooped in their own bed. It’s time to look for other sources for truth.

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Here’s me after the holidays:

02 Jan

(Thanks PowerLine!)

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