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27 Mar

just guess whose fault it was! Hint: Don’t pick the Uber car. Let’s just say that human drivers are a freakin’ menace.

Oh, and this is far from the last time you will hear that sentence bandied about.


If there is an over-the-top box

22 Dec

with locals, it’s over. Even now the fat lady may not be singing but she is certainly warming up off-stage!

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15 Oct

is going to leave a mark!

I mean, you can’t even check them. This is REALLY bad for Samsung.

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The future

19 Aug

is now.

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Almost for sure

08 Jul

Hillary was hacked. Look, she was criminally negligent. That much is quite certain. Only a great fool would think otherwise.

Please, don’t be a fool.

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Look, Windoze

30 Jun

just plain sucks. And I say that as a guy who has actually built Windows machines. But I switched to Mac over a decade ago. It is truly the best thing I’ve ever done. Everything looks better, everything is easier to do, and I can do my own IT work.

And this clearly shows that Redmond has lost its way. Now they are resorting to freakin’ malware hacks! No thanks.

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Let’s just say that

30 Mar

if it were the spouse or kids of those who whine about this that were at stake, they would act differently. They ONLY oppose such things because they and their loved ones are safe.

To paraphrase a famous quote, you only sleep safe in your bed because rough men stand ready to do violence on your behalf. This is pure hypocrisy, and we need to call it what it is. Sorry, I don’t value the comfort of terrorists more than the lives of innocent people. And I think it is fundamentally immoral to do the opposite.

Think differently? Then make your case!

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You know,

05 Nov

that’s almost for sure true.

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It’s the

15 Oct

wave of the future.

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I won’t get the new iPad Pro.

30 Sep

Not because I d0n’t like Apple; I love my old iPad and Mendelian Spousal Unit also has one. I have an iPhone. I own three Apple computers and there are two Mendelian Daughter Units that each have an Apple laptop. Windoze just stinks in comparison. Trust me, once you use an Apple it is very unlikely that you will ever go back to the slag-heap that is windoze.

No, I won’t get one because without a USB port it is useless to me. Even a USB C would be fine. As it is I can’t save documents. I can’t print documents. Yes, there are ways to laboriously work around the flaw, but I am mightily torqued that Apple has made a unit that is completely unusable for work–one that you have to jury-rig in order to use. Steve Jobs was mentally ill in his mania about not having a USB port, and Tim Cook has bleatingly followed in these same stupid footsteps. It’s as bad as the Flash mental illness (don’t even get me started…).

Yes, I know that it compromises the Apple racket of charging through the ying-yang for memory. But this is just bogus. I hope they soon get their crap together! Horrible!