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And so

13 Dec

it begins…

You can frantically kick against technological progress. But I don’t recommend that you out yourself as a modern-day Luddite. Change is coming. BIG change…



There are indeed

03 Apr

some huge strides being made in terms of space exploration. And it is NO surprise that it is not by NASA. Some quotes:

There are two important lessons to be learned from this frenzy of private-sector space activity.

The first is that government doesn’t need to be the driving force in exploration. In fact, NASA is becoming increasingly irrelevant to these endeavors. That’s a lesson even some conservatives need to learn…

Second, it shows why the liberal fixation on “income inequality” is so misguided. To hear the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrens of the world tell it, it’s not fair to let the super-rich keep their money, when the government could take it away in taxes and then “spread it around.”

But people like Bezos, Musk and Allen aren’t sitting on their fortunes. They’re investing the money in ambitious, innovative, risky new endeavors that promise to create new jobs and vast new opportunities down the road.

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27 Mar

just guess whose fault it was! Hint: Don’t pick the Uber car. Let’s just say that human drivers are a freakin’ menace.

Oh, and this is far from the last time you will hear that sentence bandied about.

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If there is an over-the-top box

22 Dec

with locals, it’s over. Even now the fat lady may not be singing but she is certainly warming up off-stage!

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15 Oct

is going to leave a mark!

I mean, you can’t even check them. This is REALLY bad for Samsung.

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The future

19 Aug

is now.

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Almost for sure

08 Jul

Hillary was hacked. Look, she was criminally negligent. That much is quite certain. Only a great fool would think otherwise.

Please, don’t be a fool.

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Look, Windoze

30 Jun

just plain sucks. And I say that as a guy who has actually built Windows machines. But I switched to Mac over a decade ago. It is truly the best thing I’ve ever done. Everything looks better, everything is easier to do, and I can do my own IT work.

And this clearly shows that Redmond has lost its way. Now they are resorting to freakin’ malware hacks! No thanks.

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Let’s just say that

30 Mar

if it were the spouse or kids of those who whine about this that were at stake, they would act differently. They ONLY oppose such things because they and their loved ones are safe.

To paraphrase a famous quote, you only sleep safe in your bed because rough men stand ready to do violence on your behalf. This is pure hypocrisy, and we need to call it what it is. Sorry, I don’t value the comfort of terrorists more than the lives of innocent people. And I think it is fundamentally immoral to do the opposite.

Think differently? Then make your case!

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You know,

05 Nov

that’s almost for sure true.

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