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01 Dec

pass the popcorn.

Sorry, haters, but Moore is not even in the same zip code. Maybe you can down your sorrows in Funyuns®  and Mountain Dew®!


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So, Evan McMullin (affectionately know as “McMuffin”)

27 Nov

and Bill Krystal have joined up in a mutual sycophantic losers club. I would give a link, but there is a ton of bad language, here.

But suffice it to say that Krystal has managed to lose whatever credibility he once had and McMullin has shown himself to be an insufferable suck-up toady. You half expect Krystal to say, “Wanna see me have Evan go fetch a stick?” I mean, rarely have I seen a groveling butt-licker like Evan McMullin. He is the Grover Dill to Krystal’s Scut Farkas (does Krystal have yellow eyes?).

What a punishment and ipso facto proof of absolutely terrible judgment to have admit I voted for McMullin. Vote for Grover Dill? Yeah, no. Fortunately, that is a particular ignominy I don’t have to ‘fess up to. Thank heaven!

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Well, if

02 Aug

you get down, here’s something to cheer you up.

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20 Jul

What a great word! I haven’t seen or used that in decades. Though that surprises me given how much Hillary was in the news. She kind of makes that word spring to mind…


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I was going to

10 Jul

include some of the more brutal CNN memes, but someone has done it for me.

Uh, don’t torque off the Internet, CNN…

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I thought it was

06 Jul

impossible for me to disdain CNN even more than I did.

I was wrong.

CNN is openly blackmailing this guy, saying that if he steps out of line they will “out” him. And they are doing this because they are almost unbelievably thin-skinned. Despicable.

Again we see the iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove with cute little smiley faces on it. THIS is the violent coercion of the Left.

I hope the victim files charges of blackmail, and sues CNN for HUGE civil damages. This guy has truly hit the financial jackpot. I bet it would be worth five million bucks to CNN to be out of the spotlight on this. I mean, this is blackmail pure and simple. There should be criminal charges, as well.


But Trump is killing them! In snarky social media fights, they are the young students and he is the grand master.

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Just awesome!

07 Feb

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