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I think

10 Apr

congressional (and other) Democrats run the very real risk of looking like pesky and irritating impediments to real hope. And that means that they are NOT a serious alternative. They are not putting forward an alternative rationale, but merely having a tantrum and viciously tossing mud into the gears.

No clearer example of that could happen than their opposition to Goresuch for the SCOTUS. He was obviously qualified, and even the Lefty ABA gave him their highest rating. He had no controversial decisions, either. Yet the Left had a hissy fit and advertised their intention to filibuster him (and as a result lost the possibility of filibustering the next one–one that really counts). So what they did was an irrational freak-out, probably in response to their irrational base. This is really all about money for the Democrats, after all!

But that brings us back to the original point: Is there any reason to see the Democrats as something other than gratuitous poo-flingers who offer nothing of substance? One of my favorite Haitian proverb translates (roughly) to: “You don’t need to turn and look at every yapping dog.”

Democrats and their media lackeys very much look like yapping dogs these days. Do we even need to turn and look at them?

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