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I can’t

12 Dec

get to the article, so I don’t know if you would be locked out, too. But the title tells you all you need to know. Except this:

Not only is licensing a job-killer, it is payola FOR professional groups. See, it artificially restricts commerce and thus jacks up prices. It also is payola for CE providers–that is BIG business! Oh, and it does absolutely NOTHING for public safety. It is nothing but a scam. Don’t be fooled…

This mangy dog needs to die, and soon. I, for one, am sick to death of it. It is like you stepped in dog crap and now can’t get it off your shoe–it just stinks wherever you go.


Vee haff vays

31 Jul

of making you get a license.

I’m telling you, state licensing laws are a bunch of crap and there is NO evidence to support them. There is a BIG payout to someone who sues the state licensing board. BIG.


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As I have said here many

25 Jul

times, Occupational Licensing is almost always a bunch of crap.

Even in medical areas it is not very effective. I mean, it’s relatively easy for even Quacks to get licenses. And hospitals have a very real interest in doing their own credentialing and not just blithely leaving it to the state. They can’t use licensing as a proxy for competence.

And there is NO EVIDENCE that licensing improves competency. None. Nada. And I have searched high and low for it and asked the licensing board for data–and got NOTHING.

They are just begging to be sued. And they will lose. This is a HUGE legal trap for them. Saying, “We have no data to support it but it sure sounds good” will NOT fly in a court of law. Show me the money! The problem is that in 20+ years of research and practice I have never seen a shred of evidence to support licensure. This is ONLY about pulling the ladder up after you…

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01 May

good sense overpowers stupidity.

As I have long said, licensing is almost always just a gambit to feather the nest of those who are already “in the club.

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