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Vee haff vays

31 Jul

of making you get a license.

I’m telling you, state licensing laws are a bunch of crap and there is NO evidence to support them. There is a BIG payout to someone who sues the state licensing board. BIG.


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As I have said here many

25 Jul

times, Occupational Licensing is almost always a bunch of crap.

Even in medical areas it is not very effective. I mean, it’s relatively easy for even Quacks to get licenses. And hospitals have a very real interest in doing their own credentialing and not just blithely leaving it to the state. They can’t use licensing as a proxy for competence.

And there is NO EVIDENCE that licensing improves competency. None. Nada. And I have searched high and low for it and asked the licensing board for data–and got NOTHING.

They are just begging to be sued. And they will lose. This is a HUGE legal trap for them. Saying, “We have no data to support it but it sure sounds good” will NOT fly in a court of law. Show me the money! The problem is that in 20+ years of research and practice I have never seen a shred of evidence to support licensure. This is ONLY about pulling the ladder up after you…

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01 May

good sense overpowers stupidity.

As I have long said, licensing is almost always just a gambit to feather the nest of those who are already “in the club.

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