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Look, let’s

24 Mar

see how this works out.

But at the very least it looks like Trump was indeed spied on. And I think this is a blockbuster. If Obama indeed did this, he should be in prison. He won’t be, but justice demands that he go. And there are some very famous reporters who note just how serious this is.

If he didn’t do it, no problem. But it certainly fits what we know about him. But there are times that a crooked person didn’t commit a crime, so we need to look at all the facts.

Quote: The intelligence is said to leave no doubt the Obama administration, in its closing days, was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.

This is starting to look like a really big deal. Yup. If the shoe were on the other foot, the NYT would be having a kitten about now. They would be so happy they would be in very real danger of wetting themselves.


It’s not like

23 Mar

many of us are willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt! Remember, Obama is the same guy send his lackey out to the press to repeatedly lie about Benghazi. So it’s not as if Obama is a reliable source.

But there is good evidence that Trump was right, regardless of all the Lefty carping. Yeah, Trump was right, and all the Lefty fools were wrong. Eat it, Lefties!


What a great

08 Mar


Trump should pursue this to the hilt. For his own sake, the sake of future political leaders, for the sake of the country, and for the sake of Democracy itself.

We certainly can’t trust the lamestream media to tell us the truth about this! And of course it is totally believable. Obama has done it before and it is by no means a stretch to think he did it in this case. Quite the opposite, actually.


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08 Mar

yeah. DUH!

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This is

06 Mar

dang ugly.

I have NO difficulty at all believing that Obama did this. He is a moral dirtbag.

But if true, it is despicable. It is totally criminal and should result in jail time.

Trump is far more likely to be the one telling the truth, here. And Obama is far more likely to be a criminal.

I’m quite certain Obama will get away with it, but he appears to deserve a stiff prison sentence. He is, in all likelihood, guilty as Hell. This is exactly the kind of thing he would do. His overweening and pathological narcissism would quickly lead him there. It’s just not hard to see this happening. And many of his people, when threatened with prosecution, will squeal like a stuck pig. They will suck up to the new boss and try to keep their fancy mansions (and stay out of jail).

Additionally,  this is exactly what makes it likely for conservative fence-sitters to fully come on board with Trump. Defending Trump against Obama in this case is very easy. So this kind of crap may end up making Trump even more popular and opposing him even more difficult.

If there is a good reason to think that the Obama actually did this (even if–maybe especially if–he is not prosecuted), it will be hard to criticize Trump for any perceived misdeeds or shortcomings. It will make it hard for Obama to effectively snipe at Trump from the sidelines, as he is planning on doing. It will also kill Obamacare and the Iran deal. And it is the end of all the Obama supporters in Congress. If true or even probably true, they are facing an electoral bloodbath in two years.


I think

06 Mar

that indeed Obama’s ploy backfired. Spectacularly.

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05 Mar

It’s all true.

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If you care one bit

04 Mar

about the country or rule of law, this is a VERY big deal. The biggest by far in three generations.

We are talking HUGE repercussions, here.


Not really

05 Feb

surprising.The Clinton Foundation was always an influence-peddling racket. Now that the Clintons no longer have power to sell, the Foundation is crumping. Gee, what a surprise. In the words of Gilbert Gottfried, I think I’m about to have a heart attack and die from that surprise.

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03 Feb

not a surprise. At all. This stinks to high heaven.

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