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Oh gee, what a surprise!

26 May

I think I’m going to have a heart attack and die from that surprise (Iago from Aladin).

We always knew that Obama was as crooked as the day is long, and that the MSM have long been his lackeys. But now there is incontrovertible proof of both things.

THIS is what Democrats are all about. Remember that in 2018, because the MSM toadies will try hard to hide that fact then. I sure wish we had an honest and trustworthy MSM! We don’t.



26 May

Obama illegally spied on you. Of course, he will never pay for his crimes.


I wouldn’t

19 May

doubt it. McMullin has always been a HUGE loser. Hee-yuge.

And, he’s so self-righteous that it is easy to see him doing something nefarious and then justifying it (at least to himself). His Quixotic Presidential run was a sick joke. Let me just say that I was not fooled. Yeah, he was obviously a very bad choice from the get-go. No thanks, I don’t pray that way…

Look, I voted for Romney (twice–I wrote in the first time) even though he is far less Conservative than I would like. So I have no problem either with casting a protest vote or backing someone I am pretty sure will lose. Heck, I thought Trump would lose, and I voted for him!

But some were fooled by McMullin (though not me). Then again, there are those with a long history of being fooled by various candidates. You would think they’d learn. More’s the pity.

Maybe he didn’t do it. But I would be far from shocked…

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17 May

don’t cross the DNC. It’s not good for your health. It really is unreal.

Maybe it’s not that great of a job, anyway. But that’s who the Democrats are.

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It is obviously true:

15 May

Comey took the fall for Hillary.

Like most sacrificial victims, he certainly didn’t intend to be the victim, but he ended up playing that role all the same.

That is what the Clintons do–they maneuver others to take the fall for them. And some do so voluntarily. Others are snookered into it. But I think Comey was an easy mark–he was quite predictable and had some good intents. But he was also easily swayed and at heart a Leftist. So those attributes made it easy for the Clintons to turn things against him. Understand that the Clintons never go out on a limb to support their minions. They just throw them under the bus and look for someone new. Obama has learned that well!

You watch, Huma Abedin is up soon. Hillary will be happy to chuck her under the bus in order to save herself. Hillary has priorities, after all! It has already partly happened–Huma already has a reputation as a hack. Her journey to the dark side is almost complete!

Hillary got Comey not to indict her (with Bill’s help , of course–they are two peas in a pod, which is why they are still married), and that resulted in him (Comey) being fired for incompetence. THAT is what Hillary does. It’s who she is. That leopard is not going to change her spots…

But it is quite clear both that Comey deserved to be fired and that there is NO Constitutional crisis.

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05 May

we’ll see.

But hubris has a way of leading to downfall. Obama has led a charmed life so far. But so have the Clintons, and THAT is coming to an end, finally.

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I’m sure

04 May

we all like that Comey admitted that he was investigating Hillary and thus cast a shadow on her campaign. But the truth is, he is no friend to justice.

Hillary’s crimes were blatant and egregious. She richly deserves to be in prison, along  with several of her co-conspirators. Comey did as little as possible to address her outlandish culpability. So pardon me if I don’t fall down extolling Comey’s choice to re-open the investigation. It truly was the least he could do…

And there is NO doubt that Hillary is and was culpable. None at all. Even total fools know that!

Democrats: “Our candidates have not yet been indicted for their crimes!” Well, not by a court of law, anyway. The court of public opinion is a totally different matter…

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I know Hillary

04 May

loves to pretend that Comey is the reason she lost the election, but it simply is not true. This is merely more efforts to fob off responsibility onto someone else. It is her narcissism talking. THIS is why, more than anything else, Hilary is not President today.

In the article:

...rather than smearing Comey, Clinton should be thanking him for not suggesting she be indicted.

Yes, she should have been indicted, and Comey was wrong to spare her. It is a total miscarriage of justice that she wasn’t put in jail. She is a criminal.

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03 May

it’s worse than you think.

Can you say, “Dodged a bullet?”

Only a great fool would vote for any Democrat right now.

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So the FBI

28 Apr

convened a grand jury for Hillary in 2016. Yet we are only hearing about it NOW.

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