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So are we

22 Sep

going to get a special prosecutor? It needs one.

Looks like someone (cough–Clapper–cough) needs some cell time.


This really

21 Sep

does stink. To high heaven.

This is banana republic stuff. Thanks, Obama. Thanks a ton…



19 Sep

pretty much.

Remember, there was a lot of mocking Trump when he complained about Obama “wiretapping” him and his organization. But I guess he was right, eh? Still, don’t expect admissions of fault or mea culpas. Say it with me, “Trump was right and the Lefty News Media was wrong.” There. That wasn’t so hard, was it? And it has the added merit of actually being true!

Apologies and self-reflection are just not in the Left’s nature (and the MSM is the Left). It’s not who they are. Don’t expect that leopard to change its spots…

But if YOU were snookered, shame on you! You should have known. Heaven knows this is not the first time the MSM has trotted out fake things and yet you bought this most recent crap hook, line, and sinker. You should have been more skeptical. Please, in the future, don’t be fooled again. There is just no excuse for it.

So what truly are the MSM? Unreliable shills. Face it, you simply can’t get the truth from those sources. Sorry, do the hard lifting yourself! They are NOT a good source of knowledge, not consistently, anyway. And if it is not consistent, by what measure do you decide that in THIS case they are telling the truth and in THAT case they are not?

That’s why historically, thinkers have postulated an unchanging and perfect world (like Plato and his world of forms) or a perfect principle or a perfect being (God). Anything short of that renders actual knowing impossible. That’s why Post-Modernism denies the very possibility of Truth or Fact or knowledge–all is mere opinion. Perhaps a bit of bad beef (to quote Charles Dickens). What may be true today is not necessarily true tomorrow. If there is a shadow of change, it cannot logically be Truth, and there’s no way to really know anything. As an old church hymn says,

  Change and decay in all around I see                                                                                                                       Oh, Thou who changest not, abide with me (written by William Henry Monk)

And also to the point in this case is this: Just because YOU believe it, why should I? What claim do YOU have on Truth? See, there has to be some “ground” upon which you are standing. So what are those grounds? What is your proof? Why do you believe what you do? And just why should I believe you over a dog-faced baboon?


I’ve told you

18 Sep

before, there is obviously blackmail and spying involved here. I’ve said that before. It’s, uh, elementary.


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Why are Democrats so corrupt?

15 Sep

Now I’m NOT say that all Democrats are corrupt, but we sure keep seeing corrupt elected Democrats! Almost ALL corrupt politicians are on the Left.

So why? Humans are humans, and are at times quite corrupt. So what is it that attracts corrupt people to the Democrat party?

I suspect that the main issue is that there is a “culture of corruption” among the Democrats. You are not likely to get caught (Democrats are famously selectively blind) and then if you ARE publicly shown to have misbehaved, there is not likely to be significant repercussions.

Republicans have a long history of hammering the crap out of any corrupt or morally wrong behavior by someone in their party, while Democrats tolerated Teddy “‘Chappa-hic!-whatever” Kennedy and “KKK” Byrd for decades! And they have gotten away with calling Republicans racist and abusers of women–and NAZIs were on the Right and who is Pol Pot, anyway? They call good evil and evil good…

They make an argument that sounds good. “We will make a society where everyone is “saved” and not a single person is disadvantaged. Therefore give us the power/glory!” And THAT is the philosophical basis of all Leftism. The argument fools even the very elect. It is a very old argument, but old because it is extremely effective.

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Hey, it’s just

11 Sep

a simple mistake, right? Right? Bueler? Byooooler?

Look, once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is enemy action. Well, we are way, waaaay past three times!

These guys are biased. DUH! Any freakin’ moron with room temperature IQ knows that. <shakes head>

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Look, if you

11 Sep

get your news mainly from mainstream sources, you are an ignorant rube. Ignorant, as in you really don’t know.

Why? Because the MSM lies and obfuscates. DUH!

Look, Menendez is corrupt. Dirty slimeball. But Democrats need his vote–they don’t care if he is a criminal and rots in jail, as long as he helps them get what they want first. Then he can go hang, for all they care.

Same with DWS. They really don’t care if she swings. The issue is only about what is good for them. If you think they stand behind their minions once is become inconvenient, you are sadly mistaken. They don’t support their own–it’s not in their nature. You gotta know who they are.

But you won’t hear a thing if you only have the MSM as a source. They are in the can for Leftists…

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We, you gotta

11 Sep

be a little bit, uh, flexible.

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Uh, you haven’t

08 Sep

heard the last about this. Not by a long shot.

And it may well ensure Donald Trump being elected a second time. It is that big. It won’t be hard to say, “Democrats are filthy, corrupt whiners with terrible judgment–don’t vote for them.” There will be many ads of Democrats video recorded defending DWS. Republican ads. At the very least one can say, “Yeah, but DWS was for this, and you know what she was like!” VERY fishy!

It’s a real bombshell.

I find it rather incredible that Hini Alvi came back to the US. Why? She was relatively safe where she was, and there are obvious criminal charges that could and will be filed against her here. So why did she come back?

Just an uneducated guess on my part, but I would guess that she had been promised immunity (or a light sentence) if she ratted out DWS. And her husband is doing the same thing.

Dems and particularly DWS are teetering on the edge of the abyss.

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06 Sep


No surprise that scaly Harry Reid was a key player. Yeah, he is pretty dirty. But this could be a HUGE deal for the Democrats. HEE-YOOOGE!

But this is a big deal for the Democrats. Not only do they lose a vote in the short-term, but there is a serious image issue, here.

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