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It is pretty dang clear that

21 Apr

Lerner is guilty. She is obviously a corrupt stooge. But this is really pretty dang important.

The IRS fought (and is still fighting) this so hard because the stakes are extremely high. They know for a fact that “sunlight” in this case will discredit them and/or put them in prison. It very much threatens Obama, their boyfriend. It also is an existential threat to the IRS itself.

So the IRS has stalled for four years. Think about that for a second–four years. The IRS is putting a TON of effort and energy into this for a good reason. They are fighting tooth-and-nail because this is a very real threat to them. They are guilty as Hell, and “sunlight” shows their perfidy.



17 Apr

increasingly likely.

Look, Obama was/is totally corrupt. He is more sly than Hillary, who is brazenly corrupt–she can’t hide it–but he is every bit as corrupt as she is. They are both wannabe dictators.

There was laughter and mocking on the Left when Trump tweeted that Obama had “tapped his wires.” But it was fundamentally true, even if inelegantly spoken. And for the Lamestream hack media, the focus was on the inelegance, not the truth that would sully their hero and boyfriend.

Obama is far worse than Nixon. But he sure gets a lot more leash from the MSM!

The hard truth is that you can’t depend on the MSM to give you the unvarnished facts. They lie and have a socio-political ax to grind. They just are not a reliable source, plain and simple. They might tell the truth by accident once in a while, but that doesn’t change the indisputable fact that they lie and deceive on matters of politics as a general rule.



17 Apr

and why not? Something to hide?

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17 Apr

bullet dodged.

I don’t know that we have ever had a politician as corrupt as Hillary Clinton.

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If it works

06 Apr

out that Rice really did these things and Obama was complicit, the Dems will suffer for a generation–or they will die and be replaced by another party. Obama may not have just sullied himself, he may have destroyed his party. I’m NOT saying the Leftism itself would be dead, but the the Democrat party might never recover.

Uh, stay tuned to this story! This is most certainly the biggest corruption deal we’ve had since Watergate, and it totally dwarfs that pathetic episode.

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This is a HUGE

05 Apr

issue. Let me just say again that Trump was right, and all the supercilious naysayers were wrong. Again. Susan Rice criminally leaked.  Eat it, Obama suck-ups, eat that poop!

But this is just horrible. It is disgusting. What Rice did has a penalty of 10 years in a federal prison. Who else was in on it? This makes Richard Nixon look like a piker. But Obama defends her like she was… his wife…

And don’t underestimate just how close Rice is to Obama. They now live in the same house. Think about that for just a moment. Would your spouse allow that? I know that if my wife wanted another adult man (close associate) to move in, I would be gone in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t you?

Rice is NOT in the house next door. She did NOT rent a condo in the area. She is NOT at a nearby hotel. She lives with Barack Obama and his formal wife. Mike Pence got flak for saying he would not go out to dinner alone with a woman who is not his wife. So what do you make of Barack Obama living with Susan Rice?

As Margaret Houlihan said on M*A*S*H when in line for roll call and Frank Burns’ name was called right after her’s, “Just friends, sir!”

I have not heard that Obama is a polygamist (not that there is anything WRONG with that…) but most of the time your wife (or sister-wife #1 in this case) does not want another woman to move in on a permanent basis unless they are indeed “sister-wives.”  Is this one of those rare exceptions to that rule? I dunno, but I usually would bet with the odds. And the strong odds are that this is a polygamous situation.

But back to the ranch… This is also a major media problem. They have been unmasked (no pun intended) as horrible Obama shills. They have not covered themselves in glory, they have covered themselves in caca.

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Ruh-Ro, Shaggy!

04 Apr

So now we know who authorized the Trump surveillance and the cover-up. It was Susan Rice. Obama’s closest consigliere. And I’m sure she acted totally on her own and Obama knew nothing of such shenanigans and crimes. Riiiiiight.

The truth is that the Obama cabal was a criminal organization.

And now Rand Paul wants her to testify before congress. If she lies (and it can be proved) she goes to jail for perjury. If she doesn’t, Obama himself may go to jail, or at the very least be totally discredited.



03 Apr

about Obama and his minions spying on him.

Oh well, yet another Lefty meme goes down the memory hole…

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I really hope

02 Apr

we have all learned from recent events (can you say, “Venezuela?”) that Leftism sucks. It is criminal and produces despotism and it causes misery among regular people. It is a sure recipe for corruption, graft, and economic pain for anyone but the privileged “nobility” such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez.

And this is NO accident. That is at the core of Leftism itself. It has been this way always and from time immemorial. Leftism promotes misery and crime, and it works to minimize moral agency. It produces a sort of Nobility that is exempt from regular human requirements. That is what it is. It is the foundation of Leftism. Any fool knows the gig, here. Leftism is not just a crappy system–it is not just ineffective, it is fundamentally immoral.

I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

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So now is it time

27 Mar

for Lefties and their sympathizers to eat crow? Hmmm, it seems that (again) Trump was right and his hysterical critics were wrong. Gee, why am I not surprised?

I would at least hope for an apology and a mea culpa. Good manners and normal human decency demands it. But of course that won’t happen…

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