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Now we’re

21 Nov

seeing scrutiny of John Conyers. It just never ends!

But have you asked yourself why these are all Democrats? Now I assume that at some point a Republican will be accused–this is a very “target rich” environment. But still…

But so far, only Democrats have been named. Why?

Here’s what I think is almost for sure the case: Republicans know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if the mainstream media get any wind of any such shenanigans that it will quickly be on the front page above the fold in the NY Times. So they have to a) not engage in such behavior, or b) make sure that it is exceedingly well covered up. They just can’t afford to be open about it.

Democrats, on the other hand, have far less to fear in terms of being exposed. The “tame” press won’t report their misdeeds! Far from it. Conyers, for example, has a legendary civil rights history, and he has long (correctly) assumed that his history alone would deflect any problems–the MSM would not touch a story that put him in a bad light; and with the House rules making it so hard for victims to even complain, he figured (again correctly) that he was safe.

So Republicans (who are certainly not morally superior) had to be very careful and more or less innocent. Democrats could afford to be far more reckless. So now that the noose has tightened a bit, the Democrats get ensnared while the Republicans are of necessity (relatively) innocent.

An important lesson? Opposition produces strength.


Color me

19 Nov

totally unsurprised.

It was always a corrupt pay-to-play scheme, and now that Hillary can’t guarantee  playing, there is no reason to keep paying. DUH!

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Guys, the

14 Nov

Trump/Russia crap does mean something, just not what you think. The MSM were suckered. And so were YOU. Me? Not so much…

But understand well that Hillary was not prosecuted ONLY because if that had done a real investigation it would have implicated Obama himself. Hillary is a master at getting others to “dirty their hands” and thus be unable to prosecute her because it would implicate them. That is her to a “T.”


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I think it is QUITE clear

14 Nov

that Mueller is Hell-bent on “getting” Trump by hook or by crook, while Hillary was given a pass on very obvious corruption.

See, this kind of crap damages the rule of law. The founders outlawed titles of nobility for a very good reason. It subverts the rule of law. And to see Mueller act this way both besmirches and trivializes the law. When one person get lenient treatment because the prosecutor likes them and another gets reamed because the prosecutor doesn’t like them, it makes the whole rule of law thing collapse.

Thus, we are seeing many people say that they don’t give a flying fig what Mueller says now. It is patently obvious that it is a miscarriage of justice. And if I were one of the accused, I would fight it to the Supreme Court.

I am for justice, and this is grossly unfair.

See, this is an attack on the rule of law itself. You have the double whammy of Hillary treated with kid gloves and DT hammered. I accept my speeding ticket in large part because I know everyone plays by the same rules. But if “Joe” can go 30 MPH above the speed limit with impunity and yet I get prosecuted for going 2 MPH over, the whole thing breaks down.

The Hillary thing was NOT just about her staying out of prison. It was about the rule of law. In was about fairness.

And MOST people recognize that she is a criminal. They may agree with her political stances, they may have voted for her (or some lame 3rd-party candidate, which is, in fact, aiding and abetting Hillary), but they recognize that she is a slimy git.

She, like her slimy git husband, is perfectly willing to destroy the Republic in order to get gain for herself and to avoid the law. But when there is one law for “nobility” and another one for “regular” people, the system just can’t survive.


It’s true.

13 Nov

I don’t get why Rosenstein was able to place Mueller–who was clearly conflicted out–into the position of Special Counsel. I just think that Rosenstein sabotaged Trump. Mueller is the “hatchet man,” but Rosenstein is the reason he is there. And Rosenstein should be fired.

If I were Paul Manafort and had a defense to argue, the first thing I would do is go after Robert Mueller. And it would be regular and repetitive. It would be both subtle and obvious. It would be a theme, and be repetitively hammered. It would be like Cato (the Elder, I think), who finished every speech in the Senate, no matter the topic, with, “Oh, and Carthage must be destroyed.” Every single charge would lead to a court fight. Every. Single. One. Then, if convicted I would play up the “martyr” angle and call myself a political prisoner, etc.

I would, each time in court, talk incessantly about Mueller’s conflicts. I would do it on talk shows and traditional media and YouTube and Twitter and Facebook. I would openly complain if given a “gag” order. I would talk about Mueller’s past policy positions. I would talk about who he has hired. I would talk about how all that shows the he can’t act in good faith and demonstrates clearly that he is all about venting his spleen rather than seeking justice, and that my own conviction was a fruit of that. I would show his cadaverous mug whenever I could. I would make Halloween masks of it. I would wear a Mueller mask on talk shows. I would not call him “Mueller” but “Evil Robert Mueller.” I would impugn his motivations over and over and over.

By the time I got done with him he wouldn’t be able to run for dog catcher.



11 Nov

the majority is not wrong, here.

The process was far from fair.

But let’s do a thought experiment: Let’s say that things had played out fairly and Bernie had won the nomination. Then, as is quite predictable, he gets crushed in the general. But then Socialist fever has broken, and the Democrats are forever after immune.

In that case, Socialism is totally discredited. The Democrats lost, but they move on, away from an old and tired 1960s style of thought. They are immune to this stupid and outdated school of thought.

But because of Hillary’s morally despicable actions, the Democrats have the worst of all possible worlds: They get rooked and run a crappy candidate in Hillary and then get beaten like a rented mule. Hey, they would have gotten beaten with Bernie, too, but now it is worse.

Trump then drastically changes the judiciary and very possibly (hopefully) the tax system. Neither of those things would be easily changed back. The judiciary is certainly unchangeable for at least a generation. Trump is not a real sympathetic character, but his policies have been very good. He has certainly changed the “comity above all else” tradition of the Senate.

There are two issues, here: Policies and personal likability. Reagan had them both. Trump only has good policies. Still, the stock market is WAY up. Businesses are hiring again. Foreign policy is waaaay better. There is light breaking in the east and the long night of the Democrat Orc is drawing to a close. Everyone (almost) is relieved. They are a bit shaky because they narrowly missed that oncoming semi truck and a fatal crash seemed inevitable, but now they are really relieved–they just need to pull over to the side of the road to catch their breath.

Then, Bernie tries to run again in 2020. He is both physically and philosophically old and tired. The Democrats will almost certainly lose yet again if he runs. So they are again discredited. SCOTUS is Conservative for at least a generation, and many people who are kids now grow up to choose Conservatism both as voters and as judges–it is far more “in the air.” This is, perhaps, the turning of the tide. Sure, there will be losses and disappointments. But there is certainly a whiff of change in the air.

Can Democrats really recover? The Republicans have been unreliable to the extent that they have been “squishy.” There is a housecleaning going on, and rightfully so. But we need to understand that it is not the Republicans who are at risk of going away–riding off into oblivion. It is the Democrats. The Democrats are NOT cleaning house, and that is a real problem for them. Unless they do, they are doomed.


Lesson #1 of Democrat party support:

11 Nov

Never tell the truth. Never, never, NEVER! You’d have thought Warren would have gotten that by now. Maybe she just momentarily forgot.

Leftism is based on dishonesty! First it fools you. Then once it sucks you in it “turns” you, morally. People are in varying stages in that journey.

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The truth is that

07 Nov

the Clintons infect everything they touch with moral rot. It’s what they do. It’s who they are. You’ve heard if the Midas Touch? Well, this is kind of like that but in reverse. The Democrats knew what they were when they picked them up (to quote an old tale). Yeah, they got bit. But they knew very well what they were doing.

And hopefully this even irreparably damages Chelsea. And it may well. They produce rot and misery in whatever they touch…

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06 Nov

like this could drive one to Arkancide. It’s kinda like suicide. Kinda. But not quite…

But there’s more! according to Brazile, as the DNC chair she could unilaterally decide who got the nomination and who didn’t. Gee, that’s a new thing to me. Right. That “odor of failure” didn’t just come from the Hillary machine, it also emanated from Brazile herself. Methinks she needs to check her own drawers…

But she is backpedalling like crazy now. Of course she is–she wants to live.

Pro tip for Donna: Don’t go walking alone in the woods and don’t accept free drinks from strangers. Let’s just say that she has now walked her stuff back, but it is still very likely that this is because she woke up in bed with a severed horse head in it.

Now you whine and carp about Twitchy, but given that the MSM is totally unreliable, I guess one has to look to other sources. I mean, what makes you think that Twitchy is any less trustworthy than the NY Times? NOTE: the allegation is never that the things are not true and accurate, it is only that it comes from a non-elite source. Well, if the MSM did their JOBS we wouldn’t even be here. <sigh>



04 Nov

Bernie got screwed. Hillary had taken over the party long before the actual delegates were awarded. The Democrat primaries were a sham.

Look, I think that Bernie would have been a terrible candidate and a horrible choice for the DNC. The Dems would have lost for sure. But still, he won the Democrat primaries fair and square. Hillary robbed him of the nomination, plain and simple. Yes, he would have been crushed in the general, but he beat the weak and unpleasant and stupid Hillary. Hillary was crushed in the general, anyway. And for that we are all grateful. We can still smell the powder from that round, but miracle of miracles it missed us. Against all odds and expectations, it missed us. God truly does look after drunkards, idiots, and the United States…

Look, it’s over for Hillary. Even if she lives to the next election (by no means a given) there is just no way she gets the nomination. Though it would be satisfying to see Trump crush her a second time…

Besides, the economy is booming with Trump. Leftism is totally discredited. Stick a fork in her, she’s done!

It’s a big story. But of course the lickspittle MSM suck-ups refuse to cover it. You buy the load of crap that the MSM is feeding you? You fool. You total and complete fool.