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23 Jul

Thanks again to Powerline’s “The Week in Picture.”


I think it is quite clear

23 Jul

that there has been gross over-reach by Mueller and his pack of baying hounds. This is not fair. Not at all. and it is offensive to me to have someone engage in blatantly unfair behavior. MY sensibilities are offended. He has NOTHING, and he should just say so. That he doesn’t is very concerning–and it speaks to Mueller’s honesty and competence. A competent investigator would have had this wrapped up last week. The fact that the investigation is still going on does NOT speak well of Mueller or his skills.

Maybe most people will get to where I am–I don’t give a crap what Mueller says now because it has become quite clear that he is NOT an honest broker. I would indeed pay heed to what an honest broker said, but this is just the rantings of an irrational Javert. Sorry, I no longer trust him. What he says may be true, but it may well be a HUGE pack of lies.

I really don’t mind (and approve of) an honest investigation. Let’s look into things and let the chips fall where they may. But going on a witch hunt/fishing trip is quite another thing altogether. And that is exactly what this is. Mueller has shown very clearly that he and his team are NOT about finding the truth, but about getting a scalp, by hook or by crook.

I don’t agree. I find that morally reprehensible. But things are in place–Mueller has hired a pack of dogs baying for Trump’s blood, and I’m not sure he could stop them now even if he wanted to (and there is no evidence that he does). Mueller should be fired. I know that such a thing may not be possible, but it should happen. There is NOTHING he could say/find that would be seen as an honest outcome, now.


Why would

18 Jul

you NOT jump at the chance to get Hillary’s deliberately destroyed emails?

There is little question that Hillary is dishonest (at best). There is no question that she deliberately destroyed her emails because they were incriminating to her. Normal people do not use “Bleachbit” to permanently delete his or her emails. So why did she? Yeah, the answer is patently obvious.

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Suicide. Riiiiiight.

18 Jul

When you go against the Clintons, you often get the urge to kill yourself.

Do read the comments. I personally know 1 person who committed suicide and none who were murdered. How about you? We are now seeing more than 30 for the Clintons. You think that’s a coincidence?

Quote: Eberwein was expected to testify against the Clinton Foundation in court and ends up committing suicide shortly before. 

Once is an accident. Two times is a coincidence. Three times is enemy action. What is 30 times?

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Just in case

08 Jul

you believe following the law protects you, welcome to reality.

I would advise all my kids and my wife to NEVER voluntarily submit to a police search of any kind–if they are asking for a search they do NOT have evidence. You think you are proving that you are indeed innocent, but you are just asking for trouble. The correct response is: “Get a warrant.”

“Can I look in your trunk?” Absolutely not. You may think that you have not and indeed NEVER have done anything wrong, but the answer is, “Get a warrant.” And you may be detained while they try, but it is the least bad option by miles.


Like Bartleby the Scrivener,

04 Jul

Terry McCauliffe would rather not.

Yes, it seems stupid. Yes, it seems unreasonable. But he would rather not.

McCauliffe needs the corruption in order for the Dems to even have a hope of staying in power. He certainly wouldn’t want a successor to go about turning over too many rocks…

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17 Jun

should be really careful.

I think that societally we are rather on a precipice. Let’s back away from it.

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Don’t kid yourself,

14 Jun

Mueller won’t be fair. Remember, personnel is policy. In Mueller’s personnel choices we see his policy.

By any stretch of fairness or even legality, Mueller should be gone.

See, even now, I (who am relatively establishment-oriented) don’t care one bit about any criticisms Comey has of Donald Trump. He is just not believable.

Honestly, is a Special Counsel even necessary now?


Yeah, did we

12 Jun

somehow NOT know that?

I mean, it’s shocking that there is now very solid evidence of the scurrilous deed. I think most moral people are aghast at this. In truth, it’s what we figured was actually going on. But it is still scandalous.

Why is there no special counsel on that kind of crap? Why do we have one on the Trump/Russia nonsense where there is not a shred of actual evidence and not one on the Lynch deal where there is almost incontrovertible evidence of crime?

It just makes no moral sense. Then again, this is the realm of the Left, and the Left is NOT moral…

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The morally execrable James Comey.

12 Jun

Comey is a criminal. The very fact that Comey leaked these documents to a friend with the understanding that they would be then given to the media is proof positive that a) Comey knew it was wrong and quite likely illegal and b) that he needed to leak it in a way that didn’t show his own “fingerprints.” He totally knew it was wrong and that’s why he took steps to hide it. Otherwise, he could have just written an op-ed himself! That he didn’t speaks volumes.

So we have both demonstrated Mens Rea and Actus Reus. This is a crime.

Yeah, there’s really no question whether there was criminal intent. There obviously was and that’s why Comey did it that way. DUH!

And to me there is another very interesting and rather obvious question—why did Comey give self-damning testimony to Congress? Did he want to go to prison? I think there are two reasons:

  • He is dumb. He was just not smart enough to keep his yapper closed. That is almost for sure related to his personal psychopathology–he was “dissed” and he just had to lash back. He couldn’t tolerate the narcissistic insult. He simply could not shut up. It is not in his psychological make up.
  • He is so “in the bubble” that all he could see is “resistance” and he could not see the obvious criminality. So it never even crossed his mind that this could be a real problem. He needs to get out of DC once in a while. That is also a form of psychopathology and is related (strongly) to his narcissism. He just could not entertain alternate explanations–he has never even heard them. He plays the role of Pauline Kael, here. HE was right! HE is the measure of all things! HIM! Everyone else is just furniture.

I think there is no question that Comey is an egregious showboat who leaked FBI information and who should be in prison.

I hope he soon will be. That is richly and obviously deserved.

But also, it would be a significant warning to other would-be leakers to have him go to prison. And that is in fact arguably the most important thing. If Comey were to get off scot-free, what message would it send to other leakers who fancy themselves to be part of “the resistance?”

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