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A great

20 Jan

move. I don’t mind paying a premium. But I mind being robbed and beaten!



19 Jan

GPS admits that it went public to salvage Hillary’s campaign. Wow. Read it carefully. And weep for the Republic. HILLARY has inflicted all this on us! Even those of us who are honest are damaged by her corruption. It’s a total bombshell.

And Democrats in Congress lied about it. Think about it–they lied to you. And they want you to vote for them in November. Wow. Talk about chutzpah! Now there is an out-of-control “Special Prosector” because of that (and he sure is “special“) .

Vote the Democrat filthy bums out of office! Be sure to go vote, and bring at least one friend. Don’t allow these bastards to win! Ho-lee crap! Get rid of them. NOW!

It would an absolute moral humiliation to be in any way associated with the Democrats these days! I really don’t mind disagreement, but this is rank dishonesty. It didn’t used to be this way, but it sure is now.



17 Jan

thieves gotta steal!

We really dodged a bullet when we elected Trump over Hillary. Really. She is as corrupt as they come. Voting for Trump was the only moral option. Voting for Hillary or some 3rd-party loser we frankly immoral. Well, I try to be moral, and I therefore voted for Trump.

Yet some total fools are still whining about Hillary losing. They wanted Hillary to be President, even though that is a terrible idea. <sigh>

Trump is President. He is doing a good job.

Now, you may not like him, and you may not like his manner, but it is very hard to argue (with any intellectual cogency) that he is not doing a good job. Just what has he done that you don’t like? Please be specific–I don’t need some amorphous blather.

You don’t like his style. OK, I got that. In the immortal words of the great philosopher Homer Simpson, just because I don’t care doesn’t mean that I don’t understand! But what has he actually done that you don’t like? I want substance, not style. [I’ll wait for your response]

It’s like the idiots squealing “Impeachment!” all the time. On what grounds? That is perhaps the best argument for getting out the Conservative vote in November.


Getting closer…

15 Jan

Wow. She should be in prison.

You wonder why Trump was a FAR more moral choice than Madame Colostomy? You wonder why it was immoral to vote for some 3rd-party loser and thus make Hillary’s election more likely?

Please, don’t be confused. Avoid muddle-headed thinking. This blog can help you if you need it. Most of you don’t need it. But some do. Hillary should worry a lot that Lambert will “flip” and inform on her.

The Trump/Russia thing is what we call in the Psychology business “Projection.” And it afflicts both Hillary and her mindless myrmidons.


The “Steele Dossier” is a very obvious

14 Jan

pack of lies. How do you know? Two things:

First, if it wasn’t, Democrats would be falling all over themselves to publish it. It’s not like they have been at all shy about criticizing Trump. If the Dossier furthered that goal, it would be public. Plain and simple. The only reason it is not in the public domain is that it damages Democrats and exonerates Trump. THAT is why we don’t have the details. The fact that you have never seen the Dossier should tell you loads. The only hope is that some Republican leaks it!

Second, there is a major congressional investigation into the matter now. It has now become clear that the Dossier was used as the basis for FISA warrants used to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign. The miscreants certainly don’t want this to come to light in an investigation. It was “dirty tricks.” It also may well torpedo other Mueller indictments–fruit of a poisoned tree and all that. In other words, if the basis for the warrant was corrupt, false, and untenable, can the results of the warrant be used in court?

It’s pretty dang obvious that this was just a smear campaign. Tell me again, just why  Mueller is there?

Here are some quotes, since I am not sure you can get through the stupid paywall…

Which you have to admit sounds a lot better than “Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Conjured Up an Opposition-Research Document That Was Fed to the Obama FBI, Which Then Used It to Spy on the Trump Campaign.” Even if that’s a more accurate headline…


The risk for anti-Trumpers—especially those doubling down on the dossier—is that the black-and-white documents will blow their latest narrative to oblivion. It isn’t as if there is much in the record to date to support it

Remember this when it comes time to vote in November. The nutty foaming-at-the-mouth Dems are bent in impeaching Trump and removing him from office. The more sane ones are silently supporting the kooky ones. But they really have the same agenda. Meanwhile, the Trump economy is going through the roof. Please, don’t stop this progress by voting for a Democrat! They may not be the kooky leader, but they are silently marching in the ranks. They are just hedging their bets and biding their time…


Uh-Oh government!

12 Jan

It looks like the tables have been flipped. They may well end up being the hare rather than the hound! No wonder many of us don’t give a crap what they say in terms of guilt. Fruit of a poisoned tree, and all that. They are NOT credible sources. <sheesh!>

That is totally in line with what we saw in the Bundy case. The common thread is a corrupt Javert-like prosecution that is completely willing to lie and break the law to “get” what they think are law-breakers. Are YOU OK with that? Let’s talk about YOUR morality, here!

And this corruption is a big deal. Bundy also shows it is widespread–it is a problem with the FBI culture. It certainly extends to former FBI head Robert Mueller. Obviously.

You know, justice doesn’t matter to them. The only important thing is getting conviction. Me, I am for justice.

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Well, I think

11 Jan

that “spousal immunity” is in fact the reason behind the withdrawn divorce.

Oh, and is Huma butt-ugly or what? She is really a very unattractive, horsey-faced woman.

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Just admit it:

10 Jan

You were wrong. YOU loved to besmirch Cliven Bundy’s character. You said he was just crazy, a nut, a total dishonest paranoiac. YOU said that this was a a HUGE crime and that he was a turd that fairly should be in jail. You did this with a knowing and self-satisfied smirk on your face, and you heaped aspersions on his head like they were hot coals.

But you were wrong. Wrong, wrong, WRONG! Now ‘fess up to it! You. Were. Wrong.

Now just why should anyone trust you? At long last, why should I trust you? Heck why on earth would you trust yourself? You. Were. Wrong. Now you eat your cold Brussel Sprouts! You. Were. Wrong. Now go, and fly right. We need your considerable talents. Go, and sin no more.

You thought you were oh-so-smart and well informed, but you weren’t. You were just wrong. The least you can do is own up to it. You were not shy about publicly saying that Bundy was just a criminal who was paranoid and that all his worries about “snipers” and such were just delusional. Well, he was right and YOU were wrong. Now justice demands that you admit this as publicly as you smeared him. Come on, make it right–get yourself right.

You can admit you were wrong and apologize as a comment to this post. Come clean. I’ll wait…

Now, given that you were demonstrably and categorically wrong on this, we should ALL wonder if you are also wrong on other things. Are you also wrong about ‘Net Neutrality? About Donald Trump? Tell me, just why should I believe YOU on anything? Are you more reliable than a dog-faced baboon? Huh? I mean, you have incontrovertibly shown that let to your own devices you have feet of clay. It’s time for you to fly right.

Get yourself right!


If this

10 Jan

doesn’t enrage you, it is almost certainly because you are OK with unfairness as long as you like the final outcome. Is injustice OK with you as long as you like the verdict? And if so, what does that say about … YOU?

Robespierre showed us that those who instigate terror may eventually face the guillotine themselves. If you find yourself siding with the Jacobins, don’t be shocked when they come after YOU. Uh, they are Jacobins! We frequently saw that in the old Soviet union. We are seeing some of that now with some of the one-time “snowflakes.” We saw that with Taylor Swift. You can bet that we will be seeing a lot more of it…

Be very careful what you seek!

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In case your are a TOTAL moron

10 Jan

and stuff your fingers in your ears and shout, “LA LA LA!” to avoid hearing anything you don’t like, here is  an example of your “fair” deep state.

Oh, wait! I am told by those with their fingers firmly jammed in their ears that there is no “deep state” at all!

How foolish.