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Well, surprise, surprise (hardly).

09 Jan

Abedin lied about the emails. Shocker.

So why isn’t she in jail with Felonia von Pantsuit?

Oh, I forgot for a split second. Because Comey and others are equally corrupt. DUH!

And yet you think Mueller is NOT corrupt? You fool.

Yeah, Huma is an affront to Afghan Hounds everywhere.

Huma Abadin


It is pretty dang clear

08 Jan

that there is no equal justice before the law.

Hillary has long been corrupt, and she deserves to be in prison. If there were any justice, Huma would join her there. It is sickening. And it is a direct threat to justice itself.


See, I think

07 Jan

Comey himself is in big legal trouble. He fabricated some cock-and-bull requirement out of thin air in order to exonerate Hillary, but I’m not sure who will do the same thing for HIM, now that he needs it. He leaked classified information, plain and simple. It was a crime.

Now, should he be charged with the crime of leaking classified information? OF COURSE! Will he? I don’t know, but he richly deserves it and I hope for justice.

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Huh. How about equal justice under the law?

06 Jan

Weaver, Koresh, and Bundy are NOT sympathetic characters—far from it. And yet the government framed them and outright lied about them committing crimes in order to try and convict them and put them in jail (or kill them outright).

Yes, for some, government disapproval meant death. All the more reason to be VERY worried. These guys were jerks, but were also fundamentally innocent. And yet YOUR government treated them totally unfairly. And killed some of them. No wonder Bundy responded with armed resistance–those who didn’t protect themselves were killed by the gov’t! Take a hard look at the pattern…

And what does that say about any investigation of Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton? The Las Vegas shooter? If the authorities are known to lie in order to absolve those they like and punish those they don’t, what then?

It raises real questions about whether there is equal protection under the law. Will I be charged if I have “unapproved” beliefs? And just who gets to decide what is “approved” and what is not? I mean, maybe I am “crazy” and believe strongly in the Easter Bunny AND the Tooth Fairy. Is that reason enough to kill me? Send me to a “re-education” camp? I’m just crazy, after all! And what if I believe in God and actually practice my religion? And what if I am Conservative and believe in the Laffer curve? Just where is the line?

The fact that these folks are so unsympathetic should make us MORE worried, not less. Because if they are not protected, just who is (besides Hillary, natch)? Do I need to be one of the “privileged class” in order to speak my mind with impunity?

The old USSR was famous for editing out folks whose views were no longer useful or sympathetic to the government. Is the “editing out” in the Lefty U.S. by bullet? Is it the gulag? Is this merely name-calling and character assassination, or does it go much, much deeper?

Don’t kid yourself, THIS is what Leftism is all about. Rise up and get rid of it! Remember this in 2018…

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A REALLY big deal.

05 Jan

I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but it is.

During the run-up to the elections the Trump crowds repeatedly and loudly chanted, “Lock her up!” for good reason. Hillary is as slimy and crooked as all get-out. Trump really hit the nail on the head when he kept calling her, “Crooked Hillary.” So if Trump moves forward on this, it could well be a HUGE game-changer. Everyone knows she deserves it. It is quite obvious that she is as crooked as a barrel of snakes.

People hate Hillary, and for good reason. Not only is she interpersonally revolting and a hateful shrew, but she is an obvious criminal. Her being prosecuted by the Trump administration will likely be to his benefit, though he has to be very careful that his own fingerprints are not prominent on the knife in her chest.

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Gee, now

04 Jan

that’s not much of a surprise, now is it?

Look, Hillary is as slimy as can be. She has always been that way. We really dodged a bullet to avoid the Hillary disaster. Voting for Hillary or some 3rd-party loser (same thing) was a horrible thing to do. Horrible.



01 Jan

one must have a heart of stone not to laugh.

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So here we have

30 Dec

at least 5 classified emails. More to come. Guaranteed.

And yet Comey said that no prosecutor would try  this can be because Hillary had no “intent” (which is not even a requirement for the law and was just made up of whole cloth by Comey in order to [weakly] justify not prosecuting Hillary). Wow! Wow, wow WOW! I am gobsmacked. Well and truly gobsmacked.

Why is Hillary not in prison? Is she like nobility and thus immune from prosecution? I thought the law was applied equally, that Justice is blind and all that! What the Heck is going on, here? And how do we enforce any law now?

This is just disgusting!

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It was clear

29 Dec

from the get-go that the Trump “Dossier” is and always has been a steaming mountain  of crap. The whole Mueller thing is a disgusting farce, and I really don’t care what he says. I think that most people think like that.

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Mother Jones

27 Dec

reveals some really chilling aspects about the Cliven Bundy case. I had long assumed that Bundy was just a jerk that broke the law and richly deserved to go to jail. Now, an argument can be made that he may indeed be a jerk (I don’t know him), but him going to jail is a far different matter. Now this whole thing looks like a gross injustice. Is he a criminal? Now I’m not really sure.

It seems quite clear that there was major judicial misconduct by the government. This was not a “mere technicality” kind of thing, but stuff that very well may have truly exonerated Bundy. I may have little sympathy for Bundy, but this just reeks of injustice. The government egregiously broke the rules. They lied and disregarded the rule of law in this case. And THAT is what is so worrisome.

Because if their behavior is OK with such a non-sympathetic character, just who is protected (apart from Hillary)? And are YOU protected?  Do you have to be “nobility” to be able to speak up with impunity? If the government lies and disregards the law in regard to YOU, what will you do?

And if there is no rule of law and justice apart from social standing, why obey the laws at all if I think I can probably get away with it?

We really need a Madison Fund. Let’s get it going!