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‘Net neutrality

24 Nov

is a horrible bastardization of the Internet. Horrible. People who should know better are snookered by this. Gov’t regulators are NOT your friends…

If the stupid ‘Net Neutrality regs had been in place in the late 90s, you would not have the Internet as we now know it today. Thank heaven the regulators kept their mitts off! We need to do the right. ‘Net Neutrality is far from right.

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‘Net Neutrality nonsense.

30 May

‘Net neutrality sounds good. And therefore it gains supporters of good will. And I think it is important to recognize that good will. Yes, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, but that doesn’t change the fact that the intentions are, in fact,  good (regardless of where the road ultimately leads). Net neutrality may well be a really bad idea in the final analysis, but most in favor of it have good and honorable intentions. Let’s acknowledge that truth.

But they are still dead wrong.

Government regulation of the Internet is a recipe for disaster. It is all about enforcing the partitioning of data. It’s all about regulating websites, and if the gov’t does not approve, the site is essentially shut down. All under the cloak of “fairness,” of course—that is the lipstick on the pig! But, of course, it is still a pig. Under all the disguise it is still a pig. Or a viper.

Under ‘Net Neutrality, decisions as to what succeeds and what fails are not based on people’s preference, but on gov’t favor. It is quite clear that the gov’t does not now and never has regulated fairness at all well. This kind of thing is exactly why we have lobbyists—it pays to get regulations that favor YOU and makes life difficult for those who compete with you. So you get lobbyists—hopefully former Congressmen. You capture them and say, “There, now go and get your former buddies to join in.”

In the immortal words of Pink Floyd, “It’s just a little pinprick. There’ll be no more AHHH, but you may feel a little sick.” But that sick feeling goes away quickly. If only the Federal Gov’t were not so involved in our lives, the stakes would be far smaller! But that is a post for another day.

If people actually wanted Net Neutrality, do you think there would not be ISPs that would provide it? Of course there would. The fact that there aren’t such services “in the wild”  tells you everything. Virtually no one wants this, and the market tells the tale. Trust me, if there were a market it would already be there. The only reason for gov’t to step in is because there is NOT a market. Hence the regulations. The only reason for regulation is to force people to do things they would not otherwise do. For example, there is no regulation that you eat cookies and ice cream or that you put gas in the car when it is running toward empty. Yeah, you do that stuff on your own.

But still, the gov’t impulse is to FORCE things through regulation notwithstanding the incontrovertible fact that people don’t want them. This is an issue of force versus free choice. Not surprisingly, the Left squats squarely on the side of force in an effort to tip the scales (it is in their DNA, it is who they ARE).

And as  I see it this gov’t force is the big issue. Probably the main one, in reality. It is indeed a MORAL issue. In other words, one has to lobby the gov’t to get the status that will allow financial gain. Gov’t wants to sell influence, so ‘Net Neutrality is the perfect vehicle—it sounds good on the surface so it can gain popularity and at the same time it increases gov’t power. No wonder gov’t loves it! To quote Patrick in Spongebob, “It’s the perfect crime!”

The Internet has been very successful up to now. Now that the gov’t has seen the goose it wants to decide who “deserves” the golden eggs. They want to be the “King-maker” who decides who wins and who loses, which businesses live and which die. They want to dole the goodies out. Of course, there is that pesky little matter of a price…

So why would they want regulation so badly? Because it increases their power (and thus personal money/gain) and importance. It all comes back to money and power. At heart, THOSE are the driving forces behind ‘Net Neutrality, as well. You can put lipstick on that pig, but I am not fooled. I know what it really is. And no amount of make-up can hide that.

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