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29 May

leak, leak, leak. But to what end?

The Lefty MSM has been very short-sighted. In the first few months of the Trump administration they have caterwauled loudly over and over and over. They have whined incessantly. They have cried, “Wolf!” repeatedly and reflexively. But there has never been a wolf. Now when they freak out about something most of us just roll our eyes and say, <sigh> “There they go again.”

It’s all sound a fury, meaning nothing.

So there now is a big media brouhaha about Jared Kushner talking to Russia, and I just don’t care. Is it just another false freakout? I dunno, but I have a mortgage to pay, so see ya! Almost no one actually cares. Most people just say, “Yet another Trump/Russia dust-up. <sigh> Well, it must be Monday again.” One can only falsely hit DEFCON 1 so many times until you say, “It’s just someone screwing with the alarm system; don’t run to the meet-up place–just ignore it Here are some of those squishy earplugs.”

See, the MSM and the Democrat Party (though I repeat myself) have freaked out about nothing so many times already that there’s no longer any reason to assume that the next thing will be a real crisis. Just shut up and leave me alone! I’m busy, here…

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