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You rely in CNN for accurate news.

10 Dec

That is an extraordinarily foolish thing to do. Don’t be a fool! CNN is FAR from being a trustworthy source. This is not mere partisan disagreement, it is FACT. I think the evidence is quite clear.

Like any thinking, non-hack human being, I have some questions.


So, you believe

09 Dec

what you hear on CNN? You moron. You complete and total fool. WAKE UP! It’s high time that you wizened up a bit (or a lot)…

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Gee, I wonder if

31 Jul

this will get much mainstream media attention.

No, just kidding! I don’t wonder. It won’t be the top story for months and lead the nightly news, like it would be if Trump (or any Republican)  were the actor in question. Since it is a prominent Democrat from a swing state, it will be barely a blip on the MSM radar if it is even mentioned at all. DUH!

I just wish we had a watchdog media, not a yapping lapdog media. There are (at least) two ways they promulgate “fake news: The first is they make an outright false claim. But the second is just that they fail to talk about events that are hurtful to their position. Both are forms of dishonesty and deception. There is just NO reason to believe the yammerings of the MSM. A lie is an effort to deceive, even a tacit one. No one has ever given me a reason to trust the MSM–it has always been assumed as a “given” but never actually argued. So tell me, just why should I believe them? And try to avoid the logical fallacy of “appeal to authority.” I’m not buying.

Oh, I found a photo of the MSM and their response to Trump:

They.. have… crazy eyes!

So just why did the gov’t allow his wife and kids to leave the country? It’s almost like there was collusion somewhere!

But the Democrats will tell us to move along and that there is nothing to see here. Nice. There is no voter fraud. Democrats care about the poor and minorities and Republicans don’t. There aren’t the ‘droids you are looking for…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a bellyful of Lefty hypocrisy. I’ve had enough. I am not susceptible to this “Old Jedi Mind Trick.” No wonder Trump won.


I think

24 Jul

many of us have had enough.

Now let me ask you, have you EVER seen Conservatives protest? I sure haven’t. The only thing approaching it was the Tea Party stuff (which I think was a precursor). Usually they are busy at their jobs.

So it really seems to me like times are changing. We are seeing things now that we have never seen before. Conservatives are going the “Punch back twice as hard” route. They are even saying that. There is a palpable anger, now. That is a new thing. I worry that the sleeping giant is stirring, that the bulldog is almost to the stage of severe action. That would not be good.

Leftists won’t like it if Conservatives start to protest. Lefties have been the only ones protesting for two generations. Conservatives have been very slow to action. But you won’t like them when they’re angry…

So Lefties, be careful! The dog’s “leash” may not be as short or as secure as you think.


I thought it was

06 Jul

impossible for me to disdain CNN even more than I did.

I was wrong.

CNN is openly blackmailing this guy, saying that if he steps out of line they will “out” him. And they are doing this because they are almost unbelievably thin-skinned. Despicable.

Again we see the iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove with cute little smiley faces on it. THIS is the violent coercion of the Left.

I hope the victim files charges of blackmail, and sues CNN for HUGE civil damages. This guy has truly hit the financial jackpot. I bet it would be worth five million bucks to CNN to be out of the spotlight on this. I mean, this is blackmail pure and simple. There should be criminal charges, as well.


But Trump is killing them! In snarky social media fights, they are the young students and he is the grand master.

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Do I need

17 Jun

to mention that this is just more fake news?

I think that the search for Truth is both noble and good. But here’s a pro tip: Don’t look to the MSM for Truth.

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Freakin’ LOSERS!

05 Jun

CNN, in yet another fit of fake news, choreographs London Muslims protesting ISIS. Yeah, “chorea” as in involuntary movements or seizures. It’s just a dance. A modern St. Vitus’ Dance or Salem witch trials, borne of hysteria and self-interest. It’s not actually true.

They have to fake it because there are not real Muslim protests. It is just more “fake news.” And THAT is a real pity! Muslims need to step up, here.

I honestly don’t know why any thinking person with an IQ above room temperature would believe ANYTHING CNN says without independent corroboration. They might tell the truth at times, but it is purely by accident. That, or it’s irrelevant.

Only a great fool buys what the MSM is selling without independent corroboration. They are often full of crap, and you never know when they happen to be telling the truth and when they are blowing smoke. So we have THE post-modern dilemma, and that is only solved by access to a Truth-Teller.

But then that has other logical implications, ones we may be less comfortable with…

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