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It seems that Conservatives

21 Jul

are getting willing to turn themselves into Leftists (in a sense) and hammer the crap out of Lefty organizations.

But this has to be a nightmare for CNN from a business point of view. They have already suffered real damage to their reputation because of their Lefty boot-licking. But now they are facing a real public relations debacle. If they don’t handle it just right, they are hosed.

They are first and foremost a business. This is NOT good press for them. The more they stand up for what they believe, the worse the PR is.

And the issue is that Conservatives have, up to this point, been unwilling to ruthlessly hammer the opposition. But it seems they are starting to take a page out of the Left’s book.

There is a good deal of anger on the Right about how the Left has treated them. The Left needs to be careful because I think Conservatives have had just about enough. The “tender timer” has popped out of the bird, so to speak.

First Trump. Now Kid Rock. This ain’t the 1970s anymore! You can feel the anger. There is a real change going on, here. The boulder is rolling down the mountain, and it is gaining speed. It is easy to stop it in the beginning, but not once it gets a head of steam on! Let’s stop it now.

Bulldogs are famously stable. It’s hard to get them riled up. You can pull their ears and their legs and they will just roll over and go back to sleep. It takes a TON to get them activated. But they were bred to take down raging bulls by clamping down on the nose of a charging bull and NEVER letting go–their determination was legendary. This was a 40-lb dog that would take down a dangerous and threatening bull that weighs well over a ton. Once they are really riled up they are a fearsome foe. They are slow to anger, but terrifying once they get there. Conservatives are bulldogs.

Lefties, be careful, because your tactics can be used against YOU, too. You think that because Conservatives have been passive in the past, they always will. But be wise, Leftists. You don’t want to see this bulldog riled up. The Right is patient and long-suffering. But you won’t like the Right when it’s angry…

Democrats delenda est.


I’ve been warning you

07 Jun

about the MAJOR backlash of Conservatives toward liberals, and we see it again here. Anger. I see anger, here. Loads of anger. That’s not good.

Lefties, stop NOW. You won’t like the Right when it’s angry… You are poking a sleeping, patient, and congenial tiger–but a tiger, just the same. Please stop before someone gets hurt. The Right has guns, weapons, hand-to-hand knowledge, and tactical ability. They are manly men who literally move mountains. This is NOT a foe you want to endlessly provoke! Understand that YOU are beta males. A man’s gotta know his limitations. You will, in the other immortal words of Clint Eastwood, not be feeling lucky. Right-leaning men are a fearsome foe, one you don’t want to have. Please, for your own good and for the good of the country, stand down.

Conservatives are tough as nails. Theirs is the ethic of the Viking, encouraged by their wives who said in bygone years, “I want you home. But come home bearing your shield–or come home on your shield.”

You’ve entertained us quite enough, Lefties, now sit down before you hurt yourselves. You may play dress-up as a lumberjack (in your weird metrosexual sort of way), but you are all beard and no ax. It’s all for show, and is fundamentally empty. Donald Trump shows just how sick of these antics regular folk are, and London shows us just how high the stakes are. Don’t. Push. It.

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