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Tell me again

09 Nov

how gentle and loving Leftists are. At least he didn’t shoot him in the head, like Che Guevara did…

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So, since

17 Sep

there is no 1st Amendment protection, isn’t this just plain thuggery?

Let me answer that: Yeah, pretty much.

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Trust me,

12 Sep

I would protect myself and my family, even unto bloodshed. I just don’t believe there is any reason to subject myself to their barbarous cruelty. I am certainly not looking for a fight (quite the opposite), but if I really have to I can put a bullet between your eyes! And I won’t blink an eye over it.

Antifa thugs get normal people riled up at their peril… Hey, don’t tread on me!

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Just a typical

11 Sep

Lefty “non-violent” protest, eh?

I’m not violent. Therefore I am not on the Left.

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Let’s be honest.

29 Aug

The Left is congenitally violent. It is who they are, and who they have been from time immemorial. This is NOT a new conflict. In fact, it is the original one. If you are on the Left, you are getting totally snookered. Open your eyes, for Pete’s sake!

Yeah, Leftism fools the rubes. It talks about caring for the poor and being kind and all that, but it is all a big lie. At heart it is all about force and violence and lack of moral agency. And it fools those with the very best of intentions. In fact, it preys on good intentions. How sad!

Don’t be immoral. Don’t be a Leftist. It’s time to wake up. You think you are being moral, but you’re not. You have been “flipped” in a sort of moral Jiu-Jitsu.

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The Left is getting

21 Jun

more and more violent.

When will it all stop?


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20 Jun

quite a surprise. If you are totally ignorant, anyway. Here’s a quote: Contrary to mainstream media expectations, the violence and threats come almost entirely from the political Left, not the Right.

Folks, you need to understand that Leftism is at heart violent. This is not an aberration. It is a manifestation of the foundational principles of Leftism. WAKE UP!

Please understand that Leftism is at heart violent and immoral. Sure, it is wrapped in happy talk and unicorns and fairies, but that is just the sales job, a façade. It really is Dolores Umbridge with cute little kitties, soft pink outfits,  and a bloody,  scarred hand along with a horrible death by Dementors. This veneer is what gets otherwise moral people to join in. Again, it is a moral Jiu-Jitsu. Those who do not think deeply are snookered.

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If you are just starting

20 Jun

to worry about it now, you are pathetically behind the times and you need to get with the program! I’ve been saying this for some time.

Folks, be honest. Violence is almost always from the Left. It is just who they are.

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I’ve been warning you!

19 Jun

Now IowaHawk is starting to talk about a “coupon war.” Stop. Stop it now. Lefties, quit provoking! Righties, as justified as it may seem, don’t retaliate. I know it’s hard, and retaliation seems only fair, but don’t.

I’m not just mindlessly saying that the sides are morally equivalent. No, it is quite clear that the tantrum Left has become even more violent while the Right is just on the cusp of mimicking their tactics in justified retaliation–they are just defending themselves. But no one wants this (at least no normal person). They are starting to take Alinsky’s principle and demand that Lefties be held to the standards that they want others to be judged by.

And in a physical conflict, the Left will certainly come out the loser. But for Heaven’s sake, let’s not get that far!