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19 Jan

are fooling themselves.

Tax reform is not amazingly popular, huh?


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Let’s not forget,

27 Dec

Manchin and other so-called Democrat “Moderates” voted against tax relief and for taking more of your money. Let’s remember that when Manchin comes up for re-election in 2018. Remember it well… I know that such people want to pretend that they are for the people, but they are NOT. Manchin is exhibit A. Vote ’em all out! Get rid of them! And Manchin is NOT honest, nor does he represent his constituents. He pretends that he is Conservative, but he is not. Send him packing, WV!

YOU need to be motivated regardless of where you live. The Democrats are counting on you being just too discouraged and not voting in 2018 (that, of course, goes for the whole county, not just West Virginia). They are banking on it. THAT is how they can win. And if they do, the first thing they will do is impeach Trump and put a stop to all the progress we have made. Don’t let the forces of evil roll back the decision we made in 2016! And yes, evil. Now is the time for ALL good people to come to the aid of their country!

There will be MSM story after MSM story (the Lefties’s partners in crime) aimed at getting you discouraged, to stay home. Don’t believe them. Just as they were totally wrong about Trump, they can be totally wrong about other races. So lie to the pollers–say you are voting for Manchin or whatever Democrat Doofus™  is in the race, but then don’t.

That way on election night you can laugh as you see the big ol’ nicotine tears slide down the faces of the talking heads, and at the same time get Manchin and other poseurs out of there! It’s high time for the people of West Virginia and the nation to stop being duped by big phonies.

Manchin needs to go in 2018. Get rid of him, WV! I think it’s time to stop being fooled…

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Gee, why

26 Dec

am I not surprised?

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I think

25 Dec

this is incontrovertibly true:

The Democrats hate the Trump tax cuts not because they believe they won’t work, but because they’re afraid they will — that they’ll create so many jobs, add so much productivity and make the whole country so much richer that government receipts go up despite the lower tax rates. As that happens, the poor will become richer, but so will the rich. And to the Democrats of today, it isn’t “fair” for the poor to be better off unless the rich are brought down.

But I think there is another issue, in addition (and maybe the primary one): If tax cuts really help, Democrats are totally discredited. They are well and truly hosed. Their boyfriend Obama would be categorically shown to be a MAJOR loser who chose the misery of us regular people over seeing his outdated and shabby political philosophy publicly discredited. They can’t afford to have Trump succeed. Better (for them) for us to be miserable than to have Leftism discredited.

That’s why it is so imperative for Leftists to scuttle Trump’s fiscal policies–those policies, if fully implemented–would absolutely crush Leftism. So not only do they oppose all tax cuts and anything that might improve the lot of normal people just on general principle, not only do they attack Trump, but they facilitate Mueller and actively try to have Mueller get rid of him.

They just can’t afford to have Trump succeed. THAT would utterly discredit them.

And THAT is what you need to remember when you go to vote next fall. Democrats are NOT patriots, they do NOT want what is best for the country. Vote accordingly. Let’s get rid of these wrong-headed, rigid ideologues! They will masquerade as “reasonable,” but don’t be fooled again!



23 Dec

this is good.

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The tax bill

23 Dec

is a good move. I know the spittle-lipped Left is whining about this only being an increase of $20 a week, but, uh, I would certainly like $20 a week!

But this is a very good deal for Americans. The sleeping giant is finally stirring…

Now that Obama is no longer there to screw things up and the existential threat of Felonia von Pantsuit has been averted, the economy can perk up again.

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22 Dec

Just sweet!

Let’s hear the Democrat campaign ads: “I didn’t want to give you tax breaks and make it easier for you to feed your family! ‘Cuz your votes give me a thrill, but your votes don’t pay the welfare bills–I want money!” Yeah THAT’s going to play well…

If played right by Republicans, this totally hoses Democrats for 2018! If I were a congressman, I would take a page out of Cato The Elder’s book and end every public utterance with, “Oh, and Democrats voted to have you keep even less of your money.”

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It really

21 Dec

is a great day. It’s the first full day of the Trump tax reform Rejoice!

I would HATE to be a Democrat and have to try and defend my stance in gouging regular people for even more filthy lucre. If Republicans are smart, they will make Democrats eat it! They will rub the Democrats’ nose in this stinky “bomb” that they set for us regular people! Democrats really deserve it!

Eat it, Democrats! Eat the crap sandwich that YOU made with the intent to make the rest of us eat. You suck! This is rebounding on YOU! And you soooooo richly deserve it…

You don’t give a dang about us regular people. You have shown your true colors here, Democrats. EAT IT!

Just know–Democrats want you to pay more, even if you are already groaning under the load they have thrown upon you!

Of course, all these Democrats are totally free to write a check to the U.S. Treasury if they feel they are not being taxed enough. But they won’t, because they are raging hypocrites.


So because

21 Dec

of tax reform, there are a lot of people who will benefit. And don’t be confused, merchants will get most of that money as people buy things with their bonuses. It’s good for everyone.

Good times seem to be coming back because of Trump. Remember that in the voting booth in 2o18. Let’s not stop this train and vote for weasely Democrats or spineless (and closet Lefty) RINOs.

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Just so you know,

20 Dec

the tax cut really helps normal people.

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