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THIS is perhaps the best

05 Aug

reason to vote for Trump. Unfortunately, he won’t win, and you can thank the stupid Trumpkins for that! <shakes head> He was the worst possible GOP candidate, and yet the stupid Trumpkins insisted on cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

Yes, I hope Trump wins. I also hope that I will get a growth spurt at age 50. Those two things are about equally likely to happen. Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while… Get ready to hear the Hillary cackle for at least the next 4 years. And get ready to have SCOTUS take away your civil rights. Hey, YOU voted for this! Idiots!

The Trumpaphiles are like a dog that finally catches a car.


Here’s what I don’t get…

16 May

The democrats whine and wig when someone pays a little in taxes as possible, but isn’t that the point? I mean, why would someone pay more than you have to?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about tax evasion. I’m talking about legal means of minimize taxes. Yet the Lefties whine when a Republican does… (wait for it!)… the same thing they do. Nice. Hypocrisy much?

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I never really

03 May

understood why Silicon Valley types would like Democrats. It really makes no sense. Unless you understand three things:

  1. They are totally and shamelessly predisposed to the Left in the first place, and
  2. The gov’t pays their cronies very well. It just pays to be a gov’t lackey. It’s good business, and
  3. Those who head up the business are insulated from the gov’t. Yes, they take half the salary in taxes and fees, but your gross is $10 million a year. You can scrape by on five. It’s a relatively small price for you to pay to assuage your guilt. It’s actually quite painless for you! And it makes you feel so, well, noble (which is really all that counts, anyway). Who said that there is no Nobility is the U.S.? You can pay your modern-day indulgence and then be on your merry way! After all, the guy at the Maserati dealership can’t stand around waiting for you forever, duh. But you gottta admit he wears great suits, and your model from last year is so 2015… Your partner will be SO excited. It will be the best birthday ever!

Given these things, it’s no surprise that we see what we do.


This is

02 May

totally reprehensible.


It is a moral travesty. Freakin’ thieves!

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The Lefty war on cash.

30 Apr

So the Obama administration wants to do away with the $100 bill. They would dearly love to do away with cash altogether, and they certainly would if they could. They say it is to hurt drug dealers. That does indeed sound noble–drug dealers are not exactly a sympathetic group. But this explanation is a total lie. The Obama lackeys are simply trying to make it very inconvenient for anyone to use cash. Why?

Simple. Cash is anonymous. Cash is virtually untraceable. And that means it is un-taxable. And Lefties just hate that. And if you need a briefcase full of $20s instead of a pocket roll of $100s, so much the better for the Lefties. THAT is far less convenient and therefore it will be far less common. Maybe they can’t totally get rid of cash, but they can make using it as onerous as possible.

Let’s say you are an independent handyman. This is your own small business. A little old widow pays you $200 to come do some repairs at her house. Instead of giving you 10 $20 bills, she gives you two $100s. MUCH easier and more convenient.

See, if she had paid with a check you would have deposited it in your bank and the gov’t could easily trace it. Banks are required to report to the gov’t. And the gov’t takes about half when Federal, State, Sales, Property, and other taxes are included.

But she paid you in cash, so there is no reporting unless you deposit it. So you take that $200 and go buy a pair of jeans, go to the movie, and take your spouse out to dinner. Maybe you pay down the balance to the Orthodontist that your kid goes to. In any case, that money is never taxed for you, at least on the Federal and state level (you can’t get around sales tax without going “under the table”). The gov’t does not get as much of a bite out of it. You get nearly 100% of what you earned. (N.B. that’s why the gov’t also hates bartering)

Now giving you two $100 bills is convenient. Giving you 10 $20 bills is really not. Hence the Obama push to get rid of the $100 bill. It really has nothing to do with drug deals. But it sounds good and fools the rubes. But don’t YOU be fooled. The whole “drug dealer” thing is a Trojan Horse.

Understand that the war on cash is a war on you. It is merely a ploy for increased gov’t power. This maneuver has a long tradition. FDR made it illegal to own gold! Just let that sink in for a moment. Illegal. He did that because gold is fundamentally liquid–it is untraceable. THAT is the real reason for the war on cash. It is not about drug dealers at all. It is about gov’t taking your money, plain and simple.


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The bottom line

25 Apr

is that the current tax system is a mess. But there are things that would help.

Unfortunately, tax-loving and brutal despot Hillary Clinton will be elected because of the tax-loving and corrupt buffoon (and nascent despot) Trump. AND Trump will make it so the Rs lose the Senate and perhaps even the House. He is a one-man wrecking crew. Therefore, no change in the tax code for you! But of course we are all groaning under the load…

Remember, the original American Revolution started over confiscatory and unfair taxes. Now I sure hope something like that doesn’t happen to us again (please don’t let that happen in MY days), but one should be VERY careful when playing with fire.

But Trump himself doesn’t care about this kind of stuff one bit. His is not a mind that takes naturally to logic or consistency. And he would never risk himself, anyway;  he has no deeply-held beliefs to sacrifice for. He deals only in mindless and splenetic outbursts. He is insulated by wealth. He has burly hired men with guns that constantly see to his safety–it’s what they are paid to do. It is now and always has been all about him. If you believe his populist schtick you are a bloomin’ fool! He embodies splenetic incontinence, unimpeded by the thought process. Maybe I am the one who is a fool for thinking that there was no way that people would fall for that crap. Even the very learned and wise are fooled at times.

See, when you talk with Trumpkins it always comes back to a very unflattering anger. It always comes back to them feeling taken advantage of. It always comes down to  an irrational lust for revenge. And let’s not be confused, THAT is what is fueling the Trump rise. THAT is the currency Trump deals in. It is NOT wisdom. It is NOT reason. It is pure spleen. and that is not at all praiseworthy.

It’s really too bad. Things were very much starting to look promising before Trump and the Trumpkins pooped in the soup. They have foolishly chosen to vent their spleen rather than to logically act. And now we ALL get to share in their stupidity and ruin. <sigh> I, for one, welcome my Trump-enabled Hillary overlord…

For me it’s a combination of intense sadness and angry disbelief. Let’s be clear: you might see a brief economic uptick because Obama is leaving, but it is certainly NOT because his economic policies ever made sense–people are just glad he’s going, hope springs eternal, and there is a TON of pent-up demand.

Kiss SCOTUS goodbye, folks! Hope you just LOVE illegal immigration, a crappy economy, abortion, and confiscatory taxes. Because that’s what you’re going to get! YOU may well deserve it. But I sure as Heck don’t. Good job, Trumpkins! Good job. You got pwned. <shakes head sadly> But don’t lie and say that you were not warned. You were.

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Are taxes

18 Apr

unfair? Oh, yeah. Totally.

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A flat tax would be

18 Apr

awesome! And I really don’t think there is any question that the IRS would save a HUGE amount of money. So would the poor taxpayers. The current system is just broken–it don’t work!

What are the arguments against the flat tax? Why do we not have it already? Only one reason–payola. The current tax code is TOTALLY unmanageable. I have a Ph.D. and a Harvard post-doc and was a university professor and I can’t negotiate it. I have to pay an accountant. Even the accountant gets it “wrong” (who can know if it’s really wrong?) pretty often. That alone should speak volumes and tell you all you need to know. I mean, there was a study (money magazine) of something like 70 accountants given a tax return to fill out and they all produced different answers. And they were all deemed wrong. But that begs the question–what was “right” and how does one know?

We have the current hopelessly complex system we do ONLY for payola purposes, plain and simple. And then you add the dark magic of withholding so the plebes don’t squeal so much. If most people had to pay taxes like businesses do, we would have a very different tax system. People would tell “welfare queens” to shut up and get to work. People wouldn’t tolerate slackers. That’s why there is withholding in the first place! This is just Lefty theft.

But understand that it wasn’t always this way:


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Taxes are onerous.

15 Apr

I’ve never heard anyone say that there should be no income tax at all (though in truth such taxes are less than 100 years old). But if everyone had to pay like business owners do (no evil withholding), there would be absolute revolt. There would be no more “welfare queens” or people who suck off the system.

I don’t think anyone opposes aid and welfare for those truly in need. I don’t think anyone begrudges paying for the common defense. No one is angry that we are paying for roads or bridges or courts. The evil Scrooge McDuck stereotype of the Left is pure fantasy. It is name-calling. Such people simply don’t exist. It is as true as saying the National Socialists (NAZIs) were Conservative. It is a bald-faced lie meant only to fool the rubes.

But Obama’s socialist utopia would be a non-starter. Read the rest of this entry »


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Given that it’s almost tax day, let me

11 Apr

ask a question. “Why should person A pay a higher percentage in income tax than person B? How is that fair?” Would it be OK if person A paid more because of his ancestry? No? Then what? “Fairness” argues strongly for a flat tax. Right now, a person who earns over $100,ooo a year can expect to spend roughly half of that in taxes and fees on the federal and state level. And then the money a company makes in stock increases/ is taxed once and then the person who earns the money is taxed yet again! That money is taxed TWICE.

If you earn about half of that (about $45,000 a year), you pay nothing. That is just not right. But there is no flat tax because of political posturing combined with a love of graft. And those two things are closely tied together.

I know a guy who doesn’t work on Fridays because the income he could bring in on that day would go almost totally to taxes. It’s just not worth working. Why would you work for free just to pay the government?

And the “dark magic” of withholding hides the true cost of taxes. If people had to pay in full on a quarterly basis they would not be so sanguine about taxes. Withholding is a tool of the tax-loving Left. It hides the pain of taxes. It is eeeeeviiil! And if you are an employee, your employer pays half of your Social Security tax.  THAT is why people often want to be employees rather than 1099 contractors.

But the “gig economy” really threatens this. Whether it be driving for Uber or selling Amway, you are totally exposed to the full tax shenanigan. If you own your own business, you get hosed. It used to be that only elderly piano teachers got tagged with this crap. But the “gig economy” really threatens that–it greatly broadens the damage. Politicians can just ignore elderly piano teachers. There just aren’t very many of them. But now…


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