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I have long said

18 Nov

that Democrats are filling their britches at the thought that Donald Trump might succeed. THAT would really discredit them, and they would far rather see the country miserable than to see themselves (or their boyfriend, Obama) discredited. See, they know in their heart of hearts that Reagan was perhaps right, and that by extension Trump is also very likely right. And that scares the crap out of them. Holy Hannah, that scares the crap out of them!

Plus, think of all the voters and young economists and judges who would be a witness to them being publicly disrobed and discredited! No, they simply can’t afford THAT. They really can’t afford to have Trump unequivocally succeed. It would humiliate and discredit them for at least a generation!

That’s why the recent economic boom has gone largely unreported by the MSM. But look around–businesses are hiring again. The stock market is going to record heights. It seems that the long night of the Lefty Orc is drawing to a close, and we see the sky lightening in the east…

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17 Nov

it’s a real start.

I really don’t understand how a Republican can, in good conscience, vote against tax reform. How?

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Total. Moron.

16 Nov

The blithering idiot Chuck Schumer was whining about how the Republicans are putting a repeal of the hated individual mandate in a tax bill. He complained that the Republicans are hijacking health care by putting it in with a tax bill.

Hey Einstein, it is a tax bill! Remember, John Roberts engaged in tortuous reasoning to make it Constitutional, and the only was to do that was to say that it is a tax, not a penalty. The only reason it is still alive at all is that Roberts rescued it by unilaterally calling it a tax. And Democrats rejoiced. If it had been ruled a health care bill with a penalty it would have been unconstitutional. Now, if it is not actually a tax, it is unconstitutional, and we just need to get rid of it–the SCOTUS made a grave mistake.

If it is a tax, then congress should address it with a tax bill. Oh, and Democrats are in the minority, by the way.

So it’s either a tax and should be addressed with another tax bill, or it’s not and is both illegal and illegitimate. So, Chucky, which one is it?

What a maroon!


Well, the Democrats are squealing

02 Nov

about losing the Federal tax deduction for those in high-tax states.

But they are full of crap. Here’s why:

The proposed tax system would double the standard deduction, meaning that anyone earning less than about $24,000 a year would pay no tax at all. In other words, this doesn’t affect the poor! And even the solidly middle-class would only see very slight increase, which would be far more than offset for by the proposed lower federal taxes.

But those who make a lot of money want to deduct state taxes would indeed feel it. So it would just help the rich. Don’t be confused by the Democrat fancy talk. Their system benefits the rich, not the poor or middle class. Make no mistake, this is all about Democrats giving goodies to the rich. No matter how Democrats defend it, that is what it is. Please, don’t be fooled.


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No matter what

24 Oct

you think of Donald Trump’s personality, this makes sense. And it is correct. As Trump says:

But our economy cannot take off like it should unless we transform our outdated, complex and burdensome tax code, and that is exactly what we are proposing to do.

We have a President who is not bent on stiffing the working man. It has not been that way for a very long time.

Our tax code is a HUGE mess. It is bloated and unfair. Working people have been groaning under the load for some time. I have criticized it for years. I say lets cut about 90% of welfare (keeping, of course, benefits for disabled veterans) and much of our expense.

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So awesome it

22 Oct

boggles the mind!

These guys are total idiots.

Basically, when told the tax plan was Trump’s these students disparaged it. But these SAME student just loved it when they thought it was Bernie Sanders’ plan! You gotta watch the video. It is magnificent!

But this should give you a little insight into how, perhaps, YOU are reacting. Are your criticisms based on policy or personal prejudice? Do you let your hatred of Trump cloud your judgment? Have you actually thought things through or is this just a knee-jerk reaction to follow whatever the NY Times says?

Let’s be honest, here. I know it can be painful, but let’s be honest.

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Well, when you

31 Aug

elect a Democrat, you end up paying more in taxes than you pay for food and clothes. THAT is one reason you NEVER vote for a Democrat! They just have not shown fiscal responsibility or restraint.

And don’t be fooled. If you depend upon government for your sustenance, you are careful not to offend them. THAT is why Democrats always want to increase spending. You just shut up and do what they say (though it is almost always cloaked in the garb of helping people)…

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21 Aug

that is certainly true.

And don’t be fooled–the complexity of the tax system is on purpose. It is designed to make the whole system as opaque as possible. You must hire someone to do your taxes unless you have the most simple situation. And hiring someone to do your taxes will cost money. Maybe a lot. You can try to do it yourself, but you will almost for sure miss out on deductions. But even then taxes will almost for sure take you several hours. Several. And if you make an error, you may go to prison. If the accountant is deemed to have made a mistake, YOU are criminally liable, not them. And the IRS is NOT a forgiving bunch…

The complexity is key. The more complex the tax code is, the less you will understand and the less likely you are to protest. For example, Steve Forbes suggested a flat tax. You simply state your income, multiply it by, say, .19, and voilà you have your tax burden.

But if lawmakers want to change it to, say, .21, we ALL know, and many of us will object. We will want to know how and why that extra 2% is being spent. We will demand it. The increase is transparent to the taxpayers. For lawmakers, that dog don’t hunt. That’s why we don’t have such a system. Rather, lawmakers cloak it in complexity. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

So, as the government, to get as much money as possible, you have to make things as difficult to understand and as painless as possible. You have a tax code that fills volumes of books. You make understanding it pretty much impossible  (and different “experts” will give you different interpretations of the law–and if some lackey at the IRS disagrees, you go to prison), so almost anyone can be charged with a crime (and therefore be in your power). You FORCE employers to pay their employees’ taxes–almost half of them and they act as unpaid tax collectors, as well). You do withholding, which is like anesthetic that hides the pain of the incision. You might know it is there, but there is little actual pain.

That is exactly why the “gig economy” is such a threat to the gov’t. There is not the lack of pain associated with the anesthetization of withholding. If a substantial minority is exposed to the pain of taxes without withholding, there will be a HUGE revolt. THAT is the real reason Leftists hate the gig economy and 1099 employees in general.


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Yeah, the

07 Jul

gig economy is great for retirees.

But there is another, absolutely HUGE issue.

It both lets the cat out of the bag that you can float your own dang boat, and it drives anger about our horrible tax system.

Say you are a W-2 employee. You don’t like taxes–they seem onerous but you shrug and figure that’s the price of civilization. And through the dark magic of withholding, you hardly even feel the knife going in. And besides, payroll taxes (such as medicare) are only about 8%. That is irritating, but it doesn’t seem like all that much.

But wait! You DO realize that your employer ALSO has to pay the very same amount on YOUR check for payroll taxes, right? Yep, you are only paying half the tax. Half. So it’s not 7.5%, it’s 15%. And that is money you can’t be paid in salary because it goes to the gummint instead of to you. It is also money that is never refunded.

Now with the gig economy there IS no employer, so YOU have to pay the entire bill. Leftists HATE the gig economy because it subjects people to the entire tax burden. And since there is no withholding, You just cut a check for ALL your taxes–after you pay someone to figure the taxes out, of course.

So your neighbor pays you $100 to step over to his house to trim his bushes. OK, but YOU don’t get all of the money. You pay income tax, sure, but you also pay about $15 in payroll taxes. Oh, and you need to pay someone who can tell you what you owe.  You will be lucky indeed to have $50 left after all that.

And all that is exposed in the gig economy. No wonder greedy Leftists hate it. Don’t mind the man behind the curtain!


Tax reform

30 Jun

is something desperately to be wished for.

No one I’ve ever met or heard has argued that there should be NO income tax. That is a stupid straw man. But many people object to egregious taxes!

The pain of taxes is numbed by the anesthesia of withholding. If everyone just wrote a check for their taxes (like those of us who run our own businesses or are 1099) trust me, taxes would be lower. That’s why the 1099 “gig” economy (such as Uber and Lyft) is so important. The more people who are 1099 folks, the better. It would only take 5%, and I can tell you that as an employer I don’t know why I would have anything other that 1099 contractors if I could possibly get away with it.

The system we have right now is horrible.

Why not do a flat tax? You pay, say, 20% of all income over $20 grand. EVERYBODY. No withholding by the gov’t. Income tax is easy to figure. It takes 5 minutes and does not require more compliance costs–take your W-2 gross. Subtract 20,000. Multiply THAT by .20. That is what you owe. Fill out a half-page documentation form. Write a check to the Treasury for that amount. Mail it to them. Done.

You didn’t file taxes? Then no welfare of any kind for you. No food stamps. No Social Security disability. No house loans. No rental background check approval. No car loans. No student loans. No account with the electric or gas or Internet company. No passing the mandatory background check for typical hiring–you have to live exclusively under-the-table. There must be either a 5-year history of filing or strong documentation as to why not.

As a housewife you made $0? OK, 0-20000 x.20=$0 tax. Not a toughie. EVERYBODY files.


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