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Bias comes in many forms.

02 Oct

I don’t doubt for a second that there was/is no effort by a central “mastermind” to make all the Lefty reporters (is there any other kind?) say the same thing.  It is rare and unlikely, in any case.

But we shouldn’t follow the MSM and ignore the HUGE sea-change in New England. No, the same thing happened in this case as happens with garden-variety MSM bias–There is just a “sense” that of course everyone else thinks as I do! It’s NY Times reporter Pauline Kael syndrome–when Nixon won in a landslide she said, “I only know one person who voted for Nixon. Where they are I don’t know. They’re outside my ken.” Yes, detached from reality, yet she purported to inform the rest of us! We see the exact same thing today.

And Media centers are located in (drum roll, please) big coastal cities. They couldn’t find Pocatello on a map within 5 minutes without Google (it’s in eastern Idaho). Yet there are about 60,000 people just within the city limits of that place, and that doesn’t include the suburbs!

THAT is the bias I am talking about. Yes, there is a good deal of deliberate obfuscation, but most of it is just willing ignorance. Hence, Trump.

In the article:

Seven years after the Republicans won the House and three years after they gained the US Senate majority, the media/entertainment complex still fails to accept or understand that the majority of this country is center-right. Until these institutions grasp this fact, they will continue to see their viewership drop and their trust erode.

Amazing, isn’t it? And of course this is in large part (but not totally) deliberate obfuscation. Ask yourself, if a group of 4 or 5 states that had traditionally been strongly “red” suddenly all elected Democrat governors, would they report it? I think we all know the answer to that.


Here is perhaps the

29 Sep

underlying reason people hate the MSM: They criticize what is very obviously the truth. And they very obviously do it out of political hack-ism.

I understand that you may or may not agree with that position, but there really is no question that this is the position the founding fathers took. You may not buy into natural rights, but to preserve a shred of intellectual honesty, you have to acknowledge that the founders did. You have to acknowledge that it is a defensible position even today.

A real intellectual presses his or her point. He or she argues from a logical and defensible position. A poseur just calls names and acts affronted. They play the “special snowflake” card because they really got nothing.

This is buffoonery. This is NOT intellectual seriousness. This is just the illogical and ahistorical whining of the soi-disant “smart set” who have been beaten to a pulp and have nothing to defend themselves. Nothing. This is just a temper tantrum, and should be accorded all the weight and seriousness that temper tantrums merit.

And you think that this guy is a trustworthy source of information? You fool.

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Look, you

20 Sep

are chronically being lied to by the MSM. They are just not a reliable source. Worse yet, their deception is deliberate.

If you believe what the MSM tells you, you are a blamed fool. Now it’s true that they may tell the truth now and again (hey, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!), but they are simply not reliable. I’m not saying any human could be perfect in that regard, but there could be an effort to tell the truth. I’m not asking for perfect, I’m asking for a good-faith effort. And we simply don’t get that from the MSM. So be aware that you are being lied to.

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19 Sep

pretty much.

Remember, there was a lot of mocking Trump when he complained about Obama “wiretapping” him and his organization. But I guess he was right, eh? Still, don’t expect admissions of fault or mea culpas. Say it with me, “Trump was right and the Lefty News Media was wrong.” There. That wasn’t so hard, was it? And it has the added merit of actually being true!

Apologies and self-reflection are just not in the Left’s nature (and the MSM is the Left). It’s not who they are. Don’t expect that leopard to change its spots…

But if YOU were snookered, shame on you! You should have known. Heaven knows this is not the first time the MSM has trotted out fake things and yet you bought this most recent crap hook, line, and sinker. You should have been more skeptical. Please, in the future, don’t be fooled again. There is just no excuse for it.

So what truly are the MSM? Unreliable shills. Face it, you simply can’t get the truth from those sources. Sorry, do the hard lifting yourself! They are NOT a good source of knowledge, not consistently, anyway. And if it is not consistent, by what measure do you decide that in THIS case they are telling the truth and in THAT case they are not?

That’s why historically, thinkers have postulated an unchanging and perfect world (like Plato and his world of forms) or a perfect principle or a perfect being (God). Anything short of that renders actual knowing impossible. That’s why Post-Modernism denies the very possibility of Truth or Fact or knowledge–all is mere opinion. Perhaps a bit of bad beef (to quote Charles Dickens). What may be true today is not necessarily true tomorrow. If there is a shadow of change, it cannot logically be Truth, and there’s no way to really know anything. As an old church hymn says,

  Change and decay in all around I see                                                                                                                       Oh, Thou who changest not, abide with me (written by William Henry Monk)

And also to the point in this case is this: Just because YOU believe it, why should I? What claim do YOU have on Truth? See, there has to be some “ground” upon which you are standing. So what are those grounds? What is your proof? Why do you believe what you do? And just why should I believe you over a dog-faced baboon?


This is

15 Sep

big. Of course, she gets away scot-free. Democrats always do. The MSM will gladly and reflexively cover for her…

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Look, if you

11 Sep

get your news mainly from mainstream sources, you are an ignorant rube. Ignorant, as in you really don’t know.

Why? Because the MSM lies and obfuscates. DUH!

Look, Menendez is corrupt. Dirty slimeball. But Democrats need his vote–they don’t care if he is a criminal and rots in jail, as long as he helps them get what they want first. Then he can go hang, for all they care.

Same with DWS. They really don’t care if she swings. The issue is only about what is good for them. If you think they stand behind their minions once is become inconvenient, you are sadly mistaken. They don’t support their own–it’s not in their nature. You gotta know who they are.

But you won’t hear a thing if you only have the MSM as a source. They are in the can for Leftists…

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So, are you

04 Sep

surprised that the network hacks suppressed the news the Comey made his decision before even investigating?

If so, you are a fool.

The harsh truth is that you can’t trust the MSM. They will hide information, mislead, and otherwise lie.

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We’ve got to stop

02 Sep

such theft!

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Wait, but

14 Aug

I’m told over and over that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen! At least (the “limited modified hang out” position) that it is not significant. Yeah, I’m just sure that this is an isolated event and was by no means part of a broader practice. Yeah, THAT’s the ticket! <sheesh, how stupid do you think I am?>

Look, you may only see one cockroach. But, of course, there is not just one around. Yeah, the guy was caught in this case. But it is pretty clear that there is a structure there. And that structure is not there just for decoration. DUH! It’s not easy or typical to get caught for voter fraud, let alone be punished. So when the cost goes down, the frequency goes up. It’s elementary economics.

Oh, and did you notice that this guy fraudulently voted for Democrats? That also is typical. Conservatives don’t usually engage in voter fraud–Democrats do. Heaven help you if you are a Republican in a tight race! You have to beat your opponent, but you also have to cover the fraudulent votes. If it’s close…

You can read all about this in the New York Times. It is an above-the-fold front page blockbuster. Oh wait, no you can’t! Must not be news that is fit to print…

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You know about that DNC “hack”

11 Aug

that was the Russians trying to help Trump? Yeah that Russian story is a fake. It’s false. It’s a total fabrication.

Here’s a quote:

There was no hack of the Democratic National Committee’s system on July 5 last year—not by the Russians, not by anyone else. Hard science now demonstrates it was a leak—a download executed locally with a memory key or a similarly portable data-storage device.

So, we need to get rid of Mueller and his mindless attack dogs, right? There is just no “there” there!

It was always a stupid story, and was far too self-serving to actually be true. This is a great opportunity to fire Mueller.

Uh, just watch. The mindless MSM Myrmidons won’t even mention this…

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