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Well, Trump did pretty well

18 Dec

on this after all! Be honest, here!

See, if Obama had made this kind of progress, there would have been non-stop coverage and open celebration from the MSM for weeks! They would have wet themselves with excitement. He would be the man of the year (yet again). He most likely would have gotten a second Nobel Peace Prize. Liberals would have hyperventilated and pee’d on themselves.

But since it was Trump it is “Okay, never mind… He still is not our kind, dear. Nor will he ever be. Just look away. I don’t even want to see him in my peripherals!” (to quote a comedian)

Uh, THAT is the MSM’s response to Trump: A snooty, “Not our kind, dear…”

But we normals know the truth.

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Trump is winning on immigration.

18 Dec

That’s why the MSM is frantic to focus on something else.

I think this is a winning issue. I say that because, in actual fact, it is a very important one.

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The MSM need to learn

15 Dec

that one can’t cry “wolf”repeatedly (with accusations being totally empty) too many times before people just ignore you as an annoying but empty gadfly. If you repeatedly show that you are untrustworthy,  people will eventually ignore you. And THAT is exactly what you are seeing happening.

And THAT is precisely what the MSM have done in regard to Trump. The latest gaffe is that CNN breathlessly reported that Trump Jr. got important information from (who else?) the Russians before it was public, and that proves illegal collusion!

Well, it turns out that all these “layers of fact-checkers” all (deliberately?) mis-read the date on the email. It was actually just a garden-variety fan reporting what was already publicly released. CNN has yet to admit that they screwed up. But everyone knows that they did. DUH!

And of course they won’t admit it. Because the next obvious question is, “If you screwed up on something as simple as this, what else have you said that is unreliable?” Maybe “The Most Trusted Name In News” is just an advertising schtick meant to fool the rubes! Like the letter my sister-in-law showed me of a company selling “Real Faux Diamonds!” at an amazingly good price for diamonds.  Yeah, in French the word “faux” translates to … false. In this case, glass chips. As a girl in her early 20s, she naturally was fooled and thought they were actual diamonds. As a Francophone, I filled her in.

The solution? Truth and honesty. If the MSM reported with truth and honesty people would believe them again. They need a diverse set of employees (diverse in viewpoint, not merely skin color). Yes, it would take 5 years or so, but they would regain their credibility. Right now, the MSM is just another word for… false.


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Yeah, the MSM

11 Dec

just got humiliated.

These guys don’t tell the truth, except when the truth happens to coincide with their pre-conceived notions. And that is not very often.

You need to understand that you are NOT getting the truth from these sources. You are only getting opinions, and what makes their opinions better than any other person’s? Huh?

The MSM turning to the “dark side” means the end of reliable reporting. These are NOT reporters, they are merely partisan shills. We live in a Post-Modern world…



11 Dec

trust the MSM because they make errors.

Honestly, that’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve heard in decades–maybe my whole life! I mean, that is dumb on a cosmic level! I’m rendered speechless by the stupidity. I’m just gobsmacked by this level of moron-ness.

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Yet another

10 Dec

CNN fail.

What, are these folks total idiots? And you are dumb enough to put a stupid grin on your face and lap up what they put in your bowl? REALLY?

Here is what will happen: Trump will run for re-election, and CNN and the rest of the MSM will have an apoplectic fit, but no wise person will give a flying fig as to what they say, in terms of truth-value. Some of what they say might even be true, though there’s just no way to know.

The end result is that you are guided by your internal moral compass. That has been the case for some time, but it is now quite obvious. So the issue then is not facts, but conversion. Yes, we live in a post-modern world.

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Roy Moore is very likely to win, and

28 Nov

there is ONE reason:

The mainstream media.

Look, the Mainstream Media have been horribly corrupt and unreliable. And their attacks (cloaked as “reporting”) are always against one side and one side only. I mean, do you see the MSM going after John Conyers or Al  Franken? No, of course you don’t. Did they go after Al Gore or Bill Clinton? Fat chance. The MSM are widely (and correctly) seen as complete partisan suck-ups and hacks. They are the Grover Dill of the political world. They are simply NOT reliable. They have lost the trust of most rational Americans. They defend those who think like they do and attack the “other.” Most thinking people have come to the realization that they just don’t tell the truth unless it benefits them personally–they very much have a dog in this fight. They are NOT a disinterested third party! In essence, they have no credibility. They are NOT Truth-Tellers.

So when they whinge about Roy Moore, it is easy to both ignore and to want to vote opposite of what they are telling you in order to resist them. It is a way of saying, “Kiss my butt!”At some point Ralphie “breaks” and fights back. And then they run a far-left abortophile against Moore! In ALABAMA! Huh? What freakin’ Einstein thought of THAT? <sheesh!>

Leftist are missing a HUGE and important aspect of this, and it is the very same impulse that landed Trump in the White House in the first place. It is the same impulse that will lead to the Democrats being shellacked in 2018 and 2020, if they are not a whole lot more wise than we have seen so far. It is  the same impulse that led to the Tea Party (crushed under the heel of the Obama IRS boot, if you recall). Yes, there is “a resistance,” but it is on the right, not the Left. And it is rather a silent resistance. The Left is just crying and throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get the lollipop they wanted and they think that if they just hold their collective breath long enough and kick the floor hard enough they will eventually get it. But the Right is far more serious. FAR. Serious as a heart attack. And RINOs also are endangered. Only a great fool thinks that the “mushy middle” is a good and safe place to be right now. We call those people who do, “The Unemployed.”

Leftists are either not aware or are ignoring the fact that people on the Right are pissed. They are mad as Hell and are not going to take it much longer. Trump is not a cause, he is a symptom. And the Left is certainly not addressing this issue with its geriatric old-school Leftism. Nor are the tone-deaf “never Trump” folks who are putatively on the right.


Remember about modern journalism:

27 Nov


If you trust the MSM, you are a blinken’ fool. Look at all the data, and then decide for yourself what is true. You certainly can’t trust the MSM to give you the truth. We truly live in a post-modern world…


So the IRS admitted wrongdoing

27 Nov

and finally settled. The IRS admitted that its conduct was wrong. Good.

This is a HUGE story. In one suit there was a multi-million-dollar settlement.

And yet, have you heard a single word about it from the MSM? You know why you haven’t heard anything about this? Because it was the Obama IRS that was guilty and the MSM are Lefty shills. Gee, I guess there was a “smidgeon” of wrongdoing after all!

Next time you think about it, realize that the MSM absolutely hides stories that are not “Lefty friendly.” You are NOT well-informed by the MSM. The MSM does a double whammy–it simultaneously leaves you totally ignorant while at the same time making you feel that you are not an ignoramus–that you actually do know something. It’s a ruse.

And think about how the MSM would squawk if Trump did something like this! It’s undeniably true that Conservatives are held to a much different, and much higher, standard than Leftists.

But actually, that is, on balance, a good thing. As a result, Conservatives tend to be far more trustworthy in general. They know very well that they will get no quarter from the MSM, and that their behavior has to be beyond reproach or the MSM will hammer them. Yeah, Mike Pence needs his Pence Rule to protect himself as well as others. The only addition I might make is that in today’s climate, I might not go out to dinner alone with anyone at work, regardless of gender.

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Your MSM

23 Nov

at work.

Why on earth would any rational person even listen to these fools? This is a complete dumpster fire!

The MSM pretends to give you real information about Trump. But why oh why would anyone believe them? I mean, honestly!

And I am quite certain that this will have a significant impact on the 2018 and 2020 races. A lot of people are getting to the point where they just don’t care what the MSM says. They correctly note that there is just no way to know if it really is true, and the MSM are demonstrably unreliable.

So the NY Times reports X? So what? Why on earth should I believe them? Maybe what they say is true, and maybe it is a lie. Or more likely, it is partially true but the “gist” of the story is a lie.

But honestly, tell me why I should believe them. Tradition?

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