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The “Never-Trump” folks

10 Oct

are truly insane. The idea that the 25th Amendment would be used to get rid of Trump is sheer kookiness. It is the frothing-at-the-mouth of the nutty NY Times and the Bill Krystal wacko birds. It is just nuts!

MacMullin is a moron–it would be a true embarrassment to have to admit that I wasted my vote on him. Fortunately, I was far too wise for that stupidity.

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The irrational Trump rage

24 Aug

is hilarious.

It is time to stop whining, grow up, and be responsible. Stamping your feet and gnashing your teeth about Trump is NOT a good solution. THAT is exactly why Trump is there in the first place!

So no more, Conservatives. Trump was not my first choice, either. But after the primaries he was and is now the best option we have. To have voted for anyone other than Trump in November of 2016 was a de facto┬ávote for Hillary. Own it! And get off your high horse on this–you are wrong.


I think Japan (and the U.S.)

09 Aug

are learning the age-old lesson said again in “The Lord of the Rings” from North Korea: “Those who do not have swords can still die upon them.”

It’s a lesson we better understand, and quickly. The silly days of the Obama fecklessness are over. A President with a selfie stick. Is there a more symbolic representation of Obama? And THESE are the wages of weakness. He ought to be ashamed!

Time to get SERIOUS. And this idiot is NOT serious. Yet we ALL get to partake of his stupidity! Yeah, it’s because of him that we are now in a mess.

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27 Jun

pretty much:

(thanks, Powerline)

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