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We need to understand the gameplan, here.

21 Jul

This is the strategy on the part of the Democrats. They are playing a rather subtle game (with the help of their MSM co-conspirators) , and hardly anyone is catching on. Part of what the Trump Jr. crap does is take the focus off the gun control failures. It takes the heat off the Obamacare fiasco. It takes the focus off Obama administration corruption. We need to understand that there is a very real purpose to this. Sure, there’s no crime there with Jr. (and nothing even close to warranting impeachment of The Donald himself). But that is not the real goal. That is only frosting on the cake.

See, stuff was starting to bubble up. Stuff the Democrats would hate. The MSM was running out of materiel for a “Trump scandal” and they needed more dirty laundry. They sure as heck didn’t want to focus on his achievements. It was getting to the point that the MSM boot-lickers would no longer be able to blithely go only with things that made Trump look bad, and they simply could not tolerate that. They were still too butt-hurt from grandma getting stomped. They are just not over that particular spanking.

But we need to understand that this nonsense forces the Republicans to take their eye off the ball. It forces them to play defense rather than score points. Well, that is the point of it all. Then the Democrats can criticize that the Republicans have BOTH houses and the Presidency and yet are too incompetent to get anything done. They can’t govern! Then 2018 comes around. And then 2020…

This is the classic, “Hey look! A squirrel!” ploy.

THAT is the “meta” issue in play. If your focus is so granular, you miss what is really happening (and Democrats want you to miss it). One has to look at the broader terrain to understand what is happening.

Chicago is horrible, and Baltimore has  DOUBLE the murder rate of Chicago! And these are bastions of gun control laws. They have been run by Democrats for decades and decades. Like more than 70 years! Why isn’t this front and center on the news? Don’t Black Lives Matter?

It is because the groveling suck-up MSM is in cahoots with the Democrats and it much prefers to focus on the non-crime of Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer for 20 minutes! They are panicked at the thought of Black people being freed from the Lefty plantation. For very obvious reasons.

There is, of course, an ideological point to this. That is, in fact, almost the ENTIRE point of this. Wise people will wake up to what is really going on. If you buy what CNN and the NY Times is selling, you are getting worked. But you are also getting worked because you are taking your eye off the ball. Your righteous indignation is being “turned” in the service of the Democrats. Look at the “meta” issue, here. Don’t get so caught in the weeds that you miss the forest for the trees!

I, for one, am not fooled.

Oh, and Democrats delenda est. I have been forgetting.

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