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20 Oct


My response to the headline: “Yeah, ya think?”

Is Mueller so dead to that which is right and good that he doesn’t understand this? Maybe he just doesn’t care. This is injustice, and I object.

Mueller is a disgrace. I am appalled. And so should be everyone who is not morally dead. FIRE MUELLER!

This is Gestapo stuff, the stuff of old Russian NKVD and then the KGB. I, for one, am willing to stand up and say this is wrong! At some point one has to take a stand against evil.



14 Oct

the funding was a gross violation of the law. Trump’s action is a return to lawfulness. Yes, it probably a death blow to Obamacare, but that is because Obama totally disregarded the law.

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21 Jul

no surprise there.

My bet is Mueller couldn’t find anything on the Russia deal so he has done what Special Counsels do: he has expanded his investigation. He got a bigger net. Here, fishy, fishy!

This is just lawlessness–it is nothing but a fishing expedition. And it it really aggravating. Does Mueller have actual power to prosecute? He must, because people are fearful. But if not, I would just ignore him. I don’t give a crap WHAT he says in any case! He had one job, and it wasn’t to go on a carte blanche witch hunt!

Mueller could have saved his reputation. Now he just looks like a delusional Javert. Get this clown out of here!

Sessions should have done his job. If he could not preside because of a rigid interpretation of conflict of interest (one Leftists most certainly do NOT share–see Mueller) he should not have taken the job. That was truly a mistake on his part.

Oh, and Democrats delenda est.