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As the old “Halo” game use to

21 Aug

say when one racked up a bunch of kills in a short period of time, “un-freakin-believable!”

Here is the issue: The money numbers are related to popularity. It is certainly not the only measure, but when your ideas are strong enough that people are willing to part with their hard-earned cash, you know that there is more emotional investment than just shouting slogans or applying a bumper sticker. It’s not just meaningless bar chatter.

I think that there are some people who are still rather clueless, but the fact of the matter is that for all the whining, the Democrats are fading fast. If they think they are getting money out of the BLM folks and the University students, they are delusional. They have a few very important mega-donors, but not a lot else. I mean, what happens when George Soros dies?

Part of the reason people are clueless is because the MSM lackeys are simply Democrat lap-dogs. If the MSM treated Democrats like the treat Republicans, there would be no Democrat party–they would have been replaced with something better last year. Hillary’s loss would have signaled the formal end of the party. As it is, it almost for sure signals the practical¬†end of the party, though it will continues in it death-throes for some time. I mean, can you imagine what things would be like if the MSM boosted Conservativism like they do Liberalism?


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