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Gruber gets fired

21 Aug

for fraud. Remember, Gruber was the architect of Obamacare.

Well, he has a very significant history of fraud, Obamacare was a fraud on the American people, and Gruber was more than happy to defraud the rubes. So this is no surprise, at all, given how he has acted in the past.

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McCain is a total butthole.

28 Jul

But I have known that for years. Of course he reverted to type and let Republicans and the American people down. Unexpectedly. If you are stupid. You KNEW he was a snake. So it’s really not a shock that he bit you. It’s what he IS. He joins the Hall of Shame with Collins and Murkowski.


He is responsible for the misery of millions. Shame on him!


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05 Sep

The wonders of single-payer health systems!

Tell me again why we would want such a system?

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EXACTLY right!

01 Oct

Pass a repeal of Obamacare via the same way it was passed–through reconciliation. Of course he will veto it–make him do so and set up next year’s elections!

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It never

16 Feb

ceases to amaze me. You gotta admit, this is pretty lowl

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You can bet

22 Dec

that they will make a terrific choice for you! After all, you are too stupid to make your own choices.

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The hits just

16 Nov

keep coming! This dishonesty was NOT a “bug.” It was part and parcel of the whole Obamacare gig. It was a feature. Time for us to rebel against those who consider themselves to be out masters. I’m starting to care less and less about legality and more and more about morality.


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Vee haff vays

13 Nov

of taking your money! It’s high time for people to wake up.

There is already a large under-the-counter economy. This only make sure that it gets even bigger. It also means that people who would otherwise be inclined to pay taxes may work to avoid them. That is just bad, and there is no way the IRS can police everyone. See what is happening in Italy. Tax evasion is the national pastime. You will see more and more people turn to cash, and that is extremely hard to trace.

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Yeah, they

12 Nov

are full of lies. Didn’t you get this? How can you be so easily duped? Do you need someone to breathe in and out for you? How about this?

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Trust the Democrats on

24 Oct

health care? You rube. It seems that most thinking people have figured this out. I cannot think of a single thing where it is a good idea to trust the Democrats. Is there an area where they are trustworthy? Not on economics. Not on healthcare. Not on foreign policy. Not on domestic issues. Not on immigration. Not on taxes. Not on spending. Not on general administrative competence. Where?


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