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Uh-Oh government!

12 Jan

It looks like the tables have been flipped. They may well end up being the hare rather than the hound! No wonder many of us don’t give a crap what they say in terms of guilt. Fruit of a poisoned tree, and all that. They are NOT credible sources. <sheesh!>

That is totally in line with what we saw in the Bundy case. The common thread is a corrupt Javert-like prosecution that is completely willing to lie and break the law to “get” what they think are law-breakers. Are YOU OK with that? Let’s talk about YOUR morality, here!

And this corruption is a big deal. Bundy also shows it is widespread–it is a problem with the FBI culture. It certainly extends to former FBI head Robert Mueller. Obviously.

You know, justice doesn’t matter to them. The only important thing is getting conviction. Me, I am for justice.

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Yeah, I think a TON of regular people

18 Dec

question the legitimacy of Mueller’s probe.

For me, there simply is no longer even a question. I know maniacal obsession when I see it.


The “independent” counsel is

15 Dec

not really independent at all. At all. From a moral perspective, I don’t really give a crap WHAT he says.  He certainly is not a fair and impartial investigator. No, he is a Javert, a captain Ahab, maniacally driven to seek his own particular Trumpian white whale–in fact, he has personalized license plates on his car that say, “Pequod” and he has a fake leg made of whale bone that he puts in his office.

Just call me “Ishmael.”  And may Mueller meet Ahab’s ultimate fate (professionally, anyway).

But this whole thing is a farce, an insult to intelligence, good sense, and justice. I am NOT amused…

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So much for “fair.”

13 Dec

So is “justice” in “Justice Department” meant to be ironic?

Look, the entire Mueller investigation is a pile of dung. It is just a witch hunt. It is totally unfair. No one of more than pedestrian IQ can say that it is fair.  And I find that totally immoral.

YOU need to ask just who you are and what you actually value, if you back the Mueller persecutory fishing expedition.

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I think there’s little

18 Oct

question that all the talk about “Russian Collusion” by Trump was just a ruse. There was never any substance to it. Yes, Javert Mueller may indict some low-level schlub, but that’s about it. The good news (for him) is that now he has plenty of money to pay off the luxury vacation home! And he always wanted a Rolls Royce and no he has the money for one. That is what this is all about. That is what this has always been about. You thought it was really about Russian collusion? You naive doofus. You probably believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny and fairies.