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06 Nov

like this could drive one to Arkancide. It’s kinda like suicide. Kinda. But not quite…

But there’s more! according to Brazile, as the DNC chair she could unilaterally decide who got the nomination and who didn’t. Gee, that’s a new thing to me. Right. That “odor of failure” didn’t just come from the Hillary machine, it also emanated from Brazile herself. Methinks she needs to check her own drawers…

But she is backpedalling like crazy now. Of course she is–she wants to live.

Pro tip for Donna: Don’t go walking alone in the woods and don’t accept free drinks from strangers. Let’s just say that she has now walked her stuff back, but it is still very likely that this is because she woke up in bed with a severed horse head in it.

Now you whine and carp about Twitchy, but given that the MSM is totally unreliable, I guess one has to look to other sources. I mean, what makes you think that Twitchy is any less trustworthy than the NY Times? NOTE: the allegation is never that the things are not true and accurate, it is only that it comes from a non-elite source. Well, if the MSM did their JOBS we wouldn’t even be here. <sigh>



26 Oct

This is not and unbelievably weird deal or anything!

I’m telling you, this whole thing makes no sense. From a practical shooter’s point of view to a goofy timeline to the alleged perpetrator’s age to the windage calculations. It all just makes no sense. No sense at all.

Does it NOT raise incredible issues that the shooter’s computer had its hard drive removed? That hard drive did not just up and walk away.

So where did it go, and why?