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It’s not that often that

19 Nov

I agree with the Huffington Post. But I do on this.

Having “creepy uncle Joe” be the face of the party is a terrible idea for the Democrats. Absolutely terrible. Almost as bad as having Hag Hillary. Now I would totally love it if the Democrats actually did run creepy uncle Joe (or Hag Hillary), but that is for other reasons. In Biden’s case it would be a slam-dunk win for his opponent. It would also solidify the Democrats as the party of sexual abuse. Hillary does that same thing to a large extent,  given her craven Bill Clinton suck-up-ism.

But Huffpo ran this for the same reason Lefties have published articles hammering Hillary–they know that both Hillary and Joe are a) very ambitious, b) don’t care who they hurt, and c) are sure electoral losers. This is all about frantic Democrat efforts to keep them out of the public view.



18 Nov

the dam is breaking.






I’m telling you, the dam is breaking and the floodwaters are already roaring down the canyon. Only the outskirts of town have been hit yet, but the floodwaters are coming. Get to high ground NOW!

I’m not sure who the casualties will be yet. As of now they are all Lefty Democrats. And yes, Lefty Democrats make up the vast majority of the offenders in any case. But they won’t be the only ones ensnared…



Ruh-Roh Franken!

17 Nov

Things are starting to move forward. Let’s just say that is not necessarily to Franken’s benefit.


The truth is

17 Nov

that I think a bloodbath is indeed coming. The interesting thing is that I really think that those who have already survived allegations will be in the best position in the coming storm. Unless something new comes out, they are pretty safe.

The exception is Bill Clinton. He was never exonerated. People who wanted him gone felt cheated and aggrieved. Even his supporters acknowledged that he was guilty as sin and they contorted themselves to justify his behavior.  But that is simply not going to fly in these times. So there is still an open wound, there. Add to that the fact that the mainstream of the party desperately wants to rid themselves of Hillary and the stench of Clintonism, and there is really nowhere for them to run.

But it seems to me that Biden is a dead man, politically. There is just too much water under that bridge…

UPDATE: That was fast.

UPDATE II: The hits just keep coming! How much longer can he survive? What party is the Governor? (just looked it up–dang, it is a Democrat). But I really don’t know how much more Franken can take and still survive as a Senator. If he were wise he would resign and let the Democrat Governor replace him. The next Governor may NOT be a Democrat!


Will the sexual assaults (real assaults)

17 Nov

never cease? It really is mind-boggling! Let me be the first to call for Franken’s resignation! Disgusting. And shouldn’t he be legally prosecuted, especially in light of the whole story? I want to see him frog-marched off the Senate floor in handcuffs. He richly deserves it.

And of course, we need to wonder (ha!) how the MSM will cover this story. I bet they will cover it with a pillow, until it stops moving (to quote IowaHawk). That’s a VERY safe bet.

And it’s not like it would be the first time that the MSM has ignored sexual harassment by one of their own (a Democrat). Yeah, if you are a Democrat you can pretty much get away with anything. Here’s a quote:  According to a search of the television database TV Eyes, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC have given zero on-air coverage to Alcon’s arrest. The networks have also not published any stories about Alcon’s scandal on their websites in the past week. Yeah, BIG surprise! It’s honor among thieves.

Franken should resign or be kicked out of the Senate. This is really disgusting! He is a sex offender.

Here is the hypocrisy of the Left that really gets to me: Many on the Left and the self-righteous Right get up on their high horses and lecture about how Republicans should not tolerate Roy Moore because he asked 16-18 year old girls for sexual favors. And yes, that is wrong. But when a girl demurred, he stopped. That is still vulgar and crass. But still, when a girl told Roy Moore “no” he stopped, while I have photographic proof of Franken sexually assaulting a defenseless woman (on top of her other contemporaneous reports of other assaults by him).

But then these very same people defend Al Franken’s clear and obvious sexual ASSAULT on a sleeping woman as well as his other sexual assaults on her! HUH? I think people should not vote for Roy Moore–as soon as the Left forces Franken to resign. I’m just sick of the crap-eating hypocrisy!  Until Franken resigns, let’s give a warm welcome to Senator Roy Moore of Alabama!.

I think we are all sick of this obvious hypocrisy. It is just sickening! Ho-lee crap!

This just made me hope that Moore wins–something I had never felt before. And when he wins, I want him to be a bull in a china shop. I am totally sick of the smarmy and greasy Democrat suck-up-ism. It is truly disgusting. It makes me want to barf.

Remember, Franken was elected in the first place under very fishy circumstances. One commenter noted: As the vote counting was nearing completion, Franken was losing. Amazingly, on multiple occasions no less, a new batch of votes were “found” and the counting continued until Franken was finally ahead. Then no more ballots were discovered, the counting stopped, and Franken declared winner.

Truly a miracle of cosmic proportions! Yeah, whatever…

UPDATE: I just think it is very conceptually duplicitous to whack on Roy Moore while defending Al Franken. I mean, I have no problem with someone saying that Moore’s behavior disqualifies him from being a Senator (whether or not I agree).

But to say that Moore (who actually respected the volition of young women) is worthy of political damnation while Franken (who frankly assaulted women) in just dandy is, to me, the height of hypocrisy.


The goodness

13 Nov

just never ends. Not the assault, of course, but the poetic justice. All I can say is WOW!

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How is

01 Nov

this NOT creating a “hostile work environment?” Looks like a lawsuit, to me.

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