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It’s hard for me

13 Nov

to imagine a sweeter headline. Honestly, THIS is why I voted for Trump. THIS is why I think it was immoral to vote for some 3rd-party loser and thus help Hillary.

Oh, and as an aside, can you feel the anger? Don’t ignore it!

But the ramifications of this shift are HUGE. Let’s pretend that Trump gets voted out of office after one term (though in truth I think that is pretty dang unlikely). There are still big numbers of real Conservatives on the court. Further, students now in law school are both skeptical of the status quo and exposed to those Conservative jurors and ideas. In other words, the “ripples” go on for at least a generation. At least. Kids in elementary school now will become conservatives jurors!

And what if, (as seems likely) there is another SCOTUS vacancy? What if there are two? THAT certainly does not seem terribly unlikely! The Notorious RBG seems to be among the walking dead already, and absolutely no one would be shocked to see her pass. Rumors are also strong that Kennedy will be gone next summer. There could be three vacancies for Trump to fill before the mid-term elections! He has already filled one. We certainly could be looking at 7 of the 9 justices being fairly conservative within the next few years.

And what if Trump is there for two terms… And then what if Mike Pence takes over for Trump? And what if Pence serves two term?


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