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I think the Schumer Shutdown

22 Jan

may well lead to the Republicans “going nuclear.” Then they would  need 51 votes, not 60. And they would do a real budget, not some cheesy CR that would have to be re-visited in a few weeks.

I’m not at all sure Democrats know what’s good for them. Schumer doesn’t exactly have the greatest judgment. I mean, the Democrats went “nuclear” on judge nominations and look what happened! Brilliant. We can thank the numb-nut Harry Reid for THAT. For Republicans he is the gift that just keeps on giving.

So the Dems need to be very careful, here. Because the Republicans just might start playing hardball.


Please understand,

21 Jan

the gov’t shut down is completely and totally the fault of the Democrats. They figured they could hoodwink the public yet again. I guess we will soon see if they were right. I really hope not.

Here is the truth: This is all Democrats’ fault!

And come November of this year, they richly deserve to be spanked soundly.

I don’t know all the facts, but it seems that the best option would be for Trump to go on a national broadcast. He would say, “I wanted you to know that the Republicans were perfectly willing to fund the gov’t and that this shut down is totally the fault of Democrats. They have schemed to make this happen. And they have done this to feather their own nests. They value their own power more than your well-being. This is all about them trying to get electoral advantage, even if dishonesty was required. Remember THAT come November!”

Here’s what I predict: The Democrats will realize that the public rightfully sees them as the “stick in the spokes” here and quickly and frantically come to a compromise. But the damage to the Dems may already have been done. Schumer totally stepped in it this time.

I really hope so.


So here

06 Jan

we go. I think “the dossier” was always a steaming pile of crap. It was ALWAYS just an excuse for The Harridan losing. Only a great fool actually believed its contents.

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Understand well,

24 May

when people talk about Trump’s “Draconian cuts,” they are not actually talking about real cuts. No, they are saying that the spending will indeed rise, just not as much as previously expected.

So next time you hear the whining about budget “cuts,” realize that they are not cuts at all. It is a ruse. That word doesn’t mean what you think it does…

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Puerto Rico

17 Jul

is just the start, the thin edge of the wedge. And don’t kid yourself, this is entirely due to crappy political philosophy and hence bad governance. To quote my father (R.I.P.), at some point someone has to sell the damned soap! It may indeed be giant, but it is a giant Ponzi scheme and it will eventually collapse. You can put a dollar into six envelopes and think your name will eventually get to the top of the list, but the whole thing will eventually, assuredly collapse. At some point there just is no “there” there. You are just trying to find a chair when the music stops. Such are the wages of Leftism.

And we need to clearly understand that this IS the natural fruit of Leftism. It is not a “bug,” it is inherent in the structure of Leftism itself, just like (exactly like, actually) the Ponzi scheme. Lefty despots try desperately to avoid the natural consequences by using force and theft, but eventually even that doesn’t help. At some point, someone has to sell the damned soap. See, moral agency and freedom are Kryptonite for this philosophy.

In the body, even a tiny bit of Insulin/sugar prevents it from burning ketones rather than glucose. And it takes 3 days or so to even start throwing ‘tones. So you can’t just not have sugar one day and think you will start burning ketones the next. You can’t get to ketones by avoiding sugar every other day! You just never get there. Then you whine that throwing ‘tones didn’t work. Oh, it works, all right. But you have to actually do it! You just never or rarely got to the point where you were throwing ‘tones. See, it takes real effort and sacrifice–and no “cheating.”

In the same way, you just can’t have moral agency and then occasionally dip into Leftism. That “dip” may prevent actual moral agency for a while or across domains. If you “cheat” the gig is up, totally. Oh, Conservative economics works, all right. But you have to actually do it! Half-baked, fitful, panty-waist jerky movements can’t get you there.

But a lot of innocent people are going to be hurt. CA as a whole and Chicago as a city are precarious (hence the drive to split CA up into six different states). Detroit is pretty much gone and other cities (and states) are also on the brink.

In the immortal words of a bad Jim Carrey movie, “Hold on to your lug nuts ’cause we’re going in for an overhaul!”

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Oregon is only the latest.

29 Dec

It certainly won’t be the last to struggle with pension issues.

I have to say that I am torn. On one hand it is wrong to promise things and then to welsh out. If public employees were promised something (even if it was stupid)  it seems just wrong to alter the deal. Yeah, I understand that they should pray it is not altered further…

On the other hand, these benefits are financially stupid. Those promises were always stupid. These particular people were just caught without a chair when the music stopped. But you always knew that someone would be the guy in the Ponzi scheme who didn’t get paid!  You just didn’t think it would be YOU. And if there is a real collapse there will be NO money for pensions, not just reduced money. So reducing the money now may well make good sense. Some is better than none.

So almost no matter what, regular workers are going to be the victims, eventually. There is just no way around it–it is endemic to the “blue model” Oregon has foolishly bought into.

Lesson: Don’t ever elect Democrats or otherwise profligate spenders to office. They are crappy money managers. This will not end well…

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09 Dec

Trumpbait. Unfortunately, too many fall for it.

Oh, and by the way, Cruz is leading Trump in Iowa. And this is just the beginning… My guess is that Trump has a glass jaw and folds like a cheap tent once he loses a couple of times. Maybe I’m wrong, but the Trump candidacy certainly has the feel of a “bubble.”

Look, Trump is a Hillary Trojan Horse. That’s a part he has happily and willingly played. His role is to torpedo the Rs in this election, since otherwise Hillary just has no chance. I fully understand that some of his mindless followers can’t figure this out. But let’s be clear–Trump is the ONLY R candidate that Hillary might beat. And THAT is why he is in the race. He is a Hillary operative.

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It has

29 Oct

already started.

Look, I’m not a big fan of Paul Ryan. But he needs to be VERY careful. It’s not 1975 anymore. Boehner made that mistake and I hope that Ryan is not following daftly in that same vein. He is very visible, and therefore is an easy target. Danger! Will Robinson!

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13 Jul

show your evidence! The truth is that most likely they have none. They just shills for the Democrats, and wise people will understand that. Anyone who looks to anyone associated with the NYT for truth is making a HUGE error. They just are not reliable. I have not been a Cruz fan, but this makes me like him more.

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Yeah, it just makes

30 Jun

no sense, at least if the goal is military effectiveness rather than just an expensive and functionally worthless dog-and-pony show. But then, that’s Obama for you–all hat and no cattle.

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