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The hits

11 Dec


just keep coming. For Democrats, that is.

What is it with Democrats that they are such a cesspool of sexual abuse?

I do not approve of sexual abuse, and therefore I am not a Democrat.



01 Dec

it’s OVAH! Pelosi doesn’t do these things by accident. This is deliberate.

I mean, you think this is an accident? It is no accident. It is no coincidence.

The coffin is getting nailed shut pretty dang tight.

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Aaaaaand another one!

30 Nov

It’s not over, I told you! The dam is just starting to break.

And another Leftist. Shocker. What is it with these Leftists? Never mind, I get it…

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The hits

30 Nov

just keep coming!

There just is no freude like schadenfreude.

How do you say, “pass the popcorn” in German?


Gee, that seems

30 Nov

like an admission, doesn’t it? So is Conyers covering up sex abuse by his buddies?

This implies that Conyers has protected people who he knows for a fact have been accused of misconduct. For a party that has argued every victim should be believed, this is a serious charge.

This ain’t over. Not by a long way.

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Oh wow oh wow oh wow!

30 Nov

Matt Lauer, sex abuser.

And it’s QUITE clear that Lauer was a pro. This was NOT a guy who just made a few bumbling mistakes, this guy was a predator who carefully planned his crimes. How do we know? He… “had a button under his desk that allowed him to lock his door from the inside without getting up.” That shows that he was a pro and had long experience abusing women. It was calculated and done with malice aforethought. It was premeditated. It is truly mined-numbing. And to boot it seems very unlikely that his bosses at NBC somehow didn’t know. No, they aided and abetted him.

I mean, who installed that locking mechanism? There had to have been a work order. Who authorized it? Lauer himself certainly didn’t install it! That is a pretty complex set up. So you are telling me that he did it without anyone higher up knowing?

There just is no logical (non-abuse) reason for it. If he were talking to someone about a sensitive issue, they could just stop talking when someone barged in. No, he was worried about getting caught in flagrante delicto.

Oh, and the NPR Chief, also. And it ain’t over, folks.

Here is some more.

Oh, and note that so far they are all Leftists. Not at all a surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt that there are Conservatives who are guilty, it’s just far less common. But it is very likely to come out. And Conservatives get no “pass” from the MSM so Conservatives have to be way more careful. Leftists just figure that the MSM will always carry their water. For years they have thought, “It’s good to be the King!”

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28 Nov

another perv.


Here’s what

25 Nov

rigid moralists on the right want us to believe:

Leftists don’t care, and just want Moore to lose. Don’t be confused–this is a ruse. Please, don’t be snookered.

But don’t be fooled, Moore is NOT accused of “groping” a girl. He is accused of dating girls who were underage (for the US, not Britain). The creator of this image just got confused with all the groping by Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, etc. Yeah, I can understand that.


You thought

23 Nov

it was over? Yeah, it’s not over.

The interesting thing for me is to see whether the Left will throw him overboard now. After all this, will they finally throw him overboard?

Look, the Left would not throw Bill Clinton under the bus when it actually mattered. So will they with Al Franken? Heh, magic eight ball says: “It’s not looking good.” But with the weight of all the other accusations, it may be impossible to ultimately resist.

But even if they chuck him now, they will have done so ONLY when they were cornered like a rabid rat in a corn silo. Up until now they have defended and justified him. They were NOT aghast at his behavior and they did NOT take a principled stand. They have made their bed, and now voters should make them lie in it. This is who they ARE. Voters, take note!

UPDATE: The hits keep coming. Here’s a quote:

What will happen next? The Democrats will probably sit tight for a little while to see how many more women emerge from the weeds. But they won’t wait long. Franken will be forced out well before next November’s election, which is to say, while Minnesota still has a Democratic governor to appoint a replacement. But they probably won’t cut it close. Most likely, he will be gone within a couple of weeks, especially if more accusers come forward.

Franken is toast. Fried, dried, and layed on the side. The best thing for him is to leave now so a Democrat Governor can appoint a Democrat to the seat. But that will undoubtedly be a MAJOR issue for the Governor once he faces voters again. Franken’s bad behavior also harms the Governor.

Conyers, too.

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The hits

21 Nov

just keep coming!

here and here




even here

It just never ends. Is the Left sure they wanted to go here?

I’m to the point where I nearly out of hyperlinks! Gee the Left sure is a sewage drain field of sexual misbehavior!

Next thing you know even old dinosaurs like Bill Clinton will face recent allegations! Oh, wait…

And Schlichter again channels the anger of us regular people. If Democrats are gonna foment this anger, they gotta expect some pitchforks…

If I care about women, I am NOT a Democrat. Heck, if I am moral at all I am not a Democrat! There is just no way I can stay moral and vote Democrat. My grandparents could, Heck, even my parents could. But I can’t. Not now. 25 years ago I could. But I can’t now. And I haven’t changed. The Democrats have. I didn’t leave them–they left me.

Oh, and lest you forget:

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